Half-Day Summit Launch Intensive

A deep-dive, implementation-focused intensive to take big steps toward your profitable online summit launch.

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It's time to launch your online summit and grow your business in ways you never thought possible. Revenue, list growth and leads, connections with industry experts, impact for your audience, community, visibility, and new opportunities in the months and even years that follow.

But with so much to do, you've found yourself at a stand-still.

When I planned my first virtual summit, there weren’t many resources available. I searched for hours only to find a couple podcast episodes giving vague details and a blog post or two. For the most part, I was on my own to figure it out. I spent months putting together what I learned and doing a ton of trial-and-error to create my strategy and piece together the tech.

I launched my first summit a few months later with an email list of only 500 and brought in $16k. 

Since then, I’ve hosted 3 summits, with the most recent one making $22k. I’ve tweaked my process based on what works and what doesn’t along the way. I’ve made all kinds of templates and turned a large and complicated process into something easy and manageable.

I can now put a summit together in a fraction of the time thanks to written strategic processes, step-by-step tutorials, scripts, graphic templates, website templates and more.

And now, you have full access to me, my strategies, my templates, and more in a 1:1 Half-Day Summit Launch Intensive.

You are the perfect person to teach others how to host summits. You truly created a one-of-a-kind experience for us all that needs to be an industry standard for summits!

Ashley Gartland, Speaker from one of my previous summits.

Introducing the Half-Day Summit Launch Intensive

A deep-dive, implementation-focused intensive to take big steps toward your profitable online summit launch.

Save yourself weeks of wracking your brain about vital decisions, trying to create your marketing strategy from scratch, and fighting with tech. We'll get you past your biggest roadblocks and a whole lot closer to a profitable summit. The best part? I'll do the work FOR you.

What's included?

Here’s what’s included with your Half-Day Summit Launch Intensive:

Summit Planning Workbook

A 16-page workbook to guide you through getting the most important details out of your head and onto paper. You'll send me the completed workbook before our first call so I can come prepared to talk strategy.

4-Hour Intensive

This 4-hour block is focused on implementation where you need it most. This will mostly entail me doing the work for you and making big progress, but we can mix in some coaching where it's needed. (Examples below)

Email Support

Following our intensive, you'll be incredibly motivated to continue making progress towards your big summit goals. To make sure you don't find yourself stuck again, you'll have 2 weeks of unlimited email support.

Pre-Intensive Call

A 30-minute call to lay the groundwork for our intensive. We'll cover the details of your summit, go over where you're stuck, and create a detailed action-plan for the 4-hour intensive.

Post-Intensive Action Plan

Following our intensive, you'll receive an overview of what I completed, any call recordings and a step-by-step plan for continuing to make progress with your online summit.

Unlimited Scripts, Templates & Resources

As a part of our intensive, whenever we run into something you need that I have, you can consider it yours. This includes everything from website templates, to email sequences, to graphic templates, and more. No extra cost to you!


And to help you take it even further, you'll also get:

Summit Host Process Map

Get the exact process I follow for each of my summits, including my most recent $22k event. The process is provided for both Asana and Trello.

What can we accomplish in an Intensive?

You’re thinking, “Okay, this sounds great. But what exactly can we do through this package?

There are no limits to what we can cover and accomplish in this call. Some more popular choices include:

  1. Tech setup and implementation: Do you know what tech you want to use for your summit, but don't know where to start? Or just want an exact copy of my summit's website that we can customize for you? Sit back and let me get your website set up and integrated with your email marketing platform, countdown timer, and more. 
  2. All-Access Pass strategy and setup: Your All-Access Pass is a huge part of making your summit profitable. In our intensive we can decide exactly what your offer will be, set up the tech, create your sales strategy, and even get started on your sales page.
  3. Marketing strategy: Worried that you'll launch your summit to crickets? We can cover how to make sure that doesn't happen, find the right speakers, and start putting the pieces of your marketing into place.
  4. Speaker pitch preparation: Ready to pitch your speakers, but afraid that they'll say no? We'll create a strategic pitching plan, rework your pitch email, and get the necessary items in place on your website to impress the speakers you reach out to.
  5. Get your idea off the ground: If you've got your profitable summit idea, but don't know where to start, we'll map out your summit launch timeline and get started on the most impactful steps of the process.



The best part? You have unlimited access to all of my templates, scripts, swipe-copy, and resources. If there's something you need during our call, I'll pull it out of my own summit setup, customize it, and apply it directly to yours.

And yes, I will do as much work as you want FOR you as well as coach where you need it most.

Usually, getting access to even my website setup on it's own would cost a minimum of $5000, but you can get access to it and anything else you need in your Half-Day Summit Intensive.

This is perfect for you if...

  • You're in the process of planning and launching a value-packed online summit.
  • Your summit is targeting a specific audience with a topic focused on solving their biggest problem.
  • You're open to suggestions and can hear a new idea and be ready to implement right away.
  • You want help from someone who has launched several successful summits with a proven system.
  • You'll be able to take the work we did on the call and continue to move forward afterwards.
  • You've been putting your summit off and are ready for focused support and accountability to get the work done.

