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summit success Apr 24, 2020

My signature Summit In A Box program is finally here! It’s every training, template, and resource you need to host a summit with ease.

But I want to take it back a step and tell you where this idea came from and then share a bit more about the program.

Hey, Hey, welcome to the Summit Host Hangout podcast where you'll learn how to plan a strategize and launch your profitable online summit, no influencer status necessary. I'm your host Krista, from Summit In A Box, and I am so excited for today's episode. This is something that's been in the works for over a year, really since this brand started in November of 2018, and I am so happy to finally be recording this episode.

In short, my signature Summit In A Box program is finally here. It's every training template, resource, and tech tutorial you'll ever need to host a summit with ease. But I want to take it back a step and tell you a little bit about where this idea came from and to share more about the program for those of you interested.

The Summit In A Box brand was not my idea. This started after the first summit I ever hosted in April of 2018. The summit went off great. Like I've told you guys before, I figured it all out for myself. Luckily it went off wonderfully. And after the summit was over, I had all kinds of people, speakers, and attendees emailing me being like, well, one side of it was people being like, can you teach me how to do this? To which my answer was no, that was a lot of work. And two were mostly my speakers who were like, this is the best summit I've ever been a part of. You should teach people how to do this, which I also responded with, no, that was a lot of work, and that sounds like a lot of work. I'm happy with my business, and I'm not going to do that.

But as more and more people asked, I realized that I already had things that could make this process easier for people. Like as I had gone through my first summit, I had written down my step by step processes for my VA. I had created page templates for myself so I could duplicate them on another page really easily, customize them easily. I had made and used canned responses. I had my whole Asana project of every single task I completed and more. Like I had all of this stuff and once I stopped pushing the idea away, I realized that those things could be really helpful for people. And my other business was doing WordPress development. While I have a brain geared towards creating and using templates, I also have tech knowledge that a lot of people don't have, which is something else I realized could be so helpful. Like think of all the website templates and page templates I could create for people with that knowledge.

And when I put those things together, the idea of Summit In A Box is what I knew I needed to do. And not just Summit In A Box as the brand name that you've known up to this point, but literally a virtual Summit In A Box. Everything someone would need to host a summit easily all bundled up into one program. So I started this brand in, I think, November of 2018 with the goal to create that and instead, I got another product up so I could start making money right away while helping people. But then I got stuck like I went and started thinking about this one day and realized how much it was going to take for me to make this product. There are literally hundreds of resources inside, like no joke and these were all things that I knew I'd have to create and organize and perfect for other people to use and I just froze.

The idea sat on the back burner from the time I started in November until about May of the following year. And during that time I had slowly built a very small audience, but I had focused mostly on my WordPress development business instead. But sometime in there, I don't know if I got sick of a client, I didn't want to do client work anymore. Maybe it was after I hosted, actually that's probably what it was. After I hosted my third summit, it was like, okay, I need to do this thing now. Yeah. It was like I suddenly remembered what that initial goal was. And again, I was overwhelmed, but instead of running away like I did before, I started looking for a solution and my solution was to just start creating the resources on a regular basis and not feel like I needed to do it all at once.

Which, just like your summit, it would have been impossible. So that was my plan. I made this huge list of hundreds of resources that I needed to create and my plan was, okay, you're going to do like three of these a month until they're done. At first that's all it was. And then I was like, wait, like that would be silly of me to be creating and saving all of those things when people could start using them right away. And that's where the Summit Host Vault came from, which I know some of you listening are familiar with, some of you are in it.

And this was a monthly membership where each month I released three new resources I created into this membership. It was really cool because it gave these summit hosts really great resources to make their summit easy. It encouraged me to continue making the resources. I couldn't say, Oh, I don't have time this month or I don't feel like it this month because people paid me and expected on the 15th of every month I'm going to get three new bundles of resources and it also funded all the resources I was creating. I'm paying a designer, I pay a copywriter, I had a lawyer come in and make a contract. So it was funding all those things, and it was also like my beta test. I was able to use it to prove that these are things that people want. People want these templates and trainings and everything. I have to make their process easy. So from June of 2019 to May of 2020 that's what we did. We got up to about 80 members I think over the last couple of days we've gotten over 80 as of recording this now it's closed. But it was so cool and it was so much more than I was expecting and people loved it.

