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Your promo material ready to roll in 1-2 hours (NOT weeks).

Online Summit Promotion Bundle

With this bundle, you’ll get a marketing calendar, promotion strategy training, 7 email scripts, 7 pieces of social media swipe copy, a Facebook ad strategy overview, Facebook ad swipe copy, and Facebook ad graphic templates.

This is all worth $997+, but you can get it…

For only $997 $27!

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"Build it and they will come” does NOT apply to virtual summits.

Unfortunately, a solid promotion plan and related material can take weeks to put together.

Not to mention the thousands of dollars many hosts end up spending on designers and copywriters. Because let's be real, you have more important things to do to fight with than words and graphics.

I know how frustrating it is to come up with a marketing plan for something you’ve never done before and THEN spend several days (or weeks) staring at blank Google Docs and writing copy when you’d rather be doing ANYTHING else.

Now you can put your marketing material together within MINUTES, not days.

AND I took care of spending the $$ on a launch copywriter and  designer,
so you don’t have to!

Stop stressing about what your summit launch sequence should include.

Now you don’t have to worry about creating a summit and launching to crickets!

Move forward quickly & confidently knowing:

You have a summit promotion plan that will convert

You'll have each promo email written within a matter of minutes.

Your social media posts need quick tweaks and are ready to schedule

Your copy and graphics for paid adds are done and ready to publish

The Summit in a Box email swipe files for speakers and affiliates made my life SO much easier! I am so happy to have summit-specific copy that lets me plug and play, which literally saved me hours and tons of money on hiring a copywriter. I am so glad to have Krista’s brilliant mind as a resource!

- Vanessa Ryan, Opt In Party Summit Host

When I first got the idea to host a summit, I had no idea where to start. Using the Summit in a Box resources, I doubled my email list and made 150 all-access pass sales, giving me a 16% conversion rate! I'm officially hooked on summits!

- Hannah Murphy, The Supported Photographer Summit Host

What’s included in the Online Summit Promotion Bundle?

Promotion Strategy Overview Training

A 12-minute strategy training where we cover promoting your summit to your existing audience, leveraging speakers and affiliates, and the basics of advertising to a cold audience.

Marketing Plan

A 3-week marketing plan for promoting your summit via email and social media. This plan includes a promotion calendar, links to the relevant email templates and social media copy, and 14 extra live video ideas to use during your promotion period.

Promotion Scheduler

Don't get stuck wondering when to send each email, post on social media, begin your paid advertising, or encourage your speakers to promote. Enter the date your summit begins and have the entire promotion timeline calculated FOR you.

7 Email Templates

Save yourself days of writing or thousands of dollars on a copywriter with 7 promotional email templates. Each email template comes in 3 versions: an outline, a detailed fill-in-the-blank template, and the exact email I send to my list.

7 Social Media Scripts

Compliment your email strategy with promotion on your favorite social platforms! These social media scripts follow along with the email templates. Where relevant, we’ve also included both long-form templates for platforms like Instagram and Facebook along with short-form templates for Twitter. You’ll even get examples of my exact posts.

Facebook Ads Strategy Overview

If you know how to run Facebook ads, but aren’t sure how to use them to fill your summit or increase all-access pass sales, this overview video is for you. We’ll cover whether you should run ads, the basic strategies for the two main places to focus, and your ad budget.

Facebook Ad Copy

Don’t stress over your ad copy! Use these 4 copy templates as a starting point for your ads. Two are for increasing your registrations, while the other two are for increasing your all-access pass sales.

Facebook Ad Graphic Templates

Your Facebook ads aren’t complete without graphics! Get 6 easy-to-customize graphic templates for both Canva and Photoshop. Customize the text and images and get those ads running!

I'm not a copywriter, so having all of this copy offered has saved me so much time! The clear direction from the rest of the resources has streamlined everything. I only wish I would have found you sooner!

- Marcia Schabel, Evolve Summit Host

I could cry I’m so happy! Just bought the Promotion Bundle + Registration in a Box upgrade and can’t believe how great these are. You’re a genius and no doubt just saved me DOZENS of hours. I've spent hundreds on templates, courses, etc. and these are by far the most valuable ones I've come across. Got my landing page and promo schedule put together in just a few hours. Feels like it shouldn't be this easy!

- Marissa Clark, Pro Dance Convention Host

Here's a sneak peek

Our members LOVE our email scripts because there’s a version to fit every personality. Each script comes in 3 versions.


See what content to include, but write the copy in your unique voice


Take our template, fill-in-the-blanks, and you're ready to go!


See the exact copy I send to my own email list.

And a special bonus!

Make your social media posts more attention grabbing with 24 extra graphic templates!

You’ll find graphics sized for:

Instagram + Facebook Feed

Instagram Stories


Graphic templates are available for both Canva and Photoshop to make customizing easy!

And one more bonus!

Create your speaker swipe copy bundle

Your speakers are more likely to promote your event if they have swipe copy and a sharing schedule to follow along with (or send to their VA).

See exactly how to reuse your own email and social media copy to create swipe copy for speakers, get a sharing schedule so they can outsource with ease, and see examples of what your final versions should look like!

