I see you over there hustling hard to sell your game-changer of an offer.

You’re confident in what you sell and who you want to impact with it, but you’re ready to see those sales skyrocket.

You’ve realized that slow-growth strategies (content creation, creating opt-ins, coffee chats, podcast interviews, etc.) are basically no-growth strategies as far as you’re concerned.

You’re ready to increase your income and influence at a much faster rate.

A virtual summit is on your mind, but you’re hesitant because…

You don’t know where to start or what to do next.

You don’t know if you’re a big enough deal to host a summit that actually makes money.

You worry that speakers will roll their eyes when they see your pitch.

You want to make an impact, not add more noise.

When you do it, you want to do it RIGHT.

You might be wondering, “Do I have what it takes to host a profitable and impactful virtual summit?”

You want a solid plan that will work to triple your income and email list, while elevating you to an expert status and serving your audience well.

And you want a plan that will work whether you’re starting from 0 email subscribers or tens of thousands.

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Well, I have good news for you.

If those are the things you’re looking for, you’re in the right place.

I’m Krista, and I’m so incredibly excited to have you here in my virtual- summit-obsessed corner of the Internet.

In 2017, I created my own summit-hosting system and unexpectedly ended up tripling my monthly revenue, tripling the size of my email list, booking out my services for 6 months in advance, and becoming an industry “expert” as a result.

And guess what? I was not a big deal before this happened. I had less than 500 people on my email list and I was terrified to do podcast interviews, let alone host an event of my own.

Months later, my speakers, attendees, and coach finally convinced me to share my system. And now, I can’t get enough of seeing more not- yet-influencers transform their businesses and the impact they’re making with virtual summits.

I have to add here that these aren't summits full of slime.

If you’re looking to host a summit that’s all about you, where your speakers are playing second fiddle and you don’t want to interact with attendees more than you have to, I’m not the summit strategist for you.

The summits we host here start with connection. We focus on our attendees and speakers first and know that our own results will follow.

Around here, we’re also totally over hearing the phrase “summits don’t work”.

If you host a summit for everyone around a vague topic without a real sales strategy, nope, it won’t work. But when you do it the right way, the results will blow your goals out of the water.

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If it seems like I’m passionate about this, it’s because I most certainly am.

I changed my life and transformed my business through my first virtual summit (dramatic, I know) and I never thought I could do that.

I doubted my ability to pull it off every step of the way. Who was I, with my tiny audience, to run a virtual summit?

Luckily, I faced that fear and pulled off a summit that tripled my email list and brought in $16,000 in the process. Since then, I’ve hosted summits for a niche audience that have brought in up to $92,000.

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If little ‘ol WordPress developer Krista can pull that off, you can too. And I want to help because if I can help other business owners “make it”, well then I’ve made it.

And plus, nerding out about summit strategy is way too fun.

But before we can get into the nerdy summit strategies that will triple your monthly income and size of your email list, I need you to believe that you can do it.

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The thing is, if I hosted a profitable summit with a tiny audience and without being well-known in my industry, I KNOW you can too.

But if you’re not quite convinced, check out my free masterclass on the 3-part framework to triple your monthly revenue with a virtual summit (while building your list for free)


You are in SUCH good hands with Krista. I've followed her process, step-by-step, and I'm currently hosting a summit that has blown every last one of my goals out of the water. I'm currently at 2,960 registrations and more than $24,000 in revenue. Follow the process, it works!

- Heidi Thompson, Book More Weddings Summit Host

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Krista is my go-to in learning about the latest and best strategies in Summit production. She is the Queen of Summits with her Summit in a Box® signature program and provides top-performing strategies that have led my clients to 5 figure summits. If you're looking for top strategies, endless templates, and THE textbook for creating your own summit, then you need Krista!

- Nicole Ware, Executive Summit Producer

If we’re gonna be friends, you should know:

My guilty pleasures are ice cream and playing Homescapes.

If you ask about my hobbies, you’ll get a blank stare because
work = hobby.

I’m based in Wisconsin with my two little girls, husband, and two crazy cats.

I love work, but you won’t find me here or on social media on Sunday. That’s for Jesus and family.

Here at Summit in a Box®, we care about:

Genuine Connection

We focus on making real connections and helping when we’re able, whether that’s in our community, the inbox, on the podcast, or in our signature Summit in a Box® program. Unlike others in the summit-hosting space, we certainly aren’t too important to get back to you and give you a next step.

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Diverse + Inclusive Events and Spaces

The virtual summit space isn’t known for its diversity and we’re here to help change that. We are dedicated to doing our part to create events where people of all races, abilities, experience levels, and backgrounds are welcome and supported.

To support this, we lift up speakers who aren't seen in every lineup, will have 50%+ non-white podcast guests, inclusive payment plans and pricing, are actively working toward putting 30% of expenses toward black-owned businesses, are working towards a more diverse team, and are dedicated to showing that Black Lives Matter - not just saying it.

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The Surprise + Delight Factor

We get far too much energy from making others happy and offering extra support wherever we can. Our Summit in a Box® students can always expect us to go above and beyond to help them craft impactful (and profitable) events.

Sound good?

If all that sounds good to you, I’m so excited to have you here.

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to head to our free masterclass and learn about our 3-part profitable summit system. This training has changed the game (and raised confidence levels) for so many summit hosts and I want you to be next. See you there!