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055: Increase Attendee Engagement Through Email with Sarah Anderson

There are a LOT of emails that go into a summit and it can get to be a lot for our attendees...unless we make them engaging!

In this episode we're chatting with Sarah Anderson about how to increase attendee engagement through out emails, rather than driving them away. We'll cover things like the part emails have to play in creating an engaged audience, how to write engaging emails, and moving...

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023: Creating An Accessible Online Summit with Erin Perkins

Is your online summit accessible to the deaf community? Probably not, but it's not difficult to change that.

In this episode, we're chatting with Erin Perkins to talk about what her experience with summits has been like as a deaf business owner, what you can do to make your summit accessible, and what to do if you don't think you have anyone deaf in your audience.



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022: Creating Transformations Through Summit Presentations with Jessica Rasdall

Your summit presentations might be full of great information and actionable, but do they create transformations?

In this episode featuring Jessica Rasdall, of the Creative Speakers Podcast, we go over just how transformational your presentations can be - both as a host and as a presenter.

We'll cover tips specifically for summit speakers, including how to choose the right speaking topic, how...

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004: Discover The Ideal Audience For Your Online Summit

The correct audience for your summit is one of the largest determining factors of your success.

In this episode, we'll cover why your audience plays such a big role and how to choose your summit's audience.


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As you know, I've planned a summit or two in my...

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