065: Your Summit In A Box Questions Answered

Apr 28, 2020

Have questions about my Summit In A Box program? I have answers for you in this episode including the difference between the tiers, how the various templates work, whether you need a big email list, and more.


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Hey, Hey, welcome to the Summit Host Hangout podcast where you'll learn how to plan, strategize, and launch your profitable online summit, no influencer status necessary. I'm your host, Krista from Summit In A Box, and since the doors just open to my signature Summit In A Box program. I wanted to take a chance to answer some questions I've gotten and some that I anticipate getting as this goes on.

First, if you have not listened to the last episode, introducing Summit In A Box, go back and listen. Do that first because it's going to give you a whole lot more context and this episode will be much more worth listening to for you. As of recording this, the doors have not opened yet so I obviously don't know all the questions I'm going to get, but I have met already getting some as I've started hinting that it's coming, so I'll be using those as well as some questions that I anticipate you might have. If at any point you want to learn more about the program itself, you can head to summithosthangout.com/siab.

What's the difference between the two tiers?

The first question I want to cover is what's the difference between the two tiers and which one should I get? If you've been to the sales page, you'll see that there are two different tiers. The regular Summit In A Box program, and then there's a VIP version as well. The difference is basically a DIY version versus a version with support. So the first tier is the program content itself and no type of ongoing support or community. The second tier of the VIP option has extras added in for those of you who want support and want accountability throughout the process. With that you get a private community with me and other people who have purchased that VIP option. That's going to include check-ins. It's going to include homework, accountability. You're going to get a whole lot more feedback and detailed feedback from me than you would in like the free Facebook group. That's going to be a really great place to be.

As you go through the process of hosting your summit, you're also going to get a summit planning review, so I'll indicate this to you in the program, but at a certain point after you complete a certain step and a workbook, you can submit it to me and if you're in the VIP option, I will go through and review that and give you my feedback. This is going to be really great because it's going to catch anything that you might've missed that I can say, Hey, you're going to get better results if you just make this little tweak. And that's the purpose of this review.

The VIP tier also gets a registration page critique from me so you can submit your registration page when it's done and I will record a video of myself going through your it and giving feedback, which again, it's always great to have a trained eye going through your registration page to catch the little things that you might miss and tell you how you're going to be able to increase conversion rates before you even start.

We're also going to have monthly Q and A calls. We'll all hop on a Zoom call, and you'll submit your questions and we will go ahead and get them answered on that call. Like I said, it's going to be Zoom, not Facebook, so we can talk back and forth, you know, like regular humans would talk to each other. We'll do that so I can give you the best results possible on these Q and A calls.

Which tier should I get?

So, which one should I get? I very highly recommend the VIP option. Right now you might not think you want any support. You're like, I might not need it. I might be okay. I might not have any questions, but once you get into it, you might find yourself really wanting that feedback, support, and accountability and the small price difference between those two tiers. All it needs to do for you is to make you an extra couple of sales and it's already paid for itself. And I'm very confident that it will do that. It's always been so powerful for me to be in programs where I've paid, and I've paid thousands more for programs than what I'm charging for this, but for the programs that are offering the support. So I really do recommend that option so I can be there to support you, give you feedback, and make sure that you get the results that you want. I can help you so much more in that option. All right, so that's my answer to which tier should I get and what's the difference.

Can I host a summit in less than 90 days if I buy this?

The next question I've been getting is can I do it faster if I buy this, can I host a summit in less than 90 days if I buy this. The first answer is I still do not recommend less than 90 days. We went over this in a couple of episodes back, but most of the 90-day timeline I recommend is not dependent on you. It is the time it takes to pitch your speakers and hear back and then pitch more to fill the empty spots. It's the time you need to give them to create their presentations or make the time to get on an interview with you, and the time it takes to actually have a few weeks to promote your summit.

Those 90 days go really fast and they're really full. So no, I do not recommend you do it in any less than 90 days just because you have this program. But it will obviously take you way fewer hours because of this program. I have all the copy templates written for you. The graphics are created, the strategy is done. There are tech tutorials, I tell you exactly what I recommend you use. So all you need to do is take my resources and tweak. But you still need to let your speakers have the time they need to do things. So you'll do it faster hours wise, but not in your overall timeline.

