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How To Get Speakers To Contribute A Bonus To Your All-Access Pass

In the all-access pass for my most recent virtual summit, I offered over $3000 in speaker bonuses. This is how I've always done it and it has a huge part to play in why the summit strategies I teach have a 3-5 times higher conversion rates than industry standard summits.

The best part is that this strategy benefits not only you, but also your speakers and attendees.

Read on to learn how to get...

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048: Boosting All-Access Pass Sales After The Live Event

Your summit presentations are over, but that doesn't mean that sales have to stop!

In this episode we'll talk about how to boost your All-Access Pass sales once your summit is over with specific emails and posts as well as what to do when it is time to close the cart.

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011: All-Access Pass Tech for your Online Summit

Tech is overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be! In this episode, we're going to talk about the tech piece of offering an all-access pass.

We'll cover what you need to consider, the most common tech choices, and how to decide which option is right for you.

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010: Increase All-Access Pass Sales with Limited-Time Offers

To continue our topic on monetizing your online summit, in this episode we'll break down how to increase your all-access pass sales with limited-time offers.

We'll cover what a limited-time offer is and what it can look like, why they work, how I use them in my summits, and the tool I use to make it easy.


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