A proven step-by-step summit-hosting process

You have an idea of what it takes to host a virtual summit, but the details have you lost. Get my proven summit-hosting process and plan with confidence.
With templates in Asana, ClickUp, and Trello.

Get The Summit Host Process Map

I successfully organized and launched my very first virtual summit within 90 days with zero experience thanks to the Summit Host Process Map. We had over 3,000 registrants and grossed over $16,000. Since I'm a one-woman-shop, the Summit Host Process map was an integral part of keeping me organized and making this summit a huge success!

- Eden Fried, Rebel Boss Summit Host

Stop stressing about where to start and what to do next

Move forward confidently knowing that you've got the details for your summit covered.

For example, details like...

  • Two videos you can create to see sales roll in before you even finish recording.
  • The resources you need to create to set your speakers (and yourself) up for a stress-free process.
  • What steps to take once the summit is over

Those little details matter and so do the hundreds of others you'll get with the Summit Host Process Map!

Here's What You'll Get

Complete Asana, ClickUp, + Trello Templates

The Asana, ClickUp, and Trello templates include every task you'll need to complete for your virtual summit. All you need to do is upload your template of choice and you're ready to start making progress without the doubt of wondering whether you're missing an important step.

Task categories include: Core Decisions, Create Your Registration Page, Speaker Outreach Prep, Speaker Onboarding, Sponsors, All-Access Pass Setup, Promotion, Affiliates, Engagement, Testing, and so much more!

Section 1: Introduction

An introduction to the Summit Host Process Map including how to access and use the provided templates.

You'll make your choice between Asana, ClickUp, or Trello. From there, you'll copy our template to your account. No more wondering where to start or what to do next. You just saved HOURS!

Section 2: Task Walkthroughs

Video walk-throughs of each section and task in the Summit Host Process Map. With these, you'll never be stuck wondering what a task is trying to tell you to do.

Start planning your
virtual summit today

Get it now for $197 and plan your profitable summit
without wondering where to start or what to do next! 

Get The Summit Host Process Map

Do I really need this?

You're probably tempted to spend weeks (which would turn into months) creating your own process for hosting a summit.

But doing it that way is causing you to put your event off more and more each day, leaving your business at a standstill.

And even if you do manage to create your own process, how do you know it will work?

You can spend months trying to figure out your own process (that may or may not work) or you can get my proven process for just


Plus, I have a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee.

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There’s no way I would have been this organized without the Summit Host Process Map. I feel confident and excited about hosting this summit, and I know her resources are going to help me get incredible results and make sure my audience gets the best summit I can offer!

- Kory Woodard, Be Seen Get Booked Summit Host

Plus 2 Special Bonuses

Summit Planning Accelerator
($197+ Value)

Does it sound a little daunting to upload ~300 tasks to Asana, ClickUp, or Trello and then have to figure out due dates for each one? The Summit Planning Accelerator will take care of that FOR you. Enter the due date you'd like your summit to begin and have every due date calculated in one second flat. 

5 Steps To Hosting Your First Online Summit Training ($97 value)

Along with the 5 most important steps of hosting your first online summit, you'll also learn how long to plan for each step, steps to skip if this is your first time, mistakes to avoid at all costs.

Start planning your profitable virtual summit today

Get The Summit Host Process Map

When I first got the idea to host a summit, I had no idea where to start. Using the Summit in a Box® resources, I doubled my email list and made 150 all-access pass sales, giving me a 16% conversion rate! My second summit brought in 5000 attendees and over $34,000. I'm officially hooked on summits!

- Hannah Murphy, The Supported Photographer Summit Host

Hey, I'm Krista!

When I decided to host my first online summit I spent weeks doing nothing but researching the process. I tuned into summits that were running, listened to podcast episodes, and read every blog post I could find.

It took serious work, but I ended up with a process that led me to nearly $16,000 in my very first summit. And that was starting with an email list of only 500 people. My summits have been far more successful since, with several bringing in over $92,000 in immediate sales.

Now I've taken my process and put it together for YOU to implement in your own business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Right away! Everything is loaded up and ready for you to dive right in.

The Summit Host Process Map is the exact list of steps I follow in Asana, ClickUp, and Trello to host an online summit. With the Summit Planning Accelerator, due dates will even be calculated for you!

This will save you a huge chunk of time and headaches down the road, but it does NOT include tech tutorials, scripts, templates, etc. If that's what you're looking for, our Summit in a Box® program will be a better fit. You can learn more in this free masterclass or join the waitlist here.

The Summit Host Process Map does not include 1:1 support. See my 1:1 offerings here.

I guarantee that this product will make it a whole lot quicker and easier to plan a profitable and value-packed online summit. The rest is up to you!

If you're unhappy with what you find in the Summit Host Process Map, email me at [email protected] within 30 days of purchasing and I will refund you - no questions asked.

Start planning your
virtual summit today

Get it now for $197 and plan your profitable summit
without wondering where to start or what to do next!

Get The Summit Host Process Map

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