Course creators, group program sellers, and high-volume online educators

We're experiencing a shift in the online business industry where once-reliable strategies are no longer working to generate the volume of leads necessary to sustain an online business.
This exclusive collection of workshops will give you the motivation, tools, and education you need to ride the wave and successfully scale your course, membership, or group program sales with virtual summits. Don't miss it!


Learn how to host a life-and-business-changing virtual summit that fills your funnel with high-quality leads and fuels your signature offer sales for months and years to come.


  • Generating a high-volume of leads to fuel sales for your course, membership, group program, or other scalable offer
  • Replacing strategies that aren't cutting it with one virtual event that brings in thousands of high-quality leads at once
  • Leveraging relationships and building an engaged community without hustling to fill your calendar with JV webinars and bundles or relying on word of mouth
  • Hosting a profitable virtual summit to warm up thousands of leads quickly and seamlessly transition into a record-breaking signature offer launch

Then this workshop collection is for you!

Ditch the costly and unreliable strategies for generating the leads you need. It's time for something new!

No more watching ad dollars go to waste, spending hours on social media with little to show, creating hours of content that doesn't reach enough people, or hustling to build your network to bring in a trickle of affiliate sales. Replace the strategies that are no longer cutting it with a virtual summit that brings in thousands of leads, warms them up quickly, and naturally transitions to a record-breaking signature offer launch.


Get into the mindset needed to show up, serve, and get paid on an industry leader level.


Use feel-good, engagement-based strategies to host a strategically positioned, high-converting event.


Generate thousands of high-quality leads from your summit, and use the momentum for your biggest launch yet.

Get an inside look at exactly what's working now for high-volume business owners.

Our clients are reaching their highest income months and launches ever. This exclusive workshop collection will show you what they're doing that's working NOW.

Learn the keys to hosting a life-changing summit in just a few hours of jam-packed videos.

Cut the learning curve and bust through limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

Watch the workshops instantly when you enroll and enjoy at your own pace.

Look behind the scenes of successful B2B and B2C virtual summits and their hosts.


I hosted my first virtual summit back in 2018, and it completely shifted the trajectory of my business. That first summit tripled my email list, 4x'd my monthly revenue, and booked out my services for six months in advance. Since then, I've gone on to host 6 more profitable summits, with my personal best bringing in $121K in revenue from the event alone.

I've spent the last four years sharing my summit strategies and helping hundreds of online business owners host life-and-business-changing virtual summits with conversion rates that consistently blow industry standards out of the water and create an amazing experience for everyone involved. With these exclusive workshops, I'll show you how you can too.


Many people assume that virtual summits had reached their peak back in 2020, but that's not what we're experiencing with our clients. The online business industry experienced an unprecedented boom when we were stuck at home and everything went online, but that was just the beginning. For those that are leveraging the power of virtual summits to build their funnels, build their communities, and elevate their authority as industry leaders, the boom is still going stronger than ever.

Many online business owners are struggling to keep going as the industry changes, but our clients are experiencing the exact opposite. It's all thanks to their incredible virtual summits that create life-and-business-changing results by providing meaningful opportunities for their speakers and transformational experiences for their attendees.

Some of our clients reach the 6-figure mark through the summit revenue alone, others achieve 6-figures in combined summit + course launch revenue, and others are using summits to fuel their 6-figure businesses with leads and revenue that bring long-term sustainable business results.

The 6-Figure Summits Virtual Conference will show you exactly what goes into making these results happen. You'll learn the mindset, the tools, and the strategies, so you can host a virtual summit that fills your funnel with high-quality leads and fuels your signature offer sales for months and years to come.

Learn how to host a life-and-business-changing virtual summit

Fill your funnel with high-quality leads and fuel your signature offer sales for months and years to come.

Workshop #1: The Virtual Summit Shift

Learn the shifts that are happening in the online business industry that have made summits more effective than ever before.

  • What this shift means for you
  • 9 reasons that virtual summits are THE strategy your business is waiting for
  • How summits compare to challenges, bundles, webinars, and more. PLUS where each of those pieces fits in your funnel
  • Why NOW is the time to embrace the opportunity and host your high-converting summit
Workshop #2: The Magic Formula for 6-Figure Summits

Uncover the formula that goes into hosting a 6-figure summit.

