Two Must-Have Pieces of Your Summit to See Record-Breaking Revenue

In this episode I'll break down two higher-level pieces that you need to pay attention to and how they influence the revenue generated through your summit.

One of the first things many people think about when they start planning for a summit is "How many registrations can I get?" And last week we talked about why getting as many registrations as possible isn't what matters.

The next thing people generally start to wonder is: "How much revenue can I make from my summit?" So this week we're going to talk about the two areas of your summit that you need to have in place in order to see record-breaking revenue.

And no, it’s not the all-access pass package, pricing, or sales strategy. It’s not anything to do with your offer or the way you launch it. And it’s not the surface-level answer of getting thousands of leads to the event.

Those things are of course important, but what we’re going to talk about today is even more foundational.

With this episode and the last one, I’m trying to shift the way you think about your summit away from the numbers little. When you're focused too much on the numbers like registrations and sales, it's easy to forget about the things that actually make the high numbers we're aiming for possible.

So let's dive in and look at two of the often-overlooked things that contribute to record-breaking revenue! 

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Your Revenue Really Depends On...

The first place I tend to see people freak out when it comes to not reaching their goal revenue numbers is when they’re not seeing the registrations they want come into their summit.

I see something along the lines of “Oh my gosh, no one is registering, my speakers aren’t promoting, what do I do?!”

I’ve been seeing this less in our programs over the past year or so because I added a lesson with a big stop sign that gives people an extra checkpoint to make sure they get this piece right before they continue.

But really, the number of registrations you get is going to depend on you having your dream speakers in your lineup.

Now, of course, this also assumes you’ve done everything else correctly, right? Your summit is positioned well, the registration page is awesome, and your promo copy is effective. These are all things we can help you within our Summit in a Box and Launch with a Summit Accelerator programs. So I’m assuming those pieces are there.

But if you didn’t bring on the right speakers, all of the work you put into the more obvious pieces won’t matter.

Landing Dream Speakers

So what goes into landing your dream speakers? You want to make it easy for them to want to say yes to you. You can do this by who you pick as speakers, the benefits they get by being a part of your event, the experience you give them, and the way you position your summit overall.

Need some resources to help? Check out these past episodes:

The speakers are where the leads come from. You can of course run ads and do other more involved things if you really want to, but I want your speakers to be the foundation. It’s one of the core strengths of a summit.

A Gold-Standard Summit Experience

Your speakers are where the leads come from, which is great. But like we talked about in the last episode, those leads aren’t going to do you an ounce of good if the gold-standard experience isn’t there.

I’ve signed up for some terrible summits...

  • Summits that weren’t engaging.
  • Summits that were a constant pitch.
  • Summits that were really of no value.

And that isn't what you want your summit experience to be.

Plan your experience with your attendees in mind every step of the way.

  • What transformation do you want them to get?
  • How can you get that for them?
  • How can you make it fun and interesting and engaging?

When the thousands of people your speakers are sending to your summit get excited, get engaged, and get a transformation, that's when the revenue comes in. When you deliver what you promised, or show them that you will, that’s when they’re willing to buy your all-access pass and join your signature offer. You need the speakers, and you need the experience.

When your speakers are set up to benefit and your attendees are set up to benefit, that’s when you get to benefit.

For a step-by-step of how to create a summit that fits into this cycle and gets you that record-breaking revenue, DM me the word SUMMIT on Instagram and we’ll talk about how we can get you there.



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In this episode I'll break down two higher-level pieces that you need to pay attention to and how they influence the revenue generated through your summit. In this episode I'll break down two higher-level pieces that you need to pay attention to and how they influence the revenue generated through your summit.

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