Manage Your Time to Launch a Virtual Summit as a Side Hustler with Kari Roberts

Learn how to host a virtual summit as a side-hustler without the stress. This 3-step process is about to make your summit prep go a whole lot more smoothly.

You know a virtual summit is a great way to grow your email list, boost revenue, and get your name out there, but how do you fit it in along with an already busy side-hustle?

It's all about how you manage your time.

Today, Kari Roberts is here to share how she hosted a summit without stressing herself out as a side-hustler and how you can do it too.

Her 3-step process is about to make your summit prep go a whole lot more smoothly!

I’ll let Kari take it from here!

Hosting a Virtual Summit as a Side-Hustler

Making the Time for a Summit

When it comes to making time for a virtual summit as a side-hustler, you'll need to get creative as well as be super clear on your priorities.

For example, before I decided to host a summit I started a podcast. To make it work in my limited free time, I decided to: 

  • Stop blogging and focus on my podcast.
  • Batch podcast recordings to condense time.
  • Create a 5-month timeline so I always knew what was next.
  • Worry about one day and one step at a time.

When it came to my summit I did less prioritizing and made my business a bigger priority in my life for a short time.

Before I began summit planning, I didn’t work my side-hustle during nights or weekends. But while I was putting the summit together I chose to use that time to get things done.

I also took on fewer clients and used the time I would have focused on my clients, to focus on summit planning instead.

3 Steps to Manage Your Limited Time

When planning a summit, while maximizing your limited time, there are 3 steps to take:

  1. Know who’s on your team. Are you going to DIY from beginning to end or outsource where you can? If you’re going to DIY it, give yourself more time than you think you need, since it will take you longer with limited time. If you’re going to outsource, it can save you time but will cost money. So keep in mind, you're going to spend time or you're going to spend money. And that's okay!
  2. Map out your process. Once you know who’s on your team, figure out what each person is going to do. Before I bought Summit in a Box, I knew there were tasks I was going to outsource to someone else. Map out your plan and build in wiggle room, knowing that stuff comes up and life happens.
  3. Set due dates. It’s not a goal without a due date. If it doesn’t have a due date, you can’t measure it and it can’t be repeated. Know which tasks need a hard due date, such as when the speaker presentations need to be turned in, and which can be more flexible and pushed out if necessary. Once you choose the dates, have integrity with those dates and hold yourself accountable.

Kari’s Biggest Takeaway

When you're adding a big project to a side-hustle, it all comes down to making a realistic plan that you can follow.

Look at the other things you’re doing in the time you have available. Set your summit hosting goals and make yourself a plan with extra wiggle room.

From there, create a plan and take it one day at a time.

About Kari

Kari Roberts is a business coach for women who have full-time jobs and want to start or grow their service-based businesses. She helps them figure out time management and systems that allow them to grow their business while still having enough time and energy for work, business, and home life.

Her business advice has been featured on VoyageATL Magazine, The Rising Tide Society, The Speak to Scale Podcast, Creative at Heart Conference, and more. Kari is the host of the Side Hustle Freedom Podcast and the creator and host of Overwhelmed to Organized the Summit.

When she isn’t being a “serial helper” through one of her businesses she enjoys watching sports with her husband, walking in the park with her 2 dogs, listening to podcasts, sampling tasty bourbons, and catching up on reality TV.

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