How to Get the Most Out of the Launch with a Summit Accelerator

Get a full understanding of what to expect from the Launch with a Summit Accelerator, how to get the most out of it, and where it fits in your yearly plans.

I'm excited to share a new type of episode with you today where I'm doing something different and sharing how to get the most out of our Launch with a Summit Accelerator program. This episode is for you whether you're a client in the Accelerator or not, but I wanted to share this behind-the-scenes look at how to get the most out of this program with you for two reasons:

  • If you're not yet in the Accelerator, but thinking about it, you might want to have a full understanding of what all this program covers and what to expect going into it. I know I like to have a clear picture before joining a new program, but I also know that getting that full understanding prior to joining can be difficult. My goal with this episode is to help you get a better understanding of what to expect. If you're wanting to be able to budget for the Accelerator and know where it will fit into your financial plan for the year, we'll get into those details too! 
  • For those of you who are already in the Accelerator, I know everyone takes in information a little differently. so this episode is to help make sure you're taking advantage of all of the things available to you, and not missing anything. Once you join, we have a red carpet onboarding experience that walks you through every step, but I know some of you don’t pay attention to that kind of thing and you want to dive right in instead. Even if you do go through the full onboarding material, there are a lot of opportunities for you right when you join so it can be easy to miss something.

There are so many moving pieces to hosting a summit and we provide resources, support, and templates for every single one of them, which I know can be a lot to keep up with. We have worked really hard to create a process that’s as streamlined and simple to follow as possible, but I know it's easy to forget or miss things. This leads to me more often than I’d like to be wishing a client would take advantage of something in the Accelerator that they just might not have known about. 

We're going to go over all the details of how to get the most out of the Accelerator, which will allow you to get the best results for your summit, and give your attendees an even better experience.

If you've made it this far but don’t have any idea what the Launch with a Summit Accelerator is, thanks for sticking with me! This is our group coaching program designed for those of you who are looking for a new way to launch that will freshen things up in your business and also let you turn a profit before you even open the cart of your signature offer.

We walk you through the strategies of planning and hosting a high-converting summit, tying in a feel-good launch of your offer, and reaching what most of our clients discover is their biggest launch yet. We also take it even further and teach you how to leverage the leads, connections, and momentum you have in our overall business strategy moving forward. And you get the trainings, templates, feedback, and coaching every step of the way.

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Getting started

Let’s dive in with how to get the most out of the Launch with a Summit Accelerator starting from the moment you join.

For those of you listening once you’re already in, just pick up once you get to something you haven’t already done. If you realize you missed something in the beginning, that’s okay! You be the judge of whether you should go back and add that step or keep going with what you’re doing.

7-Day Challenge

Whether you’re a first-time summit host or have hosted multiple summits, the first thing you’ll do once you join is go through our 7-day challenge.

This is a system designed to get the most important foundational decisions for your summit out of the way quickly. That way, your core decisions are made, and you can move forward with the rest of the process confidently.

The challenge is also our way to make sure you take full advantage of our step-by-step process and the trainings and templates that go with it.

In that challenge, we actually have you upload our full summit-hosting project plan to your project management system with due dates assigned. All of those tasks link directly to the trainings and templates you need to complete that task quickly and effectively, so it removes every question mark from the summit hosting process. 

We also have you submit a form for us at the end of that challenge, which gives us really vital information from your event and allows us to kick off the coaching process based on what you submit.

This challenge is a crucial piece of setting the foundations for your event, getting your project plan set up, which you’ll follow throughout the rest of the process, and telling us that we can jump in with our first round of coaching and feedback.

Submit your previous summit results

If you're an experienced summit host, in addition to that challenge, we also have a form that we ask you to submit to us with your previous summit results.

this isn’t so we can be nosy or give you one extra task to do - it’s something we added so we can see exactly where we can have the biggest impact on your event.

  • We’ve helped clients go from $17k events to $55k events & $30k events to $90k events.
  • We’ve helped clients triple their registration page conversion rates and all-access pass conversion rates. 

