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So You Think You Should Host a Summit On Your Own?

You know you need Summit In A Box, but you want to try it on your own first. Here's why I want you to reconsider, and not for the reasons you might think!

I’ve thought about doing an episode on this topic many times, but I've always shied away from it because I want to come across as helpful and as someone who delivers a ton of value. I know I have incredible programs, but I never want to go over the top to sell them, and I want you to trust me to have your best interest in mind. 

So I’m guessing you can already see why an...

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How a Virtual Summit Uncovered the Perfect-Fit Audience and Offer with Kimberly Costa

Kimberly Costa shares insights from 3 virtual summits, her initial fears, results, audience insights, and unveils her 3-step digital product creation process!

Many summit hosts go into their first event already knowing exactly who they like to serve and how. But sometimes, a summit helps uncover a new direction that you didn't even know was possible!

In this episode, Kimberly Costa is taking us behind the scenes of 3 successful summits, and sharing how she learned exactly what offer she needed to create and which audience she needed to...

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Starting from Scratch: Hosting a Summit without an Existing Brand or Audience with Maggie Klaassens

Let's explore the world of hosting a virtual summit from the ground up. Our guest organized her first event without a brand, business, audience, or email list.

We're continuing our series on hosting a virtual summit as a newer online business owner with a special guest interview that is a must-listen if you're having any doubts about whether you're ready to host a virtual summit. 

Right now, you might be asking yourself...


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Can I Host a Virtual Summit as a New Business Owner?

Can you host a successful virtual summit as a new or aspiring business owner? Tune in to uncover the potential of virtual summits and gain actionable insights!

For the last 60 episodes of this podcast, we've been focusing primarily on summits for established business owners who have proven digital offers like courses, memberships, or other scalable programs. In that time we've been getting more and more questions from new business owners wondering if summits are something they can do. 

The truth is that as a new business owner, summits...

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Why You Didn't Make Any Course Sales After Your Last Summit

Have a

It can be a total letdown to get to the end of your summit and then not make any sales in the launch that follows your event. Especially if the primary reason for hosting a summit in the first place was to sell your course or signature offer! 

Launching through summits is the most powerful launch method I've ever experienced, but I know that's not always the case for...

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Why No One Bought the All-Access Pass for your Virtual Summit

Let's cover whether you can turn your summit around if you're currently seeing low all-access pass sales and the 5 most common reasons that no one is buying.

Your speakers are promoting, people are signing up for your summit, but when it comes to your all-access pass... are your attendees converting into buyers? 

We’re currently in part three of a four-episode series breaking down the most common points in the summit-hosting process where things go wrong. Each episode focuses on a different part of the process, and so far, we've covered...

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Why No One Signed Up for Your Virtual Summit

It's every summit host's worst nightmare.

You've done the work, you've landed the speakers, you've opened the doors...and...crickets.

I truly hope you never experience it, but the truth is, it can happen.

We are in the second part of a four-episode series that is breaking down the most common points in the summit-hosting process where things go wrong. If you're in the thick of it, you'll...

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Truly Get to Know Your Audience to Easily Sell Your Summit with Nadine Nethery

Nadine Nethery is here this week to share how you can get to know your audience to easily sell your summit. The good news: it's automated, easy, and high-impact!

This is part 2 of a two-part mini-series on how to position your virtual summit for high conversion rates and for profit. In the last episode, Our Messaging and Positioning Coach in the Accelerator Elli joined me to talk about how to choose your summit positioning and today, we're taking that further with my guest Nadine Nethery. Nadine is an audience-driven...

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A 4 Step Process for Positioning Your Summit for Success with Elli Runkles

Elli Runkles, our Client Success Coach in the Launch with a Summit Accelerator covers the 4-step process she uses with our clients. You won't want to miss this!

This week, I’ve got a very special guest with me today, Elli Runkles, who happens to be our marketing co-lead and Client Success Coach here at Summit in a Box! Elli is an overall genius when it comes to all things related to summit positioning, messaging, and copy. She also helps with the process of turning our podcast episodes into blog posts and noticed just how often I...

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Standing Out in a Crowded Niche + the Dynamics of Co-hosting with Amy Romeu + Jen Swift

Amy Romeu + Jen Swift share how they created a unique experience through their event positioning and took us behind the scenes of their co-hosting experience.

Summits in the crafting industry have been on the rise, and it's becoming harder to host an event that stands out. This week I'm excited to have two special guests on the podcast to talk about how they were able to make their event grab attention and create an incredibly unique experience through their event positioning that also worked to overcome a pain point their audience tends to...

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