Apply for your Half-Day Intensive!

Half-Day Summit Intensives are booked by application-only. This isn't so I can make any judgement about you or your business, but so I can be 100% certain that I can help you in a way that will make back your investment several times over.

With your Half-Day Summit Launch Intensive, you'll get:

  • 16-page Summit Planning Workbook ($97 value)
  • 30-minute 1:1 Pre-Intensive Call ($297 value)
  • 4-Hour 1:1 Deep-Dive, Implementation-Focused Intensive ($5k+ value)
  • Post-Intensive Action Plan ($197 value)
  • 2-Weeks of Unlimited Email Support ($397 value)
  • Unlimited Scripts, Templates, and Resources ($2k+ value)
  • 3 Month Summit Host Vault Membership ($2k+ value)
  • Summit Host Process Map ($497 value)

Total value: $10,000+

Your investment:

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1 spot available in June

Krista's email swipe files for speakers and affiliates made my life SO much easier! I am so happy to have summit-specific copy that let me plug and play, which literally saved me hours and tons of money on hiring a copywriter. I am so glad to have her brilliant mind as a resource!

Vanessa Ryan

Hey, I'm Krista!

When I decided to host my first online summit I spent weeks doing nothing but researching the process. I tuned into summits that were running, listened to podcast episodes, and read every blog post I could find.

It took serious work, but I ended up with a process that led me to nearly $16,000 in my very first summit. And that was starting with an email list of only 500 people. My latest summit brought in $22,000.

Now I've taken my process, tools, and knowledge and put it together for YOU to implement in your own business to make planning an online summit easy.

When I got the idea to host a summit, I went straight to Krista. Her resources have blown me out of the water. There’s no way I would have been this organized without her detailed processes, and her website template saved me so. much. time. I feel confident and excited about hosting this summit, and I know these resources are going to help me get incredible results and make sure my audience gets the best summit I can offer!

Kory Woodard

Frequently Asked Questions

I've run my own WordPress development business for the past 4 years and have degrees in Computer Science and Software Engineering. All that to say, I'm pretty tech-savvy and can figure most things out.

For the best results and fastest progress during our Intensive, WordPress or ThriveCart + WordPress is what I recommend. I also have extensive experience with Kajabi and have used several course-hosting platforms.

Mention it in your application if you want tech help and are using an application other than WordPress or Kajabi and we can chat about it.


If it's summit related, I've probably got it or can easily create it. I have complete templates for things like speaker pitches, email promotion, your registration sequence, your post-summit sales sequence, speaker swipe copy, affiliate swipe copy and more.

The only caveat is that to get access to my templates, it's something we have to actively be working on and implementing during your intensive. As long as it's our focus, I won't hold back!

Absolutely! We can do everything from writing and setting up your email sequences to integrating it all with your website.

My work hours are Monday-Friday 7:30am-2:00pm CDT.

If that doesn't fit within your availability, include a note in your application with the days and times you're generally available. I'm sure we can make something work!

That depends on when you'd like your intensive to take place.

Full payment is required before our intensive call, but I'm happy to work out a payment plan based on when you'd like to schedule.

No refunds are offered for this package. However, your application will only be accepted if I am confident that we will work well together and be able to make huge steps toward your summit goals. If there is anything you are unsure of, email me at [email protected] or mention it in your application so we can cover it before booking.

If you have other questions, reach out via the chat box in the bottom-right corner of this screen or email me at [email protected]

I loved how easy and organized you made everything for me, getting to be featured alongside other amazing speakers, and getting to share a topic I'm passionate about with a group of people who it can really help. If you created a system for summits by doing this one, you should seriously sell it. I would buy it from you, that's how good it was!

Nevica Vazquez, Speaker from one of my previous summits.

I pitched an industry expert for my summit, using Krista's template as a guide. Not only did this person say "yes", but she began her reply by saying, "This is possibly the BEST pitch I've ever received." I now plan to reference her when pitching other speakers. Thank you so much, Krista!

Lee Chaix McDonough

Apply for your Half-Day Intensive!

Half-Day Summit Intensives are booked through application-only. This isn't so I can make any judgement about you or your business, but so I can be 100% certain that I can help you in a way that will make back your investment several times over.

With your Half-Day Summit Launch Intensive, you'll get:

  • 16-page Summit Planning Workbook ($97 value)
  • 30-minute 1:1 Pre-Intensive Call ($297 value)
  • 4-Hour 1:1 Deep-Dive, Implementation-Focused Intensive ($5k+ value)
  • Post-Intensive Action Plan ($197 value)
  • 2-Weeks of Unlimited Email Support ($397 value)
  • Unlimited Scripts, Templates, and Resources ($2k+ value)
  • 3 Month Summit Host Vault Membership ($2k+ value)
  • Summit Host Process Map ($497 value)

Total value: $10,000+

Your investment: 

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2 spots available in June


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