8 Reasons You Need to Host a Summit if You Have a Membership

We've consistently seen our clients add 150-500 new members with their summits and I'll share 7 other reasons that summits and memberships are the perfect pair.

If you have a proven membership that you're ready to scale and bring to the forefront of your business, it's time to host a virtual summit.

You've heard me say time and time again that a virtual summit can bring a ton of momentum, awareness, and revenue into your business, and launching your membership is no exception.

We've consistently seen our clients add anywhere from 150-500 new members with their summits.

So if you're a membership site owner, this one's for you! Keep reading to learn my 8 reasons why summits and memberships are the perfect pair!

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Memberships + Summits = 💕

Here are my top 8 reasons why summits and memberships are the perfect pair, and why it's time to host a summit if you have a membership: 

#1: No Traditional Launch Methods Needed

When it comes to launching other offers with a summit, I like to see you use a full webinar and incorporate a more traditional launch into your summit. With a membership, you don't need that! 

Don't have a signature webinar?
Don't have a full email sequence?
Don't have a long-form professionally done sales page?
Not a launch expert? 

All of that is okay! You can still see significant results without a traditional launch. If you have a membership, launching through a summit works without an actual launch.

#2: Bring in High-Quality Leads

One great thing that a summit can do is bring you many high-quality leads. I bet if you could do one thing for your membership, it would be to have high-quality leads! You have an awesome offer and just need more people who know about it. With a summit, you craft the exact audience you want, and attract thousands of them at the same time! 

We've talked about Creating and Growing Value-Driven Memberships with Lisa Princic and she covered how having a vague membership may attract a lot of people, but no one stays because it isn't made just for them. That applies to summits too! A vague summit won't attract the people you need for your offer. 

If your membership works, if you did the work to get specific with your membership, you're golden with a well-positioned summit that brings in high-quality leads. 

 #3: Make Money Up Front While Generating Leads

If you had to generate 2000 leads in the next month, how would you do it? Most of you would turn to ads, join a bundle, or maybe you don't even know where you'd start. With a summit, you are being paid by your all-access pass to get perfect-fit leads for your membership. 

People sign up for your summit, you have everything positioned to lead them organically to your membership, and in the meantime, they're also being presented with the all-access pass and you're turning a profit before the summit even ends!

#4: Huge Awareness Builder 

Launching through a summit, or just hosting a summit on its own, is a huuuuge awareness builder for your membership. 

Have you ever had someone tell you they didn't know about your offer? I have and it drives me nuts!  With a summit, there are so many ways you can build natural awareness of your membership without pitching. Even those who don't join now know that your offer is there when they're ready. 

One of our clients, Shelby, started with 1200 people on her email list. After hosting 4 summits, she has 35,000 people on her list who get to hear about her memberships!

#5: Building the Community Feel

If having a community is one of the selling points of your membership, then having a summit is the perfect way to attract the people who are looking for that. 

Summits are such a great way to build community. People come in and are all excited about the same goal, they join your summit community and get excited about the actions steps, and potential that they see. Then the summit ends and they're bummed and miss the community aspect of it. That's where the launch of your membership comes into play as a natural continuation of that. 

#6: Perfect, Non-Intimidating Next Step

A membership is the perfect and not intimidating next step after your summit. Our clients with memberships tend to see higher conversion rates than our course creator clients because it comes with a lot less pressure. 

The price of your membership isn't thousands of dollars. People feel like they can try it for a month or a quarter and see how it goes versus spending thousands of dollars on a high-ticket program that they have to invest so much more into. 

Of course, you still need an awesome membership and good retention strategies to keep those members in.... which we'll cover in our summit Membership Momentum!

#7: Fast Growth 

How long would it take you to get hundreds of new members with the strategies you've been using? A summit can skyrocket years ahead in your membership growth!

Sure, people who launch with a proven course can brag about the thousands of dollars they bring in when they launch with a summit, but by adding thousands of dollars that recur month and month and stack on top of each other, membership launches are a great long-term strategy! 

For example, let's talk about Shelby again. For her 4th summit, she launched her new membership, made up the strategy as she went, and brought in 27 people. Not a bad start! Then she hustled for the next few months to grow up to 68 members. When it was time to start planning for her 5th summit, she joined our Launch with a Summit Accelerator program, and by using our strategies and working with us, she was able to skyrocket those results and bring in 300 new members with her next summit! And this isn't a one-off story. We're seeing our clients do this over and over again. 

And I want that for you!

That's why we're hosting Membership Momentum. I want more of you to know about how powerful launching your membership through a virtual summit can be.

#8: Outpace Churn

I don't have a ton of experience of this, since I only had a membership for about 8 months back in 2018. But I've had students and clients tell me they've been stuck at about the same number of members for months and even years. They struggle to keep up with the churn that happens between launches. We want to see your membership grow and thrive, and by having your membership on evergreen and bringing in thousands of perfect-fit leads with a summit, that is what helps outpace that churn. 

This is why we're bringing in Membership Geeks to help at Membership Momentum along with a ton of membership experts to help you make your membership successful! Be sure to grab your free ticket and join us! We'll be covering all kinds of membership sales and retention strategies to help you boost your membership bottom line. And of course, we'll also be sharing more about how you can pair your successful membership with a virtual summit to skyrocket your results! 



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We've consistently seen our clients add 150-500 new members with their summits and I'll share 7 other reasons that summits and memberships are the perfect pair.We've consistently seen our clients add 150-500 new members with their summits and I'll share 7 other reasons that summits and memberships are the perfect pair.

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