Getting information about your past event is what allows us to do that most effectively.

When you submit that to us, we automatically take your submission and analyze what you’ve submitted, keying in on what worked well before and where the biggest areas are for improvement.(We don’t care if it differs from our strategies, as long as it worked!)

After you submit your results, we talk through it all with you on our next Q+A call and make a customized action plan for moving forward, noting what areas we really want to focus on together during your time in the Accelerator.

These are the two main things we really like you to do as soon as you get started:

  1. Complete your 7-day challenge (we even send you a prize after you do).
  2. Fill out a quick form to submit past results if you’ve hosted a summit before.

Using the support

Once you’re up and running in the Launch with a Summit Accelerator, the most important thing for you to do is use all of the support that you have!

We do have systems built-in on our end to occasionally check in with people we aren’t hearing from, but there’s only so much we can do. It’s up to you to take advantage of everything you have access to, and I can’t stress enough how much we can truly increase your results when you let us. So let's look at all the different types of support you get in the Accelerator:

The Slack Community

First, we have a private Slack community for our Accelerator clients, and I want you to plan to use it. This is the primary place where we’ll give you quick answers to your questions so you can keep moving forward.

Whenever you feel hesitation around a decision, feel unsure about something you’re working on, or even end up frustrated or stuck, we want to hear from you. Making sure you’re never left stuck is truly our job and we absolutely love to help.

This means you have to get in the habit of asking for help when you need it. I know that can be difficult for some people, but seeing other people ask questions will help you get more comfortable with it. And as you start to ask questions, you'll see how quickly we can get you moving forward again.

We also encourage you to share things with us even if you’re feeling confident! We have so much experience to share and more often than not end up having feedback, even when what you’re doing is already solid, so you can upgrade your event and the results even more.

For example, one of our clients came in after hosting several extremely successful events, bringing in up to $600,000. Her all-access pass sales page was converting at 11%, which is great, and I had to ask her to submit it to me for feedback. And after getting our feedback, that 11% conversion rate has gone up to 15%. And being able to increase $600,000 in sales by 3%? I will take that! And we hope you will too. So submit things to us even if you’re confident about it.

It’s also a fun place to share wins and progress! We’ll even prompt you to do that occasionally, so you don’t get bogged down in all of the to-dos and take a little time each week to celebrate what you’ve done.

If you’re someone who tends to forget to use community support like this, you might even want to set yourself a daily or weekly recurring task that just prompts you to post something. It could be a quick update on what you accomplished that day/week or asking for support somewhere you could use it.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

To complement the community, we also have group coaching calls every single week that allow us to go deeper with bigger questions, and to serve those of you who prefer live calls and coaching over a community.

I want you to plan to take advantage of those in one way or another.

If you’re someone who does prefer talking things through, plan to attend these calls or submit a question to us each week. If you can come live, that’s great because we can talk back and forth and do live coaching. But even if you can't, submitting your question with enough information still allows us to answer and watch the replay. That will kick off a conversation that we can continue in Slack if you have additional questions. 

On the other hand, I know some of you really aren’t the type of people to submit questions for calls and that’s okay! You’re not alone in that, I’m not that type of person - I just never have anything to submit, I prefer to just ask in the community.

But I promise you will learn so much by attending the calls, watching the recording, or listening to the podcast feed of the calls, so I’d encourage you to figure out where that could fit into your weekly schedule to make sure you can get all the gold that ends up being shared each week.

Critiques and Copy Reviews

From there, we have Critiques and Copy reviews available where you can get our 1:1 detailed feedback on all the work you’re doing on your summit. I want you to plan to use the heck out of these.

Critiques are my chance to review the strategy of whatever it is you submit.

For example, registration pages are the things that get submitted most often. And that’s my chance to look at the overall strategy of your event and the effectiveness of the page and tell you exactly what to change to increase your conversion rates for that page.

I see all-access pass sales pages a lot and actually did a critique recently that helped a client increase their conversion rate enough to bring in an extra $18,000 through their all-access pass in the span of a week.

