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How I Use This Podcast for My Virtual Summits

This week I'm sharing some background on this podcast, 6 ways I use this podcast for my virtual summits, and how you can grow your podcast through your summit.

 I recently realized that I often recommend that people look at their past podcast guests as a starting point for finding summit speakers, and it got me thinking about just how much this podcast has a part to play in my summits!

Today I’m going to give you a little background on this podcast and break down the 6 main ways that I use it for my virtual summits. And as a little bonus,...

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Cold Pitching Summit Speakers without the Ick with Laura Lopuch

Tune in to hear why cold pitches are important, what the most important part is that will make someone say

If you've been around a while, and especially if you're in our programs, you've heard me teach about the importance of connecting with speakers before you pitch to increase the chances that they'll say yes, promote, and turn into long-term friends and collaborators.

As much as I love sending warm pitches, I've also sent cold pitches in every virtual summit I've ever hosted. I think for most...

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Why You're Struggling to Land Speakers for Your Virtual Summit

Struggling to land speakers for your virtual summit? Tune in for the 5 reasons you're struggling and how to fix it in your next round of pitches.

Everyone goes into the process of hosting a summit with their fingers crossed that it's going to be a raging success.

You envision the speakers jumping on board. You can feel the excitement as you imagine seeing the number of registrations grow. And you can see the sales notifications popping up over and over.

Buuuut...what about when it doesn't go that way?

The truth is, sometimes summits...

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Exploring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Virtual Summits with Erica Courdae

Join me in an eye-opening discussion as we talk about integrating your values into a summit, diversity, equity, inclusion, and how it affects your speakers.

We're currently in a series about virtual summits for high-volume business owners, that has kind of morphed into a sub-series about making an impact and infusing your values through your event.

We're going to continue that today with a special guest who is going to challenge all of us with the way we integrate our values into our summits and run equitable events. Some of the things...

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When Does it Make Sense to Require Speaker Promotion for Your Virtual Summit?

Let's break down when it actually makes sense to require promotion of your summit speakers instead of blindly assuming it's the

One of the big benefits of summits that makes them so powerful compared to other launch methods is that you have 20+ speakers who are helping you get the word out about your event. But in order to experience those benefits, you need your speakers to promote!

Because speaker promotion plays a big role in the success of your summit, many hosts assume they need to have strict requirements and...

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The Secret to Landing "Big Name" Speakers for Your Virtual Summit

Your own audience size and level of success don't determine the speakers you land. Hear the true secret to landing big name speakers for your virtual summit.

Have you ever felt like you’re not a big enough deal to land the speakers you dream of having in your summit lineup?

Pitching speakers is one of the biggest things I see holding people back from moving forward with their summits. The fear of getting rejected and hearing nothing but “no” when you start sending pitches is very common. And if you’re thinking about...

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Build On Your Speaker Relationships After a Virtual Summit without Burning Out with Amelia Roberts

Hosting a virtual summit is a powerful way to connect with peers. Learn how to build on those relationships in an organized way that won't zap all your energy.

Hosting a virtual summit is a powerful way to connect with peers that can lead to powerful collaborations, opportunities, and friendships down the road.

The connections you make with other business owners can be incredibly powerful and benefit your business in so many ways. Collaborating with 20+ experts in your industry by hosting a summit is an incredible way to quickly grow your network,...

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Do Speakers Care if I Launch My Course After a Virtual Summit?

Are speakers bothered when you use a summit to lead into a launch? Let's cover what to avoid and my top tips to be sure speakers are comfortable with the launch.

Lately, we've been talking more and more about using a virtual summit to launch a course, membership, or high-ticket program.

Using the momentum from your summit to launch on the backend has truly incredible results for you as the host... but what about your speakers? 

I've been asked a few times recently whether or not speakers care if you incorporate a launch into your summit:

  • Do...
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Behind the Summit #7: What to Do When a Speaker Drops Out of Your Virtual Summit

This week's episode shares my favorite ways to fill a spot that opens in your summit schedule, whether it's a month out or a few days out from your event.

You've got the perfect speaker lineup and you're ready for your summit to happen...but then....someone drops out. 

Having a speaker drop out of your summit causes many first-time summit hosts to panic, but it happens more often than you might think. 

There are all kinds of reasons that speakers might drop out, such as...

  • They got excited about the event initially and later realize...
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Behind the Summit #4: Pitching Virtual Summit Speakers

Come behind-the-scenes as I finish up final tasks and pitch virtual summit speakers and look at the stats from my all-access pass payment plans from last year!

While a lot of summit hosts send all their speaker pitches at once, I like to break them up into groups and send my pitches in rounds.

This helps me get some easy yeses right away from speakers I feel pretty sure will say yes, and it also gives me a confidence boost before reaching out to people I don’t know as well. It also gives me some “social proof” I can include in my...

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