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summit success Apr 28, 2020

Have questions about the Summit in a Box program? I have answers for you today including how the templates work, whether you need an email list, and more.Have questions about my Summit In A Box program after listening to the last episode? I have answers for you, including the difference between the tiers, how the various templates work, whether you need a big email list, and more.

Note: Summit in a Box is not currently open for public enrollment, but you can learn more about my take on summits, the program, and maybe even get a private offer here.

The difference between the two tiers

Summit in a Box has two tier options to best meet you where you're at. There's the base version of the program as well as a VIP version. 

The base version of the program includes:

  • all the program content (1000+ trainings, templates, and resources!)
  • non-support related bonuses

The VIP version includes:

  • all the program content (1000+ trainings, templates, and resources!)
  • all bonuses
  • Facebook community for ongoing support and detailed feedback
  • weekly accountability check-ins
  • summit planning review: my trained eyes critique your planning process
  • registration page critique
  • monthly Q+A calls: submit your questions, hop on a Zoom call, and get them answered!

Choosing your tier

So, which one should you get?

I very highly recommend the VIP option. Right now, you might not think you want any support. Once you get into it, you might find yourself really wanting that feedback, support, and accountability. 

The biggest piece of feedback we hear from students who don't go the VIP route is that they wish they would have.

Keep in mind that all it needs to do for you is to make you an extra couple of sales, and it's already paid for itself. The Registration Page Critique alone can do that for you!

I can help you so much more in the VIP tier. 

Hosting a summit in 90 days

Many entrepreneurs considering joining the program ask if it will help them host a summit in less than 90 days.

To be clear, I still do not recommend less than 90 days. Most of the 90-day timeline I recommend is not dependent on you. It is the time it takes to pitch your speakers, hear back from them, and then pitch more to fill the empty spots. It's the time you need to give the speaker to create their presentations or make the time to get on an interview with you.  It's the time it takes to actually have a few weeks to promote your summit.

Those 90 days go fast.

I do not recommend you do it in any less than 90 days, just because you have this program, but it will obviously take you way fewer hours because of this program. 

So while I don't encourage a shorter timeline, Summit in a Box will certainly make your shorter timeline easier.

Included materials

Summit in a Box has every strategy, training, tech tutorial, copy script, graphic template, and website template that you will need inside the program.

There are sections for the following:

  • strategy and planning
  • website + tech
  • registration process
  • your speakers
  • all-access pass
  • affiliates
  • sponsorship
  • engagement
  • promotion
  • open for registration
  • live event
  • wrap up
  • post-summit profits
  • and tech tutorials!

All of those have very detailed resources, trainings, and templates!

Email lists + audience sizes

You do not need a big email list or existing audience.  You've heard me say before, I had 500 people on my email list for my first summit, and through my summit, I tripled my email list and brought in $16,000.  Now after hosting a couple more summits, I have over 5000 people on my email list and my last summit brought in $60,000.

It builds on itself. I've seen people with 200 people on their email list quadruple it or more.  If you don't have a list at all, you can absolutely still do it.

Will your results be smaller than someone with a list of 10,000? Absolutely.

You'll still see results, and far more results than you'd see through something like a challenge or just trying to grow it organically on social media.

Your business is going to grow so much faster!

Platforms for website templates + tech tutorials

The website templates are built for WordPress and Kajabi, because that's what I use. 

Now, if you're not on WordPress or Kajabi, that's okay! You'll still get a ton of value from our templates. You'll be able to take our copy template, make your tweaks, and build out the page design using the screenshot of our template as a guide.

Regardless of your platform, it will let you avoid having to come up with the copy,  design, and everything else from scratch.

Graphic template formats

All graphic and design templates are available in Canva as well as the Adobe program that makes the most sense for them.

For example, graphics are available in Canva and Photoshop, while PDF templates are available in Canva and InDesign.

If you're not a designer, Canva is what we'd recommend using!

How copy templates work

All of our copy templates, whether it's for a page of your website, an email, or your promotional swipe copy, is in Google Docs.  It's nice and easy for you to copy to your own Google Drive and customize. Each copy template has three different versions.

  1. The first version is a skeleton outline with an outline of the different pieces that should be included in your copy
  2. The second template for each is the exact copy I use in Madlibs format. Fill-in-the blanks and you're ready to go!
  3. The third template is the exact copy I used for my summit for you to use as an example and take inspiration from.

These three versions are designed to let you choose what works best for you.

What now

If you have any more questions about the Summit In A Box program, email us at [email protected].  

If a summit is in your future, though, I really do urge you to look at this product. The investment is absolutely nothing when you consider how much time it will save you, how much money you would cost you for a copywriter and designer, and how much more confident you'll feel having a proven process. 

Not to mention, a process that actually works and gives you results!

Summit in a Box is not currently open for public enrollment, but you can learn more about my take on summits, the program, and maybe even get a private offer here.


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