Hi! I'm Krista

I’m a virtual summit strategist obsessed with helping online business owners skyrocket their signature offer sales by hosting highly-profitable summits that blow industry standards out of the water.

Krista from Summit in a Box

I see you over there hustling hard to sell your game-changer of an offer.

You have a signature course, membership, or group program that sells… but you’re ready to see those sales skyrocket and get your offer into the hands of more people who need it.

You’ve been relying on slow-growth strategies like content creation, podcast interviews, and engaging on social media every. single. day. But those strategies don’t have nearly enough ROI for the amount of time and energy they take up.

You’re ready to replace those strategies with something more effective so you can finally hit your next level launch goal while increasing your impact and authority in the process.

Virtual summits have been on your mind, but you might be hesitant to take the leap because…

You’re worried about finding time to host a summit with everything else on your plate.

You’re not sure how a summit fit’s in with your bigger goals like selling your signature offer.

You want to make sure that if you prioritize hosting a summit, it'll be worth it.

You want to create a meaningful experience through your event and not just add more noise.

You only want to do it if you know you’re doing it RIGHT!

You might be wondering, “Can I really hit my next-level launch goal by launching with a virtual summit? ”

You want a solid plan that will work to quickly attract + nurture thousands of new warm leads, then seamlessly transition into selling your signature offer…

all while elevating your expert status and serving your audience well in the process.

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Well, I have good news for you.

If those are the things you’re looking for, you’re in the right place.

While planning for my first summit in 2017, there was little information about hosting summits available, and most of what I could find seemed misaligned with my goals and my audience. I decided to create my own summit-hosting system, and unexpectedly ended up making 4x my monthly revenue, tripling my email list, booking out my services 6 months in advance, and being recognized as an industry expert as a result.

It blew my mind, and if I’m being honest, I thought it might have been a one time fluke. But soon, others started asking me about my strategies and using them to host summits of their own that blew past all of their expectations.

Over the years, I’ve continued to host summits of my own, with my biggest bringing in $121,000 in revenue from the event itself. I’ve also evolved my strategies to incorporate course launches on the back end and use summits as a primary lead generator.

These days, I can’t get enough of helping my clients create similar life and business changing results by hosting wildly successful virtual summits that lead record breaking launches over and over again.

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Find out how we do it in our free Summit to Sales Training Series!

Learn how virtual summits can become your most effective lead generation strategy, cash injection method, and lead to a long-term, reliable increase in sales of your signature offer.


You won’t find any pitch-fests around here.

If you’re looking to host a summit that’s all about you, where your speakers play second fiddle and you don’t want to interact with your attendees more than you have to, let’s part ways now. I am not the summit strategist for you.

However, if you want to host an engaging event that creates an amazing experience for everyone involved, you are in the right place.

Our summit strategies start with connection. We focus on our speakers and attendees first, trusting that our own results will follow. (And they do.)

We are totally over hearing that
“summits don’t work.”

If you host a summit for a broad audience with a vague topic and no real sales strategy, then yeah. Of course it won’t work.

But when you do it the right way, the results will blow your goals out of the water.

We see this every day with our clients, who consistently use our strategies to host summits with 3x industry standard conversion rates that set them up for record breaking launches.

Don't just take it from me.

Check out the results our clients are getting…

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Hosting my first summit transformed my life and business in the best possible way. It may sound dramatic, but it’s true!

I’m reminded exactly how powerful virtual summits can be every single day as I see my clients host summits that get them off of the hamster wheel of endlessly pursuing slow-growth strategies and hit their next level launch goals.

And I want the same thing for you.

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To learn more, I’d love to send you an advanced private training I did recently to share the 3-part framework for replacing slow-growth marketing with a virtual summit that leads into your biggest course launch yet.

Since this is an advanced training for business owners who are successfully selling a course, membership, or group program, it’s only available once you apply to our Launch with a Summit Accelerator® program.

Apply today so I can send you your invite!


You are in SUCH good hands with Krista. I've followed her process, step-by-step, and I'm currently hosting a summit that has blown every last one of my goals out of the water. I'm currently at 2,960 registrations and more than $24,000 in revenue. Follow the process, it works!

- Heidi Thompson, Book More Weddings Summit Host

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Krista is my go-to in learning about the latest and best strategies in Summit production. She is the Queen of Summits with her Summit in a Box® signature program and provides top-performing strategies that have led my clients to 5 figure summits. If you're looking for top strategies, endless templates, and THE textbook for creating your own summit, then you need Krista!

- Nicole Ware, Executive Summit Producer

If we’re gonna be friends, you should know:

My guilty pleasures are ice cream and crocheting.

I love what I do and will always try to make our resources first in class. 

I’m based in Wisconsin with my two little girls, husband, and two cats.

I love work, but you won’t find me here on Sunday. That’s for Jesus and family.

Here at Summit in a Box®, we care about:

Genuine Connection

We focus on making real connections and helping when we’re able, whether that’s in our community, the inbox, on the podcast, or in the Launch with a Summit Accelerator®. We also take an engagement-based approach to summits that prioritizes community and meaningful connections through our events.

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Diverse + Inclusive Events and Spaces

The virtual summit space isn’t known for its diversity and we’re working to help change that. We are dedicated to doing our part to create events where people of all races, abilities, and backgrounds are welcome and supported.

To support this, we amplify speakers who aren't seen in every lineup, have 50%+ non-white guests on our podcast, and offer inclusive payment plans and pricing. We are also actively working toward building a more diverse team and spending 30% of business expenses with black-owned businesses. We are dedicated to not just saying that Black Lives Matter, but showing it.

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The Surprise + Delight Factor

We get far too excited about making others happy and offering extra support wherever we can. Our Launch with a Summit Accelerator® clients can always expect us to go above and beyond to help them craft impactful (and profitable) events.

If all that sounds good to you, I’m so excited to have you here.

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I would love to be your guide as you host a high converting virtual summit that leads to your biggest course launch yet.

For the highest level of support in bringing your virtual summit to life, apply to join us inside the Launch with a Summit Accelerator®.

This is where you’ll find all the strategies, systems, templates, resources and high-touch coaching and support to make your event a success.

When you apply, accepted applicants will get access to an advanced free training covering our 3-part framework to replace slow-growth marketing with a virtual summit (and finally hit your next-level launch goals).