Behind the Scenes with the Summit in a Box Team

behind the scenes Apr 02, 2024

Hear from Elli, Kate, and Mel, what they do at Team SIAB, what they do outside of it, their favorite parts of working here, and how we work so well together!

Last week, I shared how my team has evolved over the years, going from one VA with a few hours per month to the team of contractors and employees I have today.

Aaaand in this episode, all of my employees are joining me to share a little insider info from their perspective!

I have a couple questions that were submitted in the Summit Host Hangout Facebook group that we’ll cover and the team and I had a fun conversation about what it's like to be a part of Team SIAB! 

Let’s dive in so you can meet the team and hear some behind-the-scenes of how we work together.

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A Little Bit About The Team

To kick us off, we all shared about our roles, how they've evolved over the years, and what the team does outside of Summit in a Box. 


My current role is mainly in client success, but that's not where I started. My previous business was as a copywriter, and first started working with Krista through copy projects for the initial launch of Summit in a Box, then came on full-time in 2022. My role was wide-ranging between client success, client coaching, Facebook ads, and a lot of copywriting for our launches. After a year in that role, I realized I wasn't sure I could keep up with this full-time! I love how much of a quick-start Krista is, but it wasn't sustainable for me to continue writing copy long-term. 

Now, I support and coach clients in the Launch with a Summit Accelerator and in the Accelerator application process, and I run our Facebook ads. Outside of Summit in a Box, I have a business I run with a cofounder called Supported CEO and we work with entrepreneurs to help them build self-trust and confidence in order to prevent burnout. 


I love the question "What do you do for work?" because I never know how to answer it! "Everything?!" is usually my quickest answer. In reality, I do so many things like manage the inbox, keep the calendar in check, get the podcast and blog out, keep our courses up-to-date, automate where we can, schedule our social media, manage customer accounts, and so much more.

I started back in the early summer of 2020 as a part-time employee only working 10-15 hours per week. I knew nothing about the online business world or summits, so Krista has trained me from the ground up! By the end of that first summer, I was a full-time employee. We hit the ground running and haven't looked back!

Outside of Summit in a Box, I volunteer through the Civil Air Patrol. We are volunteers serving America's communities, saving lives, and shaping futures. It's a civilian-based Auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force and we focus on emergency services, aerospace education, and have a robust cadet program. 


I am the "new girl" around here. I started in the fall of 2023 in the role of Leads Coordinator. I help you, our audience, figure out which of our programs is the best fit for where you're at in business and with your summit planning.  My role started because Krista tried a new, and very successful, strategy and quickly realized she needed someone to support her with it. We didn't have any of the pretty systems and processes in place when I started, but we've got a good system going now and have grown this role together.

Outside of Summit in a Box, I am a Clinical Herbalist and own a business called The Herbalist's Path where I teach moms how to use herbal medicine in a safe and effective way. 

How do we stay organized?

I think our team works so well because we each have our own zone and have a specific role in the business. When a task needs to be assigned, we just know who it should go to because each person fills a unique role in the business as a whole.

Do you know your Human Design type?

This was a question submitted in the Summit Host Hangout Facebook group, and some of the team had more background knowledge on Human Design than others. We wouldn't say that our Human Design has been much of a focus in how we approach things or assign roles in the business, but we had fun looking at our different Human Design types for this episode! 

Mel is a 6/2 Generator. The 6/2 Profile in Human Design blends introspection and authority through its combination of the Role Model (6th Line) and the Hermit (2nd Line). Individuals with this profile experience three distinct phases in their lives. The first phase, lasting about 30 years, involves exploration and learning through trial and error. The second phase, known as the 'roof phase', is marked by withdrawal and introspection, allowing for deeper understanding. Finally, in the third phase around age 50, they embody the Role Model, radiating authority and wisdom, and are often sought for guidance.

Elli is a 4/6 Generator. The 4/6 Profile in Human Design combines attributes of the fourth and sixth lines, earning it the nickname 'Opportunist Role Model.' It undergoes three distinct phases: social networking and practicality in the first phase, introspection and withdrawal in the second, and role-modeling and wisdom-sharing in the third. Individuals with this profile are adept at building connections, yet also value introspection and observation as they mature, ultimately becoming respected figures later in life.

Kate is a 3/5 Generator. The 3/5 Profile in Human Design combines the qualities of the Martyr and the Heretic, leading to a life characterized by experiential learning and influential wisdom. The Martyr, represented by the 3rd line, learns through trial and error, seeking out new experiences to gain understanding. Challenges are common, but they provide opportunities for growth and insight. The Heretic, represented by the 5th line, often faces projections from others, seen as a problem solver or beacon of hope. This dynamic positions them to influence others and share their wisdom gained through life's trials. Despite the chaos they may experience, their ability to convey complex ideas makes them effective communicators, often finding themselves in roles where they can share their experiences and insights with others.

Krista is a Manifesting Generator. Manifesting Generators in the Human Design system are unique hybrids, combining the sustaining power of Generators with the initiating energy of Manifestors. This combination grants them the ability to swiftly bring ideas into reality. Their dual capacity to initiate and respond allows for high productivity and satisfaction when utilized effectively. However, understanding and embracing this complexity can be a journey for Manifesting Generators, who may feel torn between societal norms of acting solely as Generators or Manifestors. Embracing their non-linear approach to life, learning from trial and error, and recognizing their ability to both initiate and respond are key steps in aligning with their true design and achieving success.

We found all of this so interesting to read about! 

Click here to find out your Human Design type.

What Makes You Stay on Team SIAB?

Elli says, "I've never had an experience of working somewhere that was such a good balance of both structure and flexibility to work in whatever way works best for us. We get a lot of good work done and stay organized, but have the most chill and supportive work environment at the same time."

And Kate thinks there's such a high level of trust that we'll get our work done in a quality and efficient way, that there's no need for Krista to micromanage us. 

Mel agrees and says, "You (Krista) are just so kind and compassionate and I learn so much from how you do business and treat your team! You empower us to use our own unique brains for what our own strengths are." 

Do You Get On Calls Together Very Often?

Nope! We work very asynchronously around here. Krista enjoys calls once she's on the call, but hates having them on her calendar and knowing she has to plan around a call in her day. We get a lot done without talking very much! 

  • Elli and Krista meet every other week. 
  • Kate and Krista meet once a month. 
  • Mel and Krista chat whenever they get around to it. 

And then we touch base in Slack whenever we need to, but we're able to work very asynchronously without needing to be constantly checking Slack throughout the day either. 

Our calls are ways to keep building relationships and having a personal touch more than anything, so we have more than just a digital text-based chat in Slack.

Our team works together so well because we have systems, processes, and clarity on who does what. We built a team around similar values and expectations and we thrive with our unique, individual roles at Summit in a Box.

I hope you've enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at Team SIAB! 



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Hear from Elli, Kate, and Mel, what they do at Team SIAB, what they do outside of it, their favorite parts of working here, and how we work so well together!Hear from Elli, Kate, and Mel, what they do at Team SIAB, what they do outside of it, their favorite parts of working here, and how we work so well together!C

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