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Creating Space + Owning My Offers in 2023

Rather than focus on numbers & launches, hear how I'll create space and own my offers in 2023 by letting go of what's not serving me and stepping into what is.

Instead of doing my typical annual goal setting that involves choosing launch dates, making revenue projections, and dreaming up all the new things I’m going to do in my business, I took a different approach this year.

It actually feels like I was forced to take a different approach because I’d filled my plate so full in December that I wasn’t able to slow down and make the...

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Top Takeaways from our December 2022 Virtual Summit

I'm excited to share my biggest takeaways from our event in December 2022. Hear about hosting a December summit, launching a high-ticket program, and more!

Now that I’ve had some time to reflect on our most recent run of Sell with a Summit: Course Creator Edition, I’m excited to share my top takeaways on the podcast this week!

After a 2+ year hiatus on hosting summits for this business, our December 2022 summit was long overdue. Even though we ran this same event back in 2020, and we’ve run several summits for a different...

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Why I Sold My 6-Figure Summit After 6 Profitable Events

Get a behind-the-scenes look at how I sold my original summit brand, what I think made it sellable, and even hear the buyer's side of the story!

We talk a lot about selling with a summit around here, but did you know you could actually sell the summit itself!?

In this week’s episode we’re diving into a bit of a different topic, because rather than teaching a strategy about how to host a great summit, I’m sharing the story of how I sold my original Simply Profitable Designer Summit brand after 6 profitable rounds of...

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B2C Virtual Summits: Behind the Scenes of the Biggest Party in the Crafting Industry with Abbi Kirsten

Snag a behind-the-scenes look at the wildly successful Cricut Craftfest Summit with Abbi Kirsten and what played the biggest role in the success of this event.

One thing that always surprises me is the assumption people often have that summits teaching people how to make money are the most successful. In my experience, while B2B summits can bring in incredible results, we tend to see higher numbers with B2C events.

Some of the most successful summits we’ve seen have been in the B2C industries, including my guest on the podcast this week. Not...

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Why Your Offer Needs to be Proven Before Launching with a Summit

I usually reference launching a proven offer with your virtual summit, and today we're going to break down why that is and my experiences with it.

Lately, we've been talking quite a bit about using a virtual summit to launch a scalable offer, like a course membership or group coaching program. When I've been talking about those things, you might have noticed me quickly reference launching not just any offer, but a proven offer, and today, I want to break down why that is.

One of the reasons I’m so passionate about using summits to...

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The Journey of Summit in a Box

For our 200th episode, I wanted to do something special to celebrate! So in this episode, I'm taking you behind the scenes of the journey of Summit in a Box.

This week marks the 200th episode of the Summit Host Hangout Podcast, and I honestly never dreamed I’d hit this milestone of 200 weekly episodes of this podcast!

I’m having a little moment of pride as I look back and think about all that has happened in the nearly 4 years of podcasting and documenting the Summit in a Box journey through these episodes. And this week, to celebrate,...

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Sell with a Summit: Course Creator Edition is BACK!

Sell with a Summit: Course Creator Edition is back for intermediate to advanced course creators who want to use a high-converting summit to scale their course sales.

Unless you’ve been around here for years, you probably don’t know that back in 2020, I co-hosted Sell with a Summit: Course Creator Edition with the wonderful Jenn Zellers of Virtual Summit Search.

You can go back to Episode 83 of the podcast to hear more details about that first run of this event, but to sum it up, when we co-hosted Sell with a Summit in 2020, I went in with...

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What Surprised Us Most About Hosting a Virtual Conference

Join Elli and me this week as we break this down and walk through each piece of what surprised us the most of putting on our first paid virtual event.

When I decided to host a paid conference, I knew it was going to be different than hosting a free summit, but I didn’t know how different it would be until getting into the weeds of the planning process.

Next week, I’m going to do a deep dive into all the differences between these two types of events, so keep an eye out for that in Episode 195. But this week, I wanted to talk...

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The 4 Keys that Allowed Me to Host a Virtual Summit on Part-Time Hours

I'm often asked how I

One of the number one things that hold people back from hosting a virtual summit is time. A summit is a big project, and when you already have a lot on your plate, the idea of fitting in a summit on top of everything else might seem impossible.

I get asked quite a lot about how I do it all, including running 2 businesses, hosting at least 1 summit/year, and having two kids under 4 years...

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Why We're Hosting a Paid Conference Instead of a Free Summit

Join me in a behind-the-scenes episode as I share why we're hosting a paid conference, my goals with it, and who I believe paid events are the best fit for.

After 185 episodes talking about how powerful free virtual summits are, I've got something a little different for you. This week, I’m going to surprise everyone and talk about why we are hosting our first PAID conference.

Up to this point, I’ve hosted 7 free summits and honestly never really thought I’d give paid events another try. But here we are, and we’ll...

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