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What To Outsource In Your Virtual Summit

There's a lot that goes into hosting a virtual summit and the best way to lighten the load is to outsource. Let's cover what to outsource in your virtual summit!

There are a lot of tasks that go into hosting a virtual summit and one of the best ways to lighten the load is to outsource where you can. To help, today we're covering what to outsource in your virtual summit.

Specifically, we'll cover whether you have to outsource, what the summit dream team looks like, what I recommend you do and don't outsource, and how I create systems for my team to...

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"I don't have time to host a virtual summit"

Is your business already too busy? Here’s a simple strategy to fit a virtual summit into your business when you just don’t have time.

Dreaming of hosting a summit, but don't have the time to make it happen?

You're not alone! This is one of the biggest struggles I hear from up-and-coming summit hosts. You know a summit will skyrocket your revenue, email list, expert status, and industry connections, but your business is already too busy.

I'm breaking down my simple strategy to make a summit fit seamlessly into your business.

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Avoid Overwhelm In Your Virtual Summit Planning

Overwhelmed with trying to plan your virtual summit? I get it!

So many people begin the summit planning process and struggle to get past the first few steps because they end up overwhelmed by the entire process.

To help, we're going to break down 4 steps to avoiding overwhelm in your summit planning and creating a timeline you can actually stick to.

Step 1: Stop looking at it as...

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030: Make Room For A Summit (In Your Already Full Business) with Ashley Gartland

Wondering how you can possibly make time for a summit when your schedule is already full? I've brought in Ashley Gartland to cover 3 simple steps for making room for a summit without overwhelm.

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How Long Does It Take To Plan A Virtual Summit?

How long does it take to plan an online summit? We'll cover it in this episode along with an overview of the big picture tasks you'll want to complete along the way.


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As a woman who owns a business, I get asked a lot of questions. Like about...

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