A proven process for hosting your online summit

You have an idea of what it takes to host a summit, but the details have you lost. Get my proven summit-hosting process and plan yours with confidence.

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Hosting an online summit is the best way to multiply your income, email list, and visibility in a relatively short amount of time without a huge budget.

But it’s no small task and figuring it out yourself takes months of research. Plus, you feel like there's always something you're forgetting.

Let's put a stop to the exhausting cycle of laying your head down at night only to think of 3 more tasks you need to complete for your summit.

Instead, move forward confidently knowing that you've got the details for your summit covered.

Things like:

  • The two videos you can create to see sales roll in before you're even finished recording
  • Creating the right resources for your speakers that will set them (and you) up for success
  • What to do once the summit is over

Those little details matter and so do the hundreds of others you'll get with the Summit Host Process Map!

This proven process is the easiest way for you to hit the ground running in launching your first online summit.

  • Get my exact task list and save yourself weeks of research and missed details
  • Create a realistic timeline and avoid the time-crunch
  • Move forward with confidence and avoid missed tasks that will cost you subscribers and sales
  • Give your speakers and attendees an engaging and professional experience that you can be proud of
  • Stop using uncertainty as an excuse and launch your summit with confidence!

What's Inside?


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I successfully organized and launched my very first virtual summit within 90 days with zero experience thanks to the Summit Host Process Map. We had over 3,000 registrants and grossed over $16,000. Since I'm a one-woman-shop, the Summit Host Process map was an integral part of keeping me organized and making this summit a huge success! 

Eden Fried - Rebel Boss Summit

Here's what you'll get

Asana Template  |  Trello Template  |  Video Walk-Throughs  |  Lifetime Updates

Section 1: Introduction

An introduction to the Summit Host Process Map and how to get and use the provided templates.

  • Overview
  • How to use the Asana Template
  • How to use the Trello template

Section 2: Task Walkthroughs

Video walk-throughs of each section and task of the Summit Host Process Map.

  • Basics
  • Website + Tech
  • Speakers
  • Affiliates
  • Product / Offer
  • Engagement
  • Your Videos
  • Testing
  • Promotion
  • During The Summit
  • After The Summit
  • Process To Create + Outsource

Start planning your online summit today

Get The Summit Host Process Map

Some say that online summits are overdone

Pitch-heavy, low-value summits are. But the kind of summit that YOU'RE going to host is not.

All you need is a detail-oriented process that focuses on engagement and value-delivery.

Others can continue moving along with the overdone kind, while you go on to bring in more subscribers, leads, and sales than you thought possible!

So what's the cost?

You might be tempted to spend weeks (which would turn into months) creating your own process for hosting a summit.

Doing it that way is causing you to put it off more and more each day, leaving your business at a standstill.

And even if you do manage to create your own process, how do you know it will work?

Instead, you can get the process I used to launch my very first summit to a list of 500 people that brought in 1400 new subscribers and nearly $16,000 in sales. My summits have been even more successful since.

You can either spend months trying to figure out your own process (that might not even work) or you can get my proven process for just


Plus, I have a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

Get The Summit Host Process Map

When I got the idea to host a summit, I went straight to Krista. Her resources have blown me out of the water. There’s no way I would have been this organized without the Summit Host Process Map. I feel confident and excited about hosting this summit, and I know her resources are going to help me get incredible results and make sure my audience gets the best summit I can offer!

Kory Woodard

Plus 3 special bonuses

Bonus #1: Recommended Tools & Resources

Figuring out what tech tools and resources to use to host an online summit gets overwhelming fast. That's why I've included a list of the exact resources I use for all of my online summits.

($49 value)

Bonus #2: 5 Steps To Hosting Your First Online Summit Training

Along with the 5 most important steps of hosting your first online summit, you'll also learn:

  • How long to plan for each step
  • Steps to skip if this is your first time
  • Mistakes to avoid at all costs

($197 value)

Bonus #3: Watch me plan my next summit

Watch exactly how I use the Summit Host Process Map to plan my next online summit! I'll talk through my process, show exactly how long I plan for each step, and give some bonus tips along the way.

($97 value)

Start planning your profitable, value-packed online summit today

Get The Summit Host Process Map

When I first got the idea to host a summit, I had no idea where to start. Using Krista's resources, I doubled my email list and made 150 all-access pass sales, giving me a 16% conversion rate! I'm officially hooked on summits!

Hannah Murphy

Hey, I'm Krista!

When I decided to host my first online summit I spent weeks doing nothing but researching the process. I tuned into summits that were running, listened to podcast episodes, and read every blog post I could find.

It took serious work, but I ended up with a process that led me to nearly $16,000 in my very first summit. And that was starting with an email list of only 500 people. My summits have been even more successful since.

Now I've taken my process and put it together for YOU to implement in your own business.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Summit Host Process Map is the exact list of steps I follow in Asana (also available for Trello) to host an online summit.

It does NOT include tech tutorials, scripts, etc. If that's what you're looking for,the Summit Host Vault may be more up your alley. 

The Summit Host Process Map does not include 1:1 support. See my 1:1 offerings here.

There is! You can either pay in full now or pay two payments of $99 at this link.

I guarantee that this product will make it a whole lot quicker and easier to plan a profitable and value-packed online summit. The rest is up to you!

If you're unhappy with what you find in the Summit Host Process Map, email me at [email protected] within 30 days of purchasing and I will refund you - no questions asked.

The Summit Host Vault and Summit Host Process Map are different products. This product (the Process Map) includes the process I use to plan and launch summits and the Summit Host Vault, includes the strategies, tools, resources, templates, and tutorials to make each of those steps easy. 

Many choose to purchase both, as they compliment each other well, but otherwise you should choose the Process Map if you want an organized list of tasks to complete and the Vault if you want step-by-step strategies, tutorials, and tools.

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