Overcome Your Fear of Being Seen and Rise as a Thought Leader through Virtual Summits with Lucia Doynel

confidence guest expert Sep 12, 2023

In this episode, I'm joined by special guest Lucia Doynel to explore overcoming the fear of being seen and rising as a thought leader through virtual summits.

We're rounding out our 4-part series for those of you who are a bit newer to business and wondering whether virtual summits can work for you with an interview with an incredible summit host who has used her events as a way to establish her online presence and authority.

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Today's guest, Lucia Doynel, has so much good stuff to share. First, you'll hear her perspective on harnessing virtual summits as a way to build your own table and become a thought leader in the online business space, even if you don't have much of an audience or online presence to start. From there, she also shares her expertise around the mindset of being seen and the energetics of holding space for a larger audience, along with her experience hosting summits with ADHD. 

This is a good one, so let's get started!

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[1:36] Lucia's business has transitioned a few times, but the core of her work has always been focused on overcoming the fear of being seen. She's tackled that from different perspectives, over the years,  first with videography and photography, and then after Covid she pivoted to teaching self-photography and self-videography for your business. Today, she focuses more on mindset and helps her clients with the emotional side of showing up in photos and videos and being seen.   

[3:22] Lucia decided to host a summit as a way to get leads before launching her online course, but she felt like she had no authority as a done-for-you provider in her space. She tried the slow-growth methods of JV webinars and collaborations but wanted one place to get lots of leads all at once. She didn't have much of an online presence to build on, so she decided to build her own table to host her first virtual summit as a one-day event and only invited people I knew to speak at it. 

[6:10] Her first event was a starting point, but looking back, she realizes it was too general. After hosting her first summit, she found Summit in a Box and with some updates to her strategies and systems for the next summit, the investment paid for itself.

Once I got into the program, I saw how easy you make everything and I was so humbled by the level of service you provide. As someone with ADHD, it made it easy for me to feel like I wasn't getting stuck. I never felt like I didn't have the information or motivation to implement whatever was next on the list. 

[8:21] One of the things Lucia noticed as she continued hosting summits and building her own table was that she inherently started becoming a thought leader. It started shifting how she saw everything she created and even allowed her to not only sell more of her own offers but help others with their offers too.

Because of the visibility and authority I gained through my summit, a company that specialized in long-covid reached out to me to teach their community how to take photos, from at home in their bed if they have to, and that felt good to be a part of. It was incredible to see the impact that came out of the workshop, and there's also something to say about being reached out to for your expertise and seeing those results.

[13:40] We've seen time and time again how expansive hosting a summit can be, and how many opportunities can come alongside that, but so many summit hosts come up against fears around being seen and stepping into thought leadership. I asked Lucia to share her perspective on this based on her work with clients on their mindsets around visibility.

If you're feeling the inclination toward hosting a summit, you need to lean into it, and when fears around being seen come up for you, you need to address it. It's not about hiding or pushing the fear down or thinking you just need to get over it. It's about staying with the feeling, exploring where it's coming from, and being gentle with yourself. 

[21:20] To round out this episode, Lucia walked us through a powerful process you can use to identify the root causes behind any fears around visibility that might be coming up for you as you think about hosting a virtual summit, and process them in order to move forward without that mindset holding you back. 

You have to do the healing work in order to get to the new mindset belief. From there, create actions you can take that are in alignment with your next belief.

About Lucia

Lucia Doynel is a Transformational Business Coach and the founder of the Aligned Presence coaching program, where she empowers business owners who want more visibility to become thought leaders, but have a fear of being seen, to become their true unapologetic selves online by healing their unresolved visibility issues.

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In this episode, I'm joined by special guest Lucia Doynel to explore overcoming the fear of being seen and rising as a thought leader through virtual summits. In this episode, I'm joined by special guest Lucia Doynel to explore overcoming the fear of being seen and rising as a thought leader through virtual summits.

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