You’ve been in business for a few years and the sales you need are coming in, but you’re ready for more.

Something that will:

  • Triple your monthly revenue
  • Multiply the size of your email list with warm leads
  • Get you in front of a wider audience
  • Connect you with industry experts
  • Provide a ton of value to your audience

You’ve tried webinars, challenges, and paid ads, but none of those things are what you’re looking for.

You need something that will do even more for your business while keeping your audience excited and engaged at the same time.

That's where a virtual summit comes in.

With a single virtual summit you can do everything you’ve been wanting and more:

Get your products and services in front of fresh eyes.

Make 3x (or more) your normal monthly revenue.

Multiply your email list size with new, warm leads.

Connect with incredible industry experts that you've been unsure how to reach.

Provide your audience with more free value than they’ve ever seen in one place.

The growth you’ve seen from webinars, paid ads, challenges, and social media are nothing compared to what you’ll experience through launching an online summit.

And you don’t need to be an influencer or have a huge email list to do it.

Hey, I'm Krista

and I'm so excited that you're here!

Before hosting an online summit, I started out with a service-based business that I still run and love. But here’s the thing, running a service-based business that depends on hustling hard with client work is exhausting.

It’s something that eventually started to wear me out and had me dreaming of fresh, new opportunities. Opportunities that would help bring in new leads and some extra income, if I was lucky.

Hosting a summit was always something I was afraid to do. It had crossed my mind a few times, but the thought process went something like:

Me #1: Oh, an online summit would be fun!

Me #2: Who do you think you are to host an online summit? That’s only for influencers and there’s no way you could pull it off. Potential speakers would literally laugh when you pitch them.

Me #1: Oh yeah, you’re right. Nevermind!

I had that conversation with myself on repeat for about a year. But one day, driving home in the car, I realized that I COULD do it. And with the encouragement of a coach and some friends, I did.

You are the perfect person to teach others how to host summits. You truly created a one-of-a-kind experience for us all that needs to be an industry standard for summits!

- Ashley Gartland

And let me tell you, it was a total gamechanger

My initial goal with the summit was to do a little list-building, get my name out there, and bring in some client leads. I thought if I made enough to replace one or two client projects, it would be a nice little bonus.

A few months later I had a dreamy speaker lineup, 1500 excited summit attendees, a bunch of new client leads that left my service booked out, and nearly $16k in sales. From my first summit with a tiny list.

It totally exceeded my expectations in all possible ways. And it was fun!

Since then, my business has brought in over $100k through virtual summits.

Summit In A Box is here to lead you through the steps to launch your first profitable online summit with ease.

Even if you aren’t an influencer, and have a tiny email list.

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You are in SUCH good hands with Krista. I've followed her process, step-by-step, and I'm currently hosting a summit that has blown every last one of my goals out of the water. I'm currently at 2,960 registrations and more than $24,000 in revenue. Follow the process, it works!

- Heidi Thompson, Book More Weddings Summit Host

When I first got the idea to host a summit, I had no idea where to start. Using the Summit in a Box resources, I doubled my email list and made 150 all-access pass sales, giving me a 16% conversion rate! My second summit brought in 5000 attendees and over $34,000. I'm officially hooked on summits!

- Hannah Murphy, The Supported Photographer Summit Host

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