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Introducing Sell With A Summit: Course Creator Edition!

Are you a course creator who likes the sound of hitting your biggest course launch ever with a virtual summit in 90 days?

If so, I've got a fun announcement for you today. It's finally time for Summit in a Box to host a summit all about summits, and this one is just for course creators!

If you're IN and don't need any more info, head on over here to grab your free ticket!

The backstory

When I...

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Comparison of Free vs Paid Summits with Cara Harvey

Some summits offer free registration, while some are paid. But which one is best?

I've only ever run free summits, so I brought in Cara Harvey of A Purpose Driven Mom to give us the inside scoop of the results she's seen running both free and paid summits.

We'll cover:

  • What Cara's various summit formats have looked like
  • The juicy details of the results she's seen
  • What her recommendation is...
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From MVP to Membership to Epic Program: The Launch Method I Used to Create Summit in a Box!

This episode is coming to you thanks to getting a lot of questions about how I launched my new Summit in a Box program. Once my friend Zoe asked if I had any resources on the method I used, I decided it was time to make something, so here we are!

In this bonus episode of the Summit Host Hangout podcast, I'm sharing a behind the scenes look at how I went from minimum viable product to...

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Behind The Scenes Of My March 2020 Virtual Summit

My 4th virtual summit is in the books and I can't wait to share these results with you!

In this behind the scenes post, we'll cover how my latest virtual summit was set up, the goals I had, the results, lessons learned, and more. We'll even cover how my results differed from my last summit and what I think caused those changes.

An overview of my virtual summit

Let's kick things...

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056: Fears I Had Before, During, & After My First Summit

Having some fears about hosting your summit? Trust me, I get it.

In this episode, I'll break down the 4 biggest fears I ran into with my first summit and one that I still deal with today.

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How to Launch a Membership Through a Virtual Summit with Lee Chaix McDonough

Hosting a virtual summit is a great way to grow your email list and make some extra income, but it becomes even more impactful when you can use it to set you up for additional growth as well.

Launching a membership or growing an existing membership as a part of your summit strategy is an incredibly powerful approach. 

Lee Chaix McDonough is a prime example of this, as she used her...

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047: Behind The Scenes Of A Simple And Successful First Summit with Hannah Murphy

I love a good behind the scenes episode and I know you do too!

In this episode we're chatting with Hannah Murphy about her experience with her first summit. We dive into everything from the results she saw to her tech choices and everything in between. This is one you won't want to miss!


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035: Evolving Your Summit Over Time with Liz Wilcox

In this episode, Liz Wilcox is taking us behind the scenes of what it has been like to host 3 summits alongside 3 co-hosts.

We're talking about everything from how the event and offer have evolved over the years to how to help an audience not familiar with online summits understand how it all works.


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028: BTS Of Launching An Online Summit With A Newborn In The Mix

Curious about what it looked like to launch my first summit with a newborn in tow and whether I recommend it? I'm giving a behind the scenes look at how I did it and getting honest about whether it's something I recommend in this episode.


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Hey, welcome to...

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My Story of Self-Doubt Leading Up To My First Virtual Summit

Self-doubt tends to make it's way to the front of your mind when it comes time to host a virtual summit. And I know this because even though I am here teaching you about virtual summits, I've struggled with the same exact thing.

Today, we are going to cover things like how I struggled with self-doubt before my first summit, how that self-doubt really compared to reality, what moving past...

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