  • Learn the Stacked Summit Monetization strategy that plays a huge role in our clients seeing 3x industry standard results from their events!
  • Get a real look into why 6-figure summits are a *mindset*
  • Learn the 3 key pieces that go into a summit that will change the trajectory of your business
  • See true ROI of adding a virtual summit as a core piece of your business strategy
Workshop #3: 6-Figure Summit Planning, Goal Setting, and Vision

Put what you've learned into action and make a plan for bringing your 6-figure summit to life.

  • Map out the big-picture vision for the impact your summit will have. Dream big and think far beyond the immediate income and list growth
  • Set goals that will inspire you to aim high, rather than burn you out
  • Make plans to host a life-changing summit on a timeline that will work for you, your speakers, and your audience
  • Uncover 5 keys to enjoying the summit-hosting journey
Bonus: Summit Positioning That Makes Bank + Hot Seats

Learn how to choose the perfect summit positioning that leads to a profitable event.

  • Why positioning is so important to your summit success
  • How to choose the right positioning for your event
  • Hot-seat coaching sessions where you’ll get to see real, live examples of what it looks like to nail down your profitable summit positioning
Bonus: Busting Limiting Beliefs Expert Panel

Hear from 4 of our clients on how they successfully launched profitable virtual summits, despite many of the same mindset blocks you're experiencing right now.

  • Exactly what held each of them back or brought up anxious feelings through the process of planning their event
  • How they navigated those limiting beliefs and went on to host successful events
  • The lasting effects virtual summits have had on their businesses
  • The #1 tip each of them have for you
Bonus: Tell-All Q&A with Accelerator Clients

Hear the juicy behind-the-scenes secrets that go into bringing successful summits to life - directly from our clients!

  • See the wide range of lead acquisition and launch strategies they'd tried before and what made them eventually turn to a virtual summit.
  • Hear from two hosts about what they're experiencing days before their summits begin
  • Learn about what each panelist has launched through their event - from low-priced memberships and courses, mid-tier courses, to a high-ticket group program
  • Get behind-the-scenes details on how one host landed a $3k sponsorship during her first summit


Establish your industry-leader status, build an engaged community, and attract thousands of high-quality leads by hosting a 6-Figure Summit.

There is a unique opportunity for those who are willing to think outside the box, create multiple mutually-beneficial opportunities, and provide transformational experiences that are needed now more than ever as we all ride the waves of change in 2022 and beyond.
Will you answer the call?


  • Ongoing Access to the actionable workshops and bonus sessions
  • Workshop #1: The Virtual Summit Shift
  • Workshop #2: The Magic Formula for 6-Figure Summits
  • Workshop #3: 6-Figure Summit Planning, Goal Setting, and Vision Workshop
  • Bonus #1: Summit Positioning That Makes Bank + Hot Seat Coaching Sessions
  • Bonus #2: Busting Limiting Beliefs Expert Panel
  • Bonus #3: Tell-All Q&A with Accelerator Clients
  • A Workbook where you can brainstorm and take notes for each session
  • Instant Access so you can start applying these strategies today!

Krista is the perfect person to teach others how to host summits. She has truly created a one-of-a-kind experience for us all that needs to be an industry standard for summits!

- Ashley Gartland

You are in SUCH good hands with Krista. I've followed her process, step-by-step, and I'm currently hosting a summit that has blown every last one of my goals out of the water. I'm currently at 2,960 registrations and more than $24,000 in revenue. Follow the process, it works!

- Heidi Thompson

Hosting my first summit totally changed the momentum of my business. It's not just the system or process, but the person. Krista is very genuine, and she cares. The feedback she gives is totally invaluable. There is no way I could have done this without Summit in a Box. Best investment I ever made!
- Laurie Acker

My course launch was 4x my previously largest launch and I believe that is 100% because hosting the summit set me up as the go-to expert and put me in front of a targeted warm audience. Attendees were ready to purchase days before I opened the cart thanks to these strategies.
- Pam Grice

If you're doing #allthethings in an attempt to bring in the leads you need to sell your proven offer

If you're frustrated seeing your ad dollars go to waste as paid advertising gets more competitive and less reliable

If you're burned out by spending hours engaging on social media with little to show for it.

If the hours of content you're creating isn't reaching nearly enough people to hit your goals

Summit in a Box Accelerator

All intermediate and advanced course creators, group program sellers, and online educators are welcome.


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