"I don't have time to host a virtual summit"

timeline Aug 04, 2020

Dreaming of hosting a summit, but don't have the time to make it happen?

You're not alone! This is one of the biggest struggles I hear from up-and-coming summit hosts. You know a summit will skyrocket your revenue, email list, expert status, and industry connections, but your business is already too busy.

I'm breaking down my simple strategy to make a summit fit seamlessly into your business.

Consider what is working for you

We get so stuck in what we're doing, that we never take the time to stop and notice what is working well for us. We don't actually know what's worth our time.

When was the last time you stopped to notice what was working for you and what wasn't?

Instead of a crazy long to-do list that isn't getting you very far, what if the items on your to-do list were actually working towards a summit?

The same strategies that have left you stuck in place for months, are not getting that big of a return for you.

Look at your current to-do list

The first step to getting this under control is to look at what's currently on your to-do list.

It probably includes things like:

  • podcast interviews
  • writing a blog post
  • creating a new opt in
  • building a landing page for the opt-in
  • promoting the opt-in
  • writing a newsletter
  • engaging on social media
  • doing coffee chats

If that's the type of to-do list holding you back from hosting a summit, we need to make some tweaks. Most of these things will take years to see any return on, and it might not even be a big return, if at all!

Let's look at each item on that list again and, one-by-one, consider these two questions:

  • Is it making you money?
  • Is it growing your email list?
  • Are you making industry connections?

For most of us, the answer is "no". So what can we do instead?

Virtual summits create a big return

You aren't going to see much direct growth from your current to-do list (without a ton of ongoing consistency), but from a summit you could expect to see:

  1. three times (or more) your normal monthly revenue
  2. your email list increase by 2-3x
  3. connections with 20 or more industry leaders.

Those are the results we want to see from our to-do list!

Tweak your to-do list

You're saying that you don't have time for a summit, but I would argue that what you don't have time for are these slow growth or no growth to-do lists that aren't actually paying off.

All we need to do is tweak your to-do list!

The solution is simple. You know how to get things done. That's why you have that task list and why you've been able to start a business that's making money.

All we need to do is make your effort matter!

What to do instead

  • Instead of doing a podcast interview or a coffee chat, what if you do a summit interview instead with one of your speakers?
  • Instead of writing a blog post, what if you write your speaker pitch template?
  • What if you wrote a promotional email to send to your email list instead of creating a new opt-in?
  • What if you create a registration page for your summit instead of building an opt-in landing page?

Redirect that effort to something that actually counts! Create a very similar task that moves you towards that summit, and all the time you're spending on these tasks is suddenly so much more worth it.

Now you do have time for that summit!



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