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Thought Process, Experiments, and Strategy Behind Our Upcoming Virtual Summit

I'm sharing the strategy behind my upcoming event, results I'm expecting, how I'm tying in our offers, the purpose behind bringing in a partner, and more.

We're working on our next summit and for the first time ever, we're hosting a summit for membership site owners! I always want my events to go well, but I also use them as a chance to experiment with new strategies to see what's working NOW in the virtual summit space.

And this time, I'm doing something new and taking you behind the scenes of an event we haven't even hosted yet!  ...

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How a Sponsor Added $60k in High-Ticket Sales Using MY Virtual Summit with Shannon Mattern

My summit's presenting sponsor talks about how we launched her high-ticket program after my summit, results she saw, and how they compared to her other launches.

We’ve been talking more and more about using a virtual summit to launch a course, membership, or high-ticket group program lately. People tend to take my word for it that this strategy works for a course or membership, but I do get questions about it working for higher-priced programs. People are skeptical that a free event can really work to sell a high-ticket program. They wonder...

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Behind the Summit #8: Organize and Incorporate Virtual Summit Sponsor Activations

See how I keep my sponsorship activations organized and how the process is going, my final speaker lineup, speaker communication, and final website updates.

This week, we're continuing with the Behind the Summit series, where I'm sharing the behind-the-scenes of my summit planning process in real-time as I prepare for my next event. 

Registration for the summit is drawing near, which means I've had a heavy focus on organizing and incorporating my sponsor activations into the event. 

I finally got all of my sponsor information this week,...

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Behind the Summit #5: Landing Virtual Summit Sponsors

This week's behind-the-scenes episode talks about how I secured my first $8k in summit sponsors with another $4-6k potentially in the works, without pitching!

If you’ve been following along with my summit planning journey, you know that I had no plans to pursue sponsors for my summit this time around. 

The last time I tried to get sponsors for one of my summits, I didn’t have much success, and I didn’t enjoy the process. So I wasn’t planning to try again. 

I was expecting this week of summit planning to be pretty...

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How to Create Feel-Good Virtual Summit Sponsorships with Chelsea Clarke

Learn the secret behind creating feel-good brand sponsorships for your virtual summit and how Chelsea Clarke landed $15k with them in her very first summit.

Landing sponsors for your virtual summit doesn't have to be complicated or feel slimy. It can be an experience that feels great for you and your sponsors while presenting incredible resources to your attendees.

Chelsea Clark is here this week to share her experience and how, in her very first summit, she landed $15k in summit sponsorships without uncomfortable sales calls or slimy...

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Working with Virtual Summit Sponsors with Anchen le Roux

Anchen le Roux is joining us to share how she saw a 16% all-access pass conversion rate with her virtual summit and more than doubled that revenue with sponsors.

Sponsorships are an incredible way to cover summit expenses, provide extra resources for attendees, and add some great social proof to your event. 

But, I get it. Pursing sponsors can be intimidating and feel out of reach for many first-time summit hosts. I'm excited to tell you that it's totally possible!

To help, I brought in Anchen of Simply Digital Design...

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The Basics of Virtual Summit Sponsorships with Quiana Murray

Let's cover the basics of virtual summit sponsorships including whether you should have them, how to pitch, and how much to charge.If you're like me, you have no idea where to begin with sponsorships for your virtual summit. You know they can be beneficial and help bring in money to make your summit thrive and reach more attendees, but how do you approach sponsorships?

This week we're chatting with Quiana Murray about all things sponsorships.

We cover everything from:

  • how to decide if you should have sponsors,
  • how to...
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