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When Business and Summit Strategies Make Someone Question Your Ethics

No matter how careful you are, you're going to get negative feedback at some point in your business journey. Hear how I keep it from derailing me - usually!

A while back I asked members of our Summit Host Hangout Facebook group what questions they wanted me to answer on the podcast, and when I saw this question it was an instant addition to my list! Abigail asked, "What do you do when someone questions your ethics?" 

I'm so excited to dive into this one, because I've dealt with this plenty over the years in varying capacities,...

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How a Virtual Summit Raised $25k for a Meaningful Cause with Hunter Donia

Many of you out there want to use a summit to not only to grow your business, but to make an impact. Our guest this week shares how he did just that and more!

I know there are so many of you who want to use a summit not only to grow your business but to make an impact. 

A summit on its own, when done well, will naturally have a positive impact on those involved, but sometimes you want to take that impact even further.

I have a beautiful example of how the impact of a summit can expand beyond the event itself on the podcast this week. Hunter...

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Find What Works and Create Your Evergreen Ecosystem with Mariah Coz

Hear about creating offers that make sense for what you teach, making sure your offers work together, and giving yourself space to try different launch methods.

This week, we're taking a break from talking about summits all day, every day, and starting a three-part series where I'm bringing in special guests who are experts on the course launch side of launching with a summit.

Over the next three episodes, we'll cover topics such as:

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Neurodivergence and Virtual Summits with Megan Griffith

Megan Griffith, founder of Neurodivergent Magic, talks about neurodivergence in virtual summits and making summits more accessible for neurodivergent attendees.

We're wrapping up our series that started as virtual summits for high-volume business owners and totally morphed into a series about infusing your values, making a difference, and just being a good human when it comes to hosting summits. I love the transformation of this series, and I hope you've found it valuable too! 

In the last episode, I said we were going to round out this...

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8 Ways to Make a Difference Through Your Virtual Summit

Let's cover 8 ways you can make a difference through your virtual summit from donating to causes you care about to highlighting new people and so much more.

We're back this week with another episode in our series about virtual summits for high-volume business owners, that is business owners who need a relatively high volume of leads to hit their sales goals. These last few episodes have sort of transformed into a series-within-a-series about how to host a value-aligned, people-focused, difference-making virtual summit, which was an accident, but...

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Exploring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Virtual Summits with Erica Courdae

Join me in an eye-opening discussion as we talk about integrating your values into a summit, diversity, equity, inclusion, and how it affects your speakers.

We're currently in a series about virtual summits for high-volume business owners, that has kind of morphed into a sub-series about making an impact and infusing your values through your event.

We're going to continue that today with a special guest who is going to challenge all of us with the way we integrate our values into our summits and run equitable events. Some of the things...

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Infuse Your Values into Your Virtual Summit

Let's talk about the importance of infusing your values into your event with examples of different values you might want to highlight through a summit and how.

We’re currently in a series about virtual summits for high-volume business owners, that is business owners who need a relatively high volume of leads to hit their sales goals. Today in Episode 216, we are building on our last episode, which was all about expanding your body of work in increasing your impact with the virtual Summit, by talking about how you can infuse your values into...

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Expand Your Body of Work and Increase Your Impact with a Virtual Summit

Tune into this episode to hear 5 ways that you might desire to make an impact and then I'll break down how a summit will help you make it happen.

We're currently in a series about virtual summits for high-volume business owners, that is business owners who need a relatively high volume of leads to hit their sales goals, such as course creators, membership site owners, and high-ticket program coaches.

Today, I'm so excited to talk about a benefit of virtual summits that I have truly never really hit on before, and that is how you can...

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B2C Virtual Summits: A Values-Driven Summit for a Budget-Conscious Audience with Bryson Tarbet

My guest this week worked through questions around how his audience would receive a virtual summit and hosted a values-driven event that made a lasting impact.

No matter what audience your business serves, you've probably run into questions around whether or not a summit is a good idea or would work for your specific niche.

Will they like what I created? Will they be mad that I'm trying to make money while I help them? Will they buy my all-access pass?

For more budget-conscious audiences, these questions can be enough to make you wonder whether a...

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My Biggest Fears the First Time I Launched a Premium Course Through a Virtual Summit

I share the 5 biggest fears I had before launching a premium course through a summit for the first time, plus 1 fear that I should've paid more attention to!

Because I teach about summits, many people assume that none of the normal mindset issues that tend to come up with summits apply to me, but that is so not the case!

I’ve talked about some of my mindset challenges before, like my story of self-doubt leading up to my first summit and also when I shared fears I had throughout the process with my first summit. But the truth is, I...

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