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Build Excitement and Anticipation for Your Next Launch with Brenna McGowan

Learn a more strategic pre-launch strategy that builds excitement for your launch, increases natural interest, and allows for more space in buying decisions.

We’re rounding out our three-part series where I've been bringing in special guests who are experts on the course launch side of launching with a summit. We've heard about what's working in courses, we've learned about live versus evergreen launches, and today we're going to learn about creating anticipation for your offers before your launch.

I have loved this series so much...

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Maximize Course Sales with a 3-Part Hybrid Marketing Method with Gemma Bohman-Carter

Learn how to maximize your course sales with a 3-part hybrid marketing method by Gemma Bohman-Carter that will catch people when they're ready to buy.

We're currently in a three-part series with special guests who are experts in all things course launches. I'm so excited to take a quick break from our normal summit talk for this series because truly, the better your course and program launches go on their own, the more a summit is going to enhance those results.

When you have both of those pieces working together, it just...

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Find What Works and Create Your Evergreen Ecosystem with Mariah Coz

Hear about creating offers that make sense for what you teach, making sure your offers work together, and giving yourself space to try different launch methods.

This week, we're taking a break from talking about summits all day, every day, and starting a three-part series where I'm bringing in special guests who are experts on the course launch side of launching with a summit.

Over the next three episodes, we'll cover topics such as:

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Neurodivergence and Virtual Summits with Megan Griffith

Megan Griffith, founder of Neurodivergent Magic, talks about neurodivergence in virtual summits and making summits more accessible for neurodivergent attendees.

We're wrapping up our series that started as virtual summits for high-volume business owners and totally morphed into a series about infusing your values, making a difference, and just being a good human when it comes to hosting summits. I love the transformation of this series, and I hope you've found it valuable too! 

In the last episode, I said we were going to round out this...

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Exploring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Virtual Summits with Erica Courdae

Join me in an eye-opening discussion as we talk about integrating your values into a summit, diversity, equity, inclusion, and how it affects your speakers.

We're currently in a series about virtual summits for high-volume business owners, that has kind of morphed into a sub-series about making an impact and infusing your values through your event.

We're going to continue that today with a special guest who is going to challenge all of us with the way we integrate our values into our summits and run equitable events. Some of the things...

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B2C Virtual Summits: Seeing Your Summit as More than a List-Builder with Shelby DeVore

When most people think of virtual summits, they think email list growth and some added revenue. But the power of virtual summits is so much bigger than that.

When most people think of virtual summits, they think email list growth and some added revenue. But the power of virtual summits is so much bigger than that.

This week, I’m so excited to introduce you to Shelby Devore, an experienced summit host, who has seen the results of her summits grow far beyond her wildest dreams, getting bigger and better with every summit she hosts. She went...

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B2C Virtual Summits: Behind the Scenes of the Biggest Party in the Crafting Industry with Abbi Kirsten

Snag a behind-the-scenes look at the wildly successful Cricut Craftfest Summit with Abbi Kirsten and what played the biggest role in the success of this event.

One thing that always surprises me is the assumption people often have that summits teaching people how to make money are the most successful. In my experience, while B2B summits can bring in incredible results, we tend to see higher numbers with B2C events.

Some of the most successful summits we’ve seen have been in the B2C industries, including my guest on the podcast this week. Not...

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Use a Lead List to Boost Virtual Summit Registrations and Sales in the DMs with Victoria Boyd

Victoria Boyd shares how she created a lead list and used Instagram DMs to build buzz, increase registrations, boost sales, and connect with her attendees.

Ready to go beyond the basics when it comes to summit promotion? I’ve shared strategies for promoting virtual summits on the podcast many times before, and this week I’ve got a more advanced strategy to share with you that can take your summit promotion to a whole new level.

I’m so excited to have my client in the Launch with a Summit Accelerator, Victoria Boyd on the...

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The 3-Part Chatbot Marketing Strategy for Virtual Summits with Nadine Anderson

Join Nadine Anderson and I as we talk through her 3-part chatbot marketing strategy for virtual summits, how to not be spammy, and other ways to use bots!

With every new marketing strategy, there’s a window of opportunity to start early and see the best results before it becomes an industry wide practice. This was true about webinars, email marketing, Facebook ads, and even websites at one point!

My guest on the podcast today is here to share about a new emerging strategy that I’ve been super curious about and had the chance to test...

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From Virtual Summit Skeptic to Crushing Every Single Goal with Dominique Falla

Despite Dominique's uncertainty around her summit's potential, she stayed the course, followed our summit-hosting system, and crushed every single goal she set.

Not convinced that a virtual summit will work for your business? My guest on the podcast this week wasn’t either when she decided to host her first summit.

After hosting several popular (but not exactly the most profitable) in-person conferences, she was skeptical that hosting a summit would pay off or work for her audience. She went in with low expectations, and even a little...

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