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Self-Sabotage and Your Virtual Summit with Ashley Beaudin

Hosting a virtual summit is intimidating and self-sabotage is common. Go from self-sabotage to self-support and go on to host a successful event with these tips!

We can talk about virtual summit strategy all day, but if you end up in your own way throughout the planning process, that strategy isn't going to as helpful as it could be.

In this post and podcast episode, we're joined by Ashley Beaudin where we'll talk about self-sabotage and how that can show up in your virtual summit. We're digging into the good stuff by covering:

  • The 8 types...
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Fears I Had Before, During, & After My First Summit

Hosting a virtual summit can bring up a lot of fear and imposter syndrome. Trust me, I get it. I'm breaking down fears I’ve run into one that I still deal with.

Having some fears about hosting your summit?

Trust me, I get it. And you aren’t alone!

In this episode, we’re going to cover:

  • where I was at when I started planning my first summit
  • the different stages that really freaked me out throughout the planning process
  • how they each turned out and how I pushed through them
  • what had me feeling a little freaked out after the summit was over...
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Managing Live Video For Your Virtual Summit As An Introvert

Are you an introvert who doesn’t love live video? It’s an important part of hosting a virtual summit, but it’s possible to manage it effectively. Here’s how!We know that live video is an important part of running an engaging summit and warming up a cold audience quickly. However, as an introvert, you might find live video more draining than many hosts out there.

To help, in this episode we'll cover:

  • whether I think live video is necessary for a summit
  • what pieces of live video go into your event
  • how to effectively manage those pieces as an...
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How to How A Virtual Summit As An Introvert

Being an introvert shouldn’t hold you back from growing a business and you *can* host a virtual summit as an introvert. Here’s how to use it to your advantage!



Being an introvert shouldn’t hold you back from growing a business and you *can* host a virtual summit as an introvert. 

There are hundreds of tasks that are perfectly suited for introverts when you plan your summit. 

We're going to cover:

  • why I don't think being an introvert is a reason to avoid hosting a summit
  • what you can do differently to account for your...
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7 Steps to Get Out Of Your Own Way + Host Your Summit with Leanne Chesser

Is fear holding you back from hosting your summit? Let’s cover 7 steps to shift your unconscious stories and host your virtual summit with confidence.

Is fear holding you back from hosting your summit? It can be scary to do something big and new and put yourself out there in front of hundreds of people.

In this episode with Leanne Chesser, we'll cover 7 simple steps to shift your unconscious stories and host your first online summit with confidence.

I'll let Leanne take it from here!

Host Your Virtual Summit with Confidence

Getting in...
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Overcoming Self-doubt and Planning Your Summit With Kaitlyn Kessler


Self-doubt isn’t helpful in summit planning, but it’s bound to come up. Here’s how to overcome self-doubt and increase your confidence, starting today!

If self-doubt has you stuck when it comes to planning your online summit, you'll love this interview with Kaitlyn Kessler.

In it we talk about how confidence leads to clarity and super actionable steps you can take to increase your confidence, starting today!

I'll let Kaitlyn take it from here.

How Kaitlyn Helps Clients Overcome Self-Doubt 

If you have heard of me, you probably...

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My Story of Self-Doubt Leading Up To My First Virtual Summit

Self-doubt is inevitable when it comes time to host a virtual summit. Here’s my self-doubt journey and how it compared to the reality of my first event.

Self-doubt tends to make its way to the front of your mind when it comes time to host a virtual summit. And I know this because even though I am here teaching you about virtual summits, I've struggled with the same exact thing.

Today, we are going to cover things like how I struggled with self-doubt before my first summit, how that self-doubt really compared to reality, what moving past...

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