By December 2019 I knew I had to pick up the pace because otherwise, we're never going to get this thing going. So I dedicated about half of December and of January 2020 pumping out new resources and they weren't all being added to the Vault. I added three new bundles per month and the rest I just saved and uploaded to this new product you're going to hear about today. But here we are, the Summit Host Vault is no longer, and today I have opened up the doors to my signature Summit In A Box program.

Summit In A Box is the result of hundreds and hundreds of hours I spent planning my first summit and way more hour since, probably thousands perfecting my process and streamlining my resources so you can use them and host a summit so much easier than I did that first time since I started hosting summits a few years ago. I have brought in $100,000 into my business just from the summits alone with the process I created for myself. That doesn't count the money I brought in by being booked six months after each summit. That's just the income from the summit itself.

But I know that's not the case for so many summit hosts who plan their summits by themselves. If things might not go right, they might not make it through the process. And since I've had the chance to learn what works and what doesn't, I have streamlined those processes and created hundreds of resources for you. However, unlike most summit resources out there that give you the strategies and then leave you kind of on your own to figure out how to implement it. Summit In A Box gives you both the proven strategies plus copy templates, graphic templates, tech tutorials, marketing plans, resources for your speakers, and so much more - hundreds of resources to make your first online summit both easy and profitable.

As of our last count, we try to keep track even though it's really tricky, but as of our last count, we have 170 copy templates - everything from your website to promo emails to canned responses for speakers and attendees. We have 40 tech tutorials, over 60 training videos related to strategy, 15 worksheets, checklists and calculators, spreadsheets, a full website template, a WordPress theme, 10 website page templates, a handful of written processes, a contract template for your speakers, a folder template, a custom plugin, all kinds of good stuff ready for you to take, tweak and implement in your own summit. And you'll be able to take the 400 or 500 hours and thousands of dollars on designers and copywriters that I have spent and create your own summit with a fraction of that. And you have everything you need inside of Summit In A Box.

You'll also have the confidence knowing that all your hard work is going to pay off as these strategies have been proven by not only me, but all kinds of other hosts in so many different industries. You'll see on the sales page, if you go take a look that all of these summits are from all across the board. We also, along with how great Summit In A Box by itself, have some really great bonuses. There's a fast action that I'm not going to mention on this episode because I can't have people emailing after they hear about it and once it's too late and asking for it. So if you're listening to this within the first couple of days of this episode being live run to the sales page and check that out, it's really cool.

A couple of the other bonuses we have, we have the ultimate to Summit Buyer's Guide to help you see three sample budgets, my recommendation of what to splurge on and what not to and just what will help make you run the process super smoothly and easily. We're also including the Summit Host Process Map, which is my proven process for hosting a summit. You'll have over 300 tasks to upload into Asana and Trello. All you need to do is assign the due date. We have a calculator for you to do it for you and just start checking the tasks off yourself so you use that calculator, upload the project to Asana or Trello, set your due dates and you know exactly what to do for your summit. We also have a complete WordPress website. So this is where my WordPress development skills really came in handy because I was able to make you a full website. You can ditch the tech and get an exact copy of my summit's website. Of course, minus the content to use as your own. You'll basically restore the website on your domain or have my team do it for you, which I'll have a tutorial for and you'll be on your way. All you need to do is update the copy, customized colors, and you're ready to go. You don't have to worry about your website other than customizing the copy colors, images. It's really, really cool.

So my first summit tripled my email list, I had a conversion rate of 16% on that first one. I had booked up my services for six months, and I had brought in $16,000 which was about four times more than I normally made in a month at that time. I want those results for you too in your very first summit. Instead of saving money now and spending your time and other money later on, figuring it out and probably losing money in the end, if your strategies don't work, especially if you're spending thousands of dollars on designers, copywriters, consultants, you can get my exact process, swipe files, design templates, and more that will bring a return on your investment and help you streamline your first profitable and stress-free summit. You can learn more and join Summit In A box at I can't wait to see you inside. We've got so much good stuff going on in there.

Thank you so much for tuning in to this episode. In the next episode, I'll go over some of the questions I've been getting already and anticipate getting about this new program, so stay tuned if you're interested in learning more.

For now, go out and take action, plan, strategize and launch your profitable online summit.




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