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My Favorite Time-Saving Summit Strategies

Hosting a summit takes time, so I'm sharing my 4 favorite ways to save time in hosting a virtual summit plus one thing you'll need to do before you get started!

Have you ever thought about hosting a summit, but wondered.... where am I going to find the time!?

This is something I hear literally every day from people who want to host a summit, but they're frustrated because they honestly don’t have the time for it.

I’m not here to brush that off or say that they're making excuses. I know it’s a real struggle. Summits are big projects...

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How I Stay on the "Cutting Edge" of Virtual Summits (but keep it out of our core strategy)

I'm peeling back the curtain to share my thoughts about the

Not too long ago, I reached out to a past collaborator, friend, and affiliate about something, and she gave me what I considered a challenge wanting to know how I’m staying on the “cutting edge” of summits. She wanted to know so that she could decide if she was going to continue recommending me or not - or at least that’s how I took it.

Now, I...

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8 Reasons You Need to Host a Summit if You Have a Membership

We've consistently seen our clients add 150-500 new members with their summits and I'll share 7 other reasons that summits and memberships are the perfect pair.

If you have a proven membership that you're ready to scale and bring to the forefront of your business, it's time to host a virtual summit.

You've heard me say time and time again that a virtual summit can bring a ton of momentum, awareness, and revenue into your business, and launching your membership is no exception.

We've consistently seen our clients add anywhere from 150-500 new...

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Thought Process, Experiments, and Strategy Behind Our Upcoming Virtual Summit

I'm sharing the strategy behind my upcoming event, results I'm expecting, how I'm tying in our offers, the purpose behind bringing in a partner, and more.

We're working on our next summit and for the first time ever, we're hosting a summit for membership site owners! I always want my events to go well, but I also use them as a chance to experiment with new strategies to see what's working NOW in the virtual summit space.

And this time, I'm doing something new and taking you behind the scenes of an event we haven't even hosted yet!  ...

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My Top Virtual Summit Fails

This week, I'm sharing my top 6 virtual summit fails. It includes topics related to pitching big-name speakers, sponsorships, launching a new offer, and more.

Today we’re kicking off a short series of episodes where I’m sharing the not-so-pretty parts of my summit hosting journey.

It's easy for me to show up each week and share the big wins and strategies that I know work, but it’s not often that I peel back the curtain and share the real side of things that didn’t go so well.

And I've got a long list!  As someone...

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Overcome Resistance and Imposter Syndrome in Your Virtual Summit Planning with Alecia St. Germain

In this episode, guest Alecia St. Germain pulled back the curtain on what's behind that resistance and imposter syndrome and helped it all make sense.

I've coached hundreds of summit hosts and rarely see someone who makes it through the entire process without running into resistance at least somewhere along the way.

Sometimes, it shows up as resistance to even getting started with the hosting a summit in the first place. I'll hear things like, "I definitely want to join your program and host a summit, but I'll come back when I...

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Behind the Scenes of Launching a New Program

Today, I share what made me go with a beta offer for the first time, why I launched with a webinar, the biggest

We're currently in a behind-the-scenes series where we're looking at how my team and business have evolved over the years. It's wild to look back and see how much things have changed from how things started out, to where they are now.

So far we've covered...

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Behind the Scenes with the Summit in a Box Team

Hear from Elli, Kate, and Mel, what they do at Team SIAB, what they do outside of it, their favorite parts of working here, and how we work so well together!

Last week, I shared how my team has evolved over the years, going from one VA with a few hours per month to the team of contractors and employees I have today.

Aaaand in this episode, all of my employees are joining me to share a little insider info from their perspective!

I have a couple questions that were submitted in the Summit Host Hangout Facebook group that we’ll cover and...

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How My Team Has Evolved Over the Years: From Solopreneur to Powerhouse Employees

Go behind the scenes of how my team has evolved over the last 8 years; from good hires to bad and the biggest lessons I've learned as I build my dream team.

We’re currently in a series where I’m taking you behind the scenes of how my business has grown over the years, thanks to a fun question from my dear friend, Laurie when I asked in the Summit Host Hangout Facebook group for questions you wanted me to answer on the podcast. 

We started this series by talking about when business and summit strategies make someone question...

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7 Stages of How My Business Has Evolved Over The Years

This episode kicks off a series that will give a fun behind-the-scenes into seven ways my business has evolved over the years and what's coming next.

We’re currently in a mini-series on the podcast where I’m answering questions from members of our Summit Host Hangout Facebook group…it's been so fun! Last week we talked about When Business and Summit Strategies Make Someone Question Your Ethics.

This episode answers some questions about how my business has evolved over the years and also kicks off a new little...

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