The Best Types of Offers to Launch Through a Virtual Summit

In this episode, we'll break down the 3 best types of offers to launch through a summit, plus what to do if you don't have one of them in your offer suite.

Which offer should I launch through my virtual summit?

We have this question come up a lot in conversation. Basically, the question is coming from a place of wanting to know if the type of offer you have works. And that’s totally natural to wonder about!

Launching through a summit is a powerful strategy for bringing in a flood of new members into your offer. I've seen successful launches for all kinds of offers, but there are a few that stand out as the most effective.

Today we'll break down the 3 best types of offers to launch through a summit, plus what to do if you don't have one of them in your offer suite.

Next week, we'll take it one step further and cover how to choose which offer to launch if you have multiple.

Disclaimer #1: This is not by any means an exhaustive list. If you don’t see your offer here, that doesn’t mean it’s not going to work. It just means these are the ones I’ve seen perform best. Please don’t rule yourself out or be discouraged if your offer type isn’t here! Feel free to reach out to me on Instagram if you want to chat about it!

Disclaimer #2: If your offer is on this list, it’s not a guarantee that it will work. It needs to be a proven offer, with the strategies to back it up. We'd love to support you with that in our Launch with a Summit Accelerator program.

With that out of the way, let's dive into the best types of offers to launch through your virtual summit.

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The best types of offers to launch through a virtual summit

There are 3 main offer types that I consistently see perform best when launched through a summit. Those are: 

  1. Memberships
  2. Courses
  3. High-ticket group programs

Let's dive into each one:


The first type of offer we'll talk about is a membership. Hands down, memberships have recently gotten the best results from our Accelerator clients.

To get even more specific, the majority of clients who are blowing their goals out of the water when it comes to launching their membership through a summit have what I'd consider a lower-cost membership.

We’ve worked with clients who launch memberships ranging from $25 a month to $250 a month. We also have some who do an annual option. It doesn’t mean others can’t work, this is just what we have specific data on.

The results blow everything else away because of a specific strategy I covered when I talked about the truth about launching a membership through a virtual summit.

Memberships are so powerful to launch through a summit because of two things…

  1. Immediate results
  2. Ongoing results

Those of us with courses and group programs make our sales, but then we have to go and find more. With memberships, you get to keep building on what you have. It's so powerful to see in action!

In the last couple of months, we have had clients add 102, 200, 260, and 305 members to their membership - I'll take that any day!


The next type of offer that performs well when launched through a summit is courses. Specifically, these are courses that go beyond the 101-level information on the topic.

To give you an example of that, we've seen a course on “how to run a crochet business” perform far better than a course on “how to do planning in your business” or “how to grow your business”.

101-level courses can be tougher to sell through a summit because a lot of the time the content covered at the summit is too similar to what is covered in the course. Or we see that the hosts have a hard time making the differences clear.

But, courses that have really great positioning and can be clearly led into from a summit perform well.

When it comes to launching a course through a summit, many assume that lower-priced courses are a better option, but that's not what we've seen. If you think about it, it's it takes a lot more sales to hit big launch goals with a $100 course than a $1000 course. But I also know that selling a course at a lower price point is just what feels good to some people. And if that’s you, aim for higher summit numbers and conversion rates to make up for that difference.

High-Ticket Programs

Last, we've also seen great results when it comes to launching high-ticket group programs through a summit.

I do have two caveats here, though. With a group program launch, you need to have...

  1. highly proven program with great conversion rates.
  2. Some type of down-sell offer for people who aren't ready for that high-ticket program quite yet. (This is technically optional, but super helpful.)

A lot of people assume that selling a high-ticket program is not going to work with a summit where you're bringing in a cold audience. But the truth is, it does work if...

  • you have an offer that converts highly
  • you position your summit correctly
  • you have a solid strategy to get people from summit to launch.

Even though high-ticket programs tend to need a longer runway before people are ready to join, you'll always have new audience members who are totally ready thanks to the summit. Your summit will also do a great job of reengaging existing audience members and getting them ready to jump in.

With that being said, if you do tend to see longer runways before people join your high-ticket, it will be helpful to have a lower-priced backend offer for people who aren't ready. You can decide who “isn't ready” through an application and we work with our Accelerator clients on the strategy behind that, but an offer for people who are just diving in can do a great job of balancing out the longer runway you might find people need, and can significantly increase your launch results as well.

For us, our Accelerator clients are in our audience for an average of a year or more before they join. We do have people who find us and join right away, but I take that into account when I do a launch that brings in a cold audience. I want to make sure I present the program that we can get them the best results in (the Accelerator), but I also fully recognize people might not be ready yet so we have other offers that we have to present to those people as well.

So, if you're launching a high ticket program, I would encourage you to do the same. It can totally be powerful on its own, but we have seen our results double by also including a lower-priced offer in there. And when I say a "lower price", for us, that's the $2000-3000 range. For you, it might be something else.

If you want the step-by-step of launching one of these types of offers through a virtual summit to bring a flood of new members, DM me LAUNCH on Instagram and we’ll talk about it.

What if you don’t have one of those offers?

I also want to talk to those of you who might not have one of those kinds of offers. If you don't have a course, membership, or group program, the point of this post isn't to make you feel like whatever you have isn't going to work or like you need to create a new offer.

If your offer converts and you have a launch method that works, you can likely tie that into a summit.

Back when I ran a service-based business, I was pretty low-key about selling. I wish I wouldn't have been, but usually I was booking clients through referrals and quick mentions of my services here and there in weekly newsletters. I took those things, tied them into a summit, and ended up with my services being booked for 6 months.

Take some time to look at what's working for you now and how you can tie that into a summit.



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In this episode, we'll break down the 3 best types of offers to launch through a summit, plus what to do if you don't have one of them in your offer suite.In this episode, we'll break down the 3 best types of offers to launch through a summit, plus what to do if you don't have one of them in your offer suite.

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