Cold Pitching Summit Speakers without the Ick with Laura Lopuch

Tune in to hear why cold pitches are important, what the most important part is that will make someone say

If you've been around a while, and especially if you're in our programs, you've heard me teach about the importance of connecting with speakers before you pitch to increase the chances that they'll say yes, promote, and turn into long-term friends and collaborators.

As much as I love sending warm pitches, I've also sent cold pitches in every virtual summit I've ever hosted. I think for most summit hosts, pitching people you don't know is a natural part of creating your dream speaker lineup.

And I know that it can be intimidating!

I also know I'm not alone in receiving my fair share of terrible cold pitches...

  • Some that led to a quick delete.
  • Some that left me wondering what in the world they were thinking.
  • And others that led to sassy Instagram posts about why you shouldn't treat your speakers like nothing more than email lists. 

But it doesn't have to go this way! There are ways to cold pitch speakers that feel like a win-win for everyone involved. 

I want you to feel as confident as possible when you begin pitching AND see a whole lot of positive responses back....whether you're pitching your BFF or someone you've never chatted with before.

To help, I bought Laura Lopuch onto the podcast this week to share about her Relevancy Method and how you can use it to send cold pitch emails without the ick.

You'll hear about...

  1. why cold pitches are important
  2. what the key piece is that will make someone say "yes", and
  3. what it means to send a relevant pitch.

Let's dive in!

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Episode at a glance:

[1:41] We start out with Laura sharing how she got started with cold email when she needed to get clients quickly in her new business. She didn't have an existing network or ad budget, but she did know how to write emails, and started sending cold emails and quickly signed on her first clients, including a $20,000 client after just a few months.

I realized my way of sending cold emails in an authentic non-sleazy human to human way, was a really unique way to do cold emails. Over the last seven years, I have relied exclusively on sending these cold emails as my number one marketing strategy, because it's a small time commitment, which fits into like my life and business goals, and it gets really good results. 

[5:03] There's a lot of misunderstanding when it comes to cold emails, but a cold pitch email is a type of cold outreach, which is essentially, sending a message to a stranger and asking them to take a specific action. A cold email is a specific method you could use to do that cold outreach, whether you're asking them to speak at your summit, collaborate in another way, or something else. 

[7:04] One of the big reasons why Laura is such a big fan of cold email, is that it puts you in the driver's seat, and allows you to decide what you want and go after it. It gives you the power to pick who you want to work with or collaborate with and reach out to them. 

Imagine if you could have whoever you want to speak at your Summit. Now, imagine that you have the power to write out an email right now, you can probably find their email address, and you can send it and maybe they say yes. I don't know about you, but that is a really invigorating, highly motivating thought for me. The biggest part about cold emails for me is that I don't have to let it happen to me, I can go out and make it happen for me.

[9:06] Laura's cold email method is often used for pitching potential clients, but the same principles apply when it comes to pitching summit speakers. The most important part of a pitch email that could make a potential speaker say yes is making sure it's relevant to them. Relevancy is a deeper motivator than personalization.  

[10:48] Relevancy is about getting to the deeper motivations and goals that the person you're pitching has, and Laura's Relevancy Method is all about being ultra-relevant to your reader's hopes, dreams, or goals. 

If you can tie what you're pitching to either their hopes, dreams, or goals, that's going to be a deeper motivator for them because it's intrinsic. It's already inside of them. You don't have to use fake triggers, like scarcity, FOMO, or manipulation because they're already motivated. That's how you can get the yeses in a non sleazy way.

[15:57] Laura also shared her biggest tips for continuing to build the relationship with your speakers after they've said yes to your cold pitch. We know that relationships go a long way not just in getting the initial yes, but also in getting presentation materials on time and promoting your event. She shared how reaching out and connecting on social media, promoting their posts, and replying to their emails can help continue building the relationship after the pitch. 

Send the cold email. Your brain will try to talk you out of sending it, but send it anyway!


About Laura

Laura Lopuch helps service providers and solopreneurs send cold and partnership pitch emails that get new clients without the sleaze or big-time suck.

Four months after launching her business, she grew it by 1400% and signed a $20,000 client from just cold emails. She has since helped her clients get their next big $10k, $25k, or $42k client with cold emails, using her powerful ‘The Relevancy Method.’

Now she uses cold & partnership pitch emails as her #1 marketing strategy.

Laura wrote a wildly viral article for Copyhackers, has been featured on highly-ranked outlets like The Fizzle Show, Copy Chief Radio, CrazyEgg, and Unbounce, and has spoken at conferences like MicroConf and Shine Bootcamp.

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Tune in to hear why cold pitches are important, what the most important part is that will make someone say Tune in to hear why cold pitches are important, what the most important part is that will make someone say

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