Get instant access for just $997 $27

How do I know this works?

This is the exact promotion strategy I’ve used and improved upon for each one of my summits, my most recent bringing in $60,000 and 4000 new leads.

The best part is that I started small and those numbers are tiny compared to the success I’ve seen from clients and customers (I just had one email me saying her summit brought in 18,000 attendees!).

Hey, I'm Krista!

When I decided to host my first virtual summit I spent weeks doing nothing but researching the process. I tuned into summits that were running, listened to podcast episodes, and read every blog post I could find.

It took serious work, but I ended up with a process that led me to $16k in my very first summit. And that was starting with an email list of only 500 people. I've gotten much better results since.

Now I've taken my process, tools, and knowledge and put it together for YOU to implement in your own business to make planning an online summit easy.

I needed a summit solution that didn't require me to start from scratch. Why reinvent the 'summit wheel', when someone already created it perfectly? The templates have helped me write my emails in half the time!

- Libbi Armstrong, Alchemical Soul Business Summit Host

This bundle is for you if:

  • You’ve been searching for a way to skyrocket your income, email list, and visibility. You know a virtual summit is the answer
  • You’re organized and love planning big projects
  • You are all about finding resources and tools to make those big projects easier

This bundle is not for you if:

  • You don’t know who your target audience is
  • You aren’t successfully selling an existing product or service
  • You're not able to follow through on large projects
  • You're not interested in planning a virtual summit

100% Money-Back Guarantee

I know what it’s like to invest in something new, especially if it’s the first thing you’ve purchased from someone. 

This is an incredible product that will save you 20+ hours of your own copywriting and design time or thousands of dollars on a copywriter and designer to do it for you.

I stand by that promise, and because of that I offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you get in and aren’t happy with the quality of what you find, we’ll send over a quick questionnaire to find out why and then refund your full purchase. 

However, be prepared to love what you see!

These email templates have been amazing and have given me the tools to move forward when I would have usually gotten stuck. This is the best money I’ve spent all year!

- Lauren Harper Grove, Instagram for Wedding Pros Summit Host

Krista's resources make this process smooth and easy. Worth every cent!

- Dora Brzoskwinia

Get this bundle while it lasts!

This bundle won’t be around forever and now is your chance to lock in an incredible deal and get some of the most time-consuming parts of your summit prep done for you!

When you click the button below, you’ll be brought to a checkout page where you’ll enter your email address and payment information. 

From there, you’ll get instant access to your purchase in a members-only area.

Get The Bundle for $997 $27

Frequently Asked Questions

All of our graphic templates are available for both Canva (works with a free account) and Photoshop and are totally customizable. 

With the Canva templates, you’ll get a link to the template file, which you’ll then copy to your account and customize. Once your customizations are done you’ll always have that file and be able to go back to it to make additional changes or download your graphics again. And of course, you can always start from scratch again with our templates if you choose.

With the Photoshop templates, you’ll download a zip file containing the same templates as you’d find in Canva. Each template is its own file with layers allowing you to customize graphics and text. If you’re not familiar with Photoshop, please use the Canva templates instead.

Absolutely and please do! Photoshop and Canva both make customizations super easy. You’ll find that our graphics contain placeholder images and suggested text with placeholders that you’ll fill in with your own summit information.

You can easily customize fonts, colors, and text. We have placeholder images where your logo or speaker images go, placeholder text where summit details go, or you can get creative and totally change out our suggested text with text of your own.

All copy templates come in 3 versions so you can choose the option that is best for you. The first version is what I call a “skeleton outline”, which tells you what to include in the email, but lets you write it in your own voice. Next is a “detailed template”, which is a complete email with prompts for you to plug in your summit’s information. Basically Mad Libs in email form! Last is an “example”, which is the exact email I sent to my list during my last summit.

These are the emails I used to promote my last 5 summits, the most recent bringing in $60,000 with a relatively small email list. These emails have also been reviewed and edited by launch and sales copywriter, Elli Runkles.

Immediately after entering your payment information on the next page, you’ll receive an email with a login link.

If you lose track of that email or the link, you can always go to my home page, scroll to the bottom, and click the Login link for easy access!

Planning a summit takes time and isn’t something you should suddenly decide to do without a little planning. However, if you think a summit might be in your future, you won’t regret grabbing this offer that will save you 20+ hours of your own time or thousands of dollars on a designer and copywriter. It’s a $27 you’ll thank yourself for spending later, even if your summit is a ways down the road.

And the best part? When my own templates update, you’ll receive the updates as well!

If you’re not willing to put in the work to run a summit and get results or don’t want to take the time to customize some templates, please don’t purchase this product.

However, I stand by my 100% money back guarantee. I’ll ask for your feedback to see if there are improvements we can make and after that you’ll get a full refund.

You’ve come to the right place! Our signature Summit In A Box® program has over 1,000 resources for planning and hosting a profitable online summit. Check out this free masterclass for more information.

No problem! Send an email over to [email protected] and we’ll get back to you within 3 business days.

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