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Behind the Scenes of Launching a New Program

Today, I share what made me go with a beta offer for the first time, why I launched with a webinar, the biggest

We're currently in a behind-the-scenes series where we're looking at how my team and business have evolved over the years. It's wild to look back and see how much things have changed from how things started out, to where they are now.

So far we've covered...

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Two Must-Have Pieces of Your Summit to See Record-Breaking Revenue

In this episode I'll break down two higher-level pieces that you need to pay attention to and how they influence the revenue generated through your summit.

One of the first things many people think about when they start planning for a summit is "How many registrations can I get?" And last week we talked about why getting as many registrations as possible isn't what matters.

The next thing people generally start to wonder is: "How much revenue can I make from my summit?" So this week we're going to talk about the two areas of your...

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Why I Don't Rely on One Marketing Strategy

Summits aren't my only strategy! Today, I'll break down why I don't rely only on summits, how I found my perfect mix of strategies, and how you can too.

Today's episode originally started as a comment on a Facebook Ad, and turned into a perfect segue into something fun we’ve got coming up next week!

So, let’s start with the backstory... I run a lot of Facebook ads, and I get a lot of angry comments from people who are mad that I'm running ads when I teach that summits work so well. It drives them nuts!

I finally started...

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Virtual Summits vs. Challenges: Why I won't stop doing either anytime soon

Ready for another marketing strategy showdown? 

In previous podcast episodes, we've compared bundles with summits and free summits with paid conferences. Today we’ll compare virtual summits to challenges! I ran one of each, just a few months apart, so the timing was perfect for doing a true head-to-head comparison.

On the surface, these strategies might look similar, but...

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Host a Bundle to Break Out of the Free-Content Cycle & Skyrocket Momentum with Kate Doster

Bundles are another great strategy to build your list, revenue, momentum, and connections, just like a summit, and the two can go hand-in-hand.

Why in the world would we be talking about hosting BUNDLES on the Summit Host Hangout Podcast?

While we focus on summits around here, we believe in the power of using multiple marketing strategies in combination with summits, and the truth is that bundles are another great strategy to build your list, revenue, momentum, and connections.  Hosting both summits and bundles can go...

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How to Choose Which Offer to Launch Through Your Summit

If you've got multiple offers that perform well in your business and want to know which one to launch through a virtual summit, this episode is for you!

Last week we talked about the three types of offers that work best when launching through a virtual summit, but if you've got multiple offers that perform well in your business - how do you know which one to launch with your event? 

In this episode, we'll cover the biggest misconception people have when it comes to choosing which of their offers to launch through a summit,...

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The Best Types of Offers to Launch Through a Virtual Summit

In this episode, we'll break down the 3 best types of offers to launch through a summit, plus what to do if you don't have one of them in your offer suite.

Which offer should I launch through my virtual summit?

We have this question come up a lot in conversation. Basically, the question is coming from a place of wanting to know if the type of offer you have works. And that’s totally natural to wonder about!

Launching through a summit is a powerful strategy for bringing in a flood of new members into your offer. I've seen successful...

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Why No One Bought the All-Access Pass for your Virtual Summit

Let's cover whether you can turn your summit around if you're currently seeing low all-access pass sales and the 5 most common reasons that no one is buying.

Your speakers are promoting, people are signing up for your summit, but when it comes to your all-access pass... are your attendees converting into buyers? 

We’re currently in part three of a four-episode series breaking down the most common points in the summit-hosting process where things go wrong. Each episode focuses on a different part of the process, and so far, we've covered...

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How Annual Virtual Summits Fit Into Your Marketing Strategy (and make everything else work even better)

Tune in to see exactly what a marketing strategy looks like with a summit included and how your business will just keep feeding itself once you have it down.

This is part 2 of a short series on the power of hosting repeat events, and today we’re focusing on how hosting regular summits fits into your marketing strategy, and makes everything else you do to market your business work even better.

By the end of this episode, you’ll understand:

  • Exactly what it looks like to include an annual summit in your marketing strategy....
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Build Excitement and Anticipation for Your Next Launch with Brenna McGowan

Learn a more strategic pre-launch strategy that builds excitement for your launch, increases natural interest, and allows for more space in buying decisions.

We’re rounding out our three-part series where I've been bringing in special guests who are experts on the course launch side of launching with a summit. We've heard about what's working in courses, we've learned about live versus evergreen launches, and today we're going to learn about creating anticipation for your offers before your launch.

I have loved this series so much...

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