But critiques aren't limited to registration and all-access pass pages. You can submit anything related to your summit here - your sponsor pitch deck or packages, your all-access pass packages, your launch plan, and more.

To compliment those critiques and build on my strategy feedback, we also have a copy coach who offers detailed copy reviews for all your summit-related assets including your registration page, all-access pass sales page, emails, ad copy, and more. And the feedback she gives is absolutely gold.

These critiques and reviews are where we have the biggest opportunity, maybe other than working with you on your initial event positioning, to multiply your conversion rates and results - and that is not an exaggeration

So to get the most out of the Accelerator, I’d encourage you to create yourself a recurring task each Monday that reminds you to submit something to us. 

1:1 Milestone Calls

We also have 1:1 milestone calls that are most definitely a part of making the most of this program.

The first call comes right after your summit registration opens and the second comes after your summit is over so you can continue to improve results and leverage what you’ve created throughout the rest of your business. You get on a 1:1 call with me or one of our coaches and we take a deep dive into your numbers and the results you’re seeing so far.

By the end of the call, you have a step-by-step plan for exactly what changes you can make to improve the results you’re seeing for the rest of your registration period.

Then after your summit, we have a post-summit milestone call to help you identify the biggest opportunities for improvement next time and walk you through creating a plan for leveraging your event moving forward using our full Post-Summit Profits curriculum.

To ensure you make the most out of this, we actually have a task built right into our project plan to get these calls scheduled once your dates are set.

Post-Summit Profits

And finally, this last one has a more long-term, big-picture feel, but don’t think that your time in the Accelerator is only about planning and hosting your summit. There is still so much you can put to use once your summit wraps up.

We have an entire course on how to leverage what you’ve done and continue to increase business revenue once your summit is over, and we provide coaching to go along with that.

I won’t get into it too much here but know that you get to continue using everything we just talked about even after your summit is over, whether that's to build on the momentum from your most recent summit, or to start making plans for the next one. 


I hope this helped you get a better idea of what to expect in the Accelerator once you join, or make the most of everything you have access to!

To recap, to get the most out of the Launch with a Summit Accelerator, I’d encourage you to…

  • get in the habit of asking for help
  • ask for feedback on everything (even if you feel confident about it)
  • submit questions and either join the calls live or watch or listen to the recordings
  • take advantage of the critiques, copy reviews, and 1:1 calls available to you

If you haven’t applied for the Launch with a Summit Accelerator yet and you’re planning to host a summit within the next 6 months, get your application in today.

Today we covered all of the support pieces that are included in the Accelerator, and that doesn’t even begin to cover the 100s of trainings and templates that will walk you through the process step-by-step. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind program that can’t be beaten in the world of summits.

And so you can plan financially, it’s currently a $6800 investment with payment plans available. I’ve been a part of group programs that were far less helpful and impactful and cost over double that, but I also know it’s something you might want to think about and be able to plan for.

Also know that when you apply, there’s no obligation to join. Applying actually gets you instant access to a private advanced training we created for those of you launching through a summit, and then it opens the door and gives us the information we need to talk about it with you to see if we’re confident you’ll make at least double your investment back with your first summit.

  • Through the Accelerator, we’ve helped clients go from $17k summits to $55k summits, from $30k summits to $90k summits.
  • I’ve done all-access pass sales page critiques that increase conversion rates enough to bring in an additional $18,000 in the span of a week.

Those are just a few examples, so there’s really no question that it’s an investment that will pay off. It’s more a question of when is the right time for you and we’re happy to chat with you about that.

So fill out your application, and get access to the advanced training, and we can't wait to talk with you about your summit hosting plans! 



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Get a full understanding of what to expect from the Launch with a Summit Accelerator, how to get the most out of it, and where it fits in your yearly plans.Get a full understanding of what to expect from the Launch with a Summit Accelerator, how to get the most out of it, and where it fits in your yearly plans.

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