Overcome Resistance and Imposter Syndrome in Your Virtual Summit Planning with Alecia St. Germain

confidence guest expert Apr 30, 2024

In this episode, guest Alecia St. Germain pulled back the curtain on what's behind that resistance and imposter syndrome and helped it all make sense.

I've coached hundreds of summit hosts and rarely see someone who makes it through the entire process without running into resistance at least somewhere along the way.

Sometimes, it shows up as resistance to even getting started with the hosting a summit in the first place. I'll hear things like, "I definitely want to join your program and host a summit, but I'll come back when I feel ready."

Other times, the resistance shows up right before reaching major milestones in the summit-hosting process such as pitching speakers or opening registration.

Even as someone who has coached hundreds of clients on their summits and hosted all kinds of my own events, I still run into that resistance myself when planning a summit! 

This week, we're going to talk about the different ways that resistance can show up with Alecia St. Germain, who has such an amazing summit story to share with you about how she overcame the resistance and imposter syndrome that showed up as she was planning her event.

You're going to hear about...

  • Previous summits that didn't quite bring the revenue she was looking for
  • How her summit, and working with us, gave her the courage to niche down into a new audience
  • How she approached goal setting and showing up as a leader in hosting her summit
  • And more!

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[1:30] Alecia starts off by telling us about how she started her business as a trainer in the real estate industry, and she saw so many people learning strategies, but not putting them into action. Her business is all about helping entrepreneurs uncover the unconscious system of self-protection they've created to feel safe in this world, that's actually working against them.

I've had a really interesting journey. I've taken some left turns, and I would have to say the that the Launch with a Summit Accelerator, I feel like was the missing link that I needed to click everything in place.

[6:48] When Alecia was working in her real estate niche, all of the programs out there focused on strategy, and mindset work wasn't taught or talked about much at all. She knew it would be an uphill battle to educate people in this niche on why they need this kind of work. Then she discovered the online business world of business owners who loved the mindset and transformational work. She thought, "These are my people!" She decided to pivot, and that's when she hosted her first summit.

I have met some of my best friends from reaching out to them to as summit speakers!

[7:33] Alecia followed a different approach for her first several summits, and she loved connecting with speakers and the audience, but the summit didn't gain much traction in her business. Launching stopped working. She knew she had to do something different and needed to revamp her summit, and that's when she came to work with us in the Launch with a Summit Accelerator program

[10:20] One of her first big takeaways after starting to work with us was realizing that her lower summit numbers weren't "bad" and that what she was doing was working well for the audience she was focusing on. But she needed to niche her summit down further rather than focusing on all online entrepreneurs if she wanted to grow. She decided to niche down and go back to her roots serving the real estate industry, but she had to shift her mindset around it first in order to move forward.  

After deciding on the real estate niche, old mindsets and wounds from the dog eat dog, super competitive real estate world started to come back. I figured out I had this imposter syndrome around who I thought I was supposed to serve and the guilt around my previous niche. But I remembered that I had started my business to serve, and I made some hard decisions and really owned my space.

[16:03] From there we talked about Alecia's summit model and how the strategies she was following previously differed from what she did with her most recent summit. The registrations for her previous events were pretty similar, but the revenue was much higher this time around, and she credits the changes she made to her summit positioning and format to her success.

[19:46] We couldn't have Alecia on the podcast without asking her to share from her experience as a leadership and personal development coach. Because there's a lot of this that goes into summits that people don't expect going in. Alecia shared that imposter syndrome, which shows up a lot for summit hosts, really has three main components: perfectionism, expectations, and what people will think. Even Krista had fears around her first summit!

You could talk to multimillionaires, and they still have imposter syndrome! I don't think any of us are immune to this. I don't think you ever arrive, you just keep getting better. As long as you're giving people the best of what you have, at this moment, we're all on this journey of  figuring it out. And it's very helpful if we can stop judging ourselves and others, and just realize that this is a whole learning process.

[24:34] Alecia rounds out this episode by sharing how resistance is still showing up for her as she's currently in the process of planning her 6th summit. Pitching speakers and reaching out to new people is where she faces the biggest resistance, but she knows where it stems from and how to work past it and keep moving forward with her events. 

 Whatever your thing is that causes resistance for you, number one, have compassion for yourself. Know that this resistance is something that your brain learned a long time ago about how to keep you safe. And so it's there for a really nice reason, but it's just not helping you now. And you could say, "Okay, thank you brain, I appreciate that, but it's more important to me to get my mission out there. It's more important for me to build this business."  


About Alecia

Alecia St. Germain is a Certified Immunity to Change Coach, Soul Purpose Oracle, and founder of The Conscious Edge – a leadership and personal development company focused on empowering entrepreneurs to build soul-aligned businesses without the burnout.

After training more than 10,000 real estate entrepreneurs, Alecia understands that investment and business strategies are only one part of creating wealth and happiness.

Merging methodologies of modern science and ancient wisdom, she helps her clients get rid of their self-sabotaging tendencies such as overworking, analysis paralysis, and people-pleasing.

Nothing lights Alecia up more than seeing her clients confidently shatter their income ceilings, reclaim their time, and step boldly into their roles as leaders of their lives and businesses.

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In this episode, guest Alecia St. Germain pulled back the curtain on what's behind that resistance and imposter syndrome and helped it all make sense.In this episode, guest Alecia St. Germain pulled back the curtain on what's behind that resistance and imposter syndrome and helped it all make sense.

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