What kinds of materials are included?

The next question is what kinds of materials are included? So you'll hear in the last episode and see on the sales page that we've got every strategy, training, tech tutorial, copy script, graphic template, website template that you will need to break it down more inside the program. There are sections for the following strategy and planning, so the initial strategy and planning for your summit, the website in tech registration process, your speakers, your all-access pass, affiliates engagement promotion, your live event wrap up post-summit profits and tech tutorials. All of those have very detailed resources in them like step-by-step, here's everything you need. There's also a video on a sales page that shows you what it looks like inside of the program, so check that out if you have more questions on that.

Do I need a big email list or an existing audience for this?

The next question that I get all the time for this program and for other things is do I need a big email list or existing audience for this? And my answer is absolutely not. You've heard me say before, I had 500 people on my email list for my first summit and through my summit I tripled my email list and brought in $16,000 now through hosting a couple more summits, I have over 5,000 people on my email list and my last summit brought in $60,000.

It builds on itself. I've seen people with 200 people on their email list quadruple it or more. And if you don't have a list at all you can absolutely still do it. Will your results be smaller than someone with a list of 10,000? Absolutely. But you'll see results and far more results than you'd see through something like a challenge or just trying to grow it organically on social media. Your results are going to increase so much faster.

Can I get a sneak peek?

Another question I've already been getting is can I see a sneak peek? And my answer is absolutely. In that video I mentioned on the sales page, I walk you through what it looks like in the back end and give you a couple of peaks at the resources. That sales page is summithosthangout.com/siab, and there's a video near the middle of the sales page that shows you that.

What platforms are the website templates and tech tutorials for?

Another question that I'm guessing you guys will have is what platforms are the website templates and tech tutorials? For right now, the majority of it is WordPress because that's what I use. That's what the website templates are for. That's what tech tutorials are for. Unless it's something like Deadline Funnel of course, but we're also going to be adding Kajabi in the near future because that has become another great platform that I recommend for hosting a summit on. Now, if you're not on WordPress and you're not going to use Kajabi, that's still okay because for the website templates, the way we have them set up, you'll still get so much value from them. We have all of the copy for your page in a Google doc, so you'll already have that done and you'll have a screenshot or like a picture of our page template. So all you need to do is build that in whatever platform you are going to use and it's just going to make it so much faster and easier for you than having to come up with all the copy, all the design, everything from scratch.

What format are the graphic templates?

Another question is what about the graphic templates? What are those made using? The graphics, like for example, the social media promo graphics are, we have versions for Photoshop and Canva. If you're not a designer, Canva is what we'd recommend. If you are a designer, we have them in Photoshop. As for PDFs, we have those in Canva and InDesign. So we have two versions for everything. I think Canva is probably the most important because that's what most people will use.

How do the copy templates work?

Then the last question I want to answer here is how do the copy templates work? So all of our copy templates, whether it's for a page of your website, an email, your promo emails, everything is in Google Docs, so it's nice and easy for you to copy to your own Google Drive and customize. Each copy template has three different versions. The first version is just a skeleton outline, like a list of here's the pieces to include in this email. The second copy template for each is the exact copy I use in Madlibs format. So basically there's like a little spot that says this is what you type here and when you type that thing there. For example, the name of your summit. Once you do that you have your completed email or copy your website page or whatever it is. Then the third template is the exact copy I used, whether it was my registration page copy, my promotional email copy. You'll get that as well. So there are three versions depending on what works best for you.

If you have any more questions about the Summit In A Box program, email me or you can use the chatbox on the sales page. Do keep in mind with the chatbox that I do sleep and put my phone down occasionally. So if I don't answer you within a few minutes, leave your email address and I will respond via email. If a summit is in your future, though, I really do urge you to look at this product. The investment is absolutely nothing when you consider how much time it will save you, how much money you would cost you for a copywriter and designer and like how much more confident you'll feel having a proven process, not to mention a process that actually works and gives you results. To learn more check it all out at summithosthangout.com/siab.

Thank you so much for tuning into this episode. In the next episode, we'll be chatting about boosting a summit results using Facebook ads with a special guest, so it'd be sure to tune in for that. Now go out and take action to plan, strategize, and launch your profitable online summit.




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