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Hosting a summit is about so much more than growing your list.

You’ve heard of virtual summits as a way to increase visibility, generate leads, and maybe bring in some extra revenue. But we know they can be SO much more powerful than that.

You don’t have to stay stuck with the slow-growth strategies you’ve been using to fill your funnel with leads for your signature offer.

Hosting a summit can replace years of teaching webinars, running ads, creating content, and engaging on social media to grow your list, while generating 5 and sometimes even 6 figures in the process…

Not to mention, with the strategies we teach, you’ll be able to use the momentum from your event to lead straight into your biggest launch yet.

If you’re successfully selling a signature course, membership, or group program, and you’re ready to increase your income and impact in a big way…

You are READY to host a virtual summit.

Discover what’s possible when you launch with a virtual summit.

Hosting your summit is JUST the beginning.

Join the free Summit to Sales training series to learn how virtual summits can become your most effective lead generation strategy, cash injection method, and lead to a long-term, reliable increase in sales of your signature offer.

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You can use a summit to…

Grow your email list, create a cash injection, and skyrocket your visibility.
*Best if you're just starting, a service-provider, or a coach. 

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Replace your slow-growth marketing and fill your signature offer funnel for months to come.
*Best if you have a proven scalable offer or summit hosting experience.



If you’re currently….

Successfully selling a signature course, membership, or group program.

Making consistent, full time revenue from your business (but ready for more).

Tired of relying on slow-growth strategies and expensive ads that don’t give you the ROI you need to hit your goals.

Then you’re ready to host a summit that will…

Bring in thousands of new leads who will be ready and waiting to purchase your signature offer by the end of your event.

Set you up for your biggest course launch yet (using feel-good, engagement based strategies).

Establish you as an authority in your industry and create opportunities for more profits and more impact in the future.

And you can do it with guidance and support at every step of the way, without wondering where to start or what to do next.

Hey, I’m Krista!

I’ve been hooked on virtual summits ever since I hosted my first back in 2018, and it completely transformed my business.

After hosting my first summit and far surpassing every single one of my goals, I quickly started getting questions from people wanting to know how I did it. I had documented every step in the process, so I started sharing my resources and templates with others. They then went on to use those resources to host their own wildly successful summits, and I knew I was onto something.

My summit success wasn’t a fluke, but a repeatable system that my clients and I could use over and over again to create bigger and better results every time. I’ve now helped hundreds of online business owners host business-changing virtual summits. I’ve also hosted 10 successful events of my own, with results ranging from $16k from the first one, all the way up to $121,000 in revenue from my personal best.

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This was my first summit, and I made $75k in revenue with 3700 attendees! The Summit in a Box templates, process, timeline, and resources made planning easy, and it was so helpful to be able to get support and feedback when I needed it throughout the process. I’m already planning my next summit and can’t wait to take what I’ve learned and make it even bigger and better.

- Esther Yew, Thriving Design Business Summit Host

I recently concluded my summit and couldn't have achieved what I did without Summit in a Box and your support. People are still buzzing at how amazing and innovative the event was. My mailing list exploded and my reach is now far beyond anything I ever imagined. I'm looking forward to my next summit!

- Jamila Bannister, The Brand Print Summit Host

Summit in a Box made this process easy and smooth. I had so many people deterring me from doing a summit because "it's hard, there's not much financial return, and you only get a little exposure". Well, Summit in a Box made sure that literally none of that was true and broke the process down to make it manageable. I brought in over $12k, had a 12% conversion rate, AND my email list quadrupled in size! I can't wait to host my next one.

- Mia Valdez, The Gram Glow Up Summit Host


Here at Summit in a Box, we do things a little differently:

Hosting a summit is a big project, and we want your hard work to pay off with incredible results - for EVERYONE involved.

We help our clients host events that provide benefits and opportunities for speakers, while transforming the lives and businesses of attendees in the process. We’re all about diverse and inclusive events that open doors and use feel-good strategies to create an engaging and meaningful summit experience.

By putting others first, your results follow. Our clients consistently see summit conversion rates that blow the “industry standards” out of the water: 

  • While most summits see 20% registration page conversion rates, our clients consistently see 50%+.
  • While most “All Access Passes” convert at 2-4%, our strategies lead to 8-12%+ conversion rates time and time again.

Learn how our clients consistently host summits that 3x industry standards in the Launch with a Summit Accelerator™.

Apply to the Accelerator and get instant access to an advanced training where you’ll learn the 3-Part Framework to Replace Slow-Growth Marketing with a Virtual Summit that will 3x Your Revenue (and lead to your biggest launch yet).

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In the 10-part Summit to Sales Training Series, you'll learn how virtual summits can become your most effective lead generation strategy, cash injection method, and lead to a long-term, reliable increase in sales of your signature offer.


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