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Introducing Summit In A Box

My signature Summit In A Box® program is finally here! It’s every training, template, and resource you need to host a summit with ease.

But I want to take it back a step and tell you where this idea came from and then share a bit more about the program.

This is something that's been in the works for over a year, really since this brand started in November of 2018, and I am so happy...

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Start Your Summit That Sells Challenge

The Start Your Summit That Sells challenge will help you start taking action to plan, strategize, and launch your profitable, momentum boosting virtual summit.

Looking to host a virtual summit that actually sells? I've got a free 5-day challenge to help you with exactly that!

The goal of the Start Your Summit That Sells challenge is to help you stop dreaming about growing your visibility, income, and impact and start taking action to plan, strategize, and launch your profitable, momentum-boosting virtual summit.

What you'll learn

You know that an...

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Set Realistic Virtual Summit Goals - No Matter Your Audience Size

Let’s set some virtual summit goals! We’ll cover mistakes you can make, pieces that have the biggest part to play, and how to set the right goals for you.You know you're ready to plan a virtual summit, but where do you even start with setting goals? It's important to have a baseline goal for things like the number of registrations, income, and your impact so we'll get started with setting those goals today. 

We'll cover the biggest mistake you can make when setting goals for your summit, the 6 pieces that have the biggest part to play in...

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4 Keys to a Profitable and Impactful Virtual Summit

Let’s dive deep and talk about the 4 most important parts of your event that will boost your impact, visibility, and lead to a more profitable virtual summit.

 We talk a lot about the more surface-level pieces of hosting a virtual summit, but let’s dive a little deeper into what goes into a profitable virtual summit.

We'll talk about 4 of the most important parts of your summit that will boost profits, increase your visibility, and create a whole lot more impact.

A Profitable Virtual Summit

The audience and topic you choose for your...

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The Best Personality Types for Virtual Summits with Brit Kolo

Curious as to whether a summit is a good move for your Meyers Briggs personality type? Here are the personality types best fit for hosting a virtual summit.

 Curious as to whether a summit is the right move for you?

In this episode with Brit Kolo, we're chatting about the personality types best fit for hosting a summit.

We'll cover:

  • an overview of the personality types
  • which personality types will have the easiest time hosting a summit
  • what to do if you are more cut out for either the planning or hosting stage

I'll let Brit take it from...

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Virtual Summits Don't Work? Here's What I Have To Say

Have you heard someone say that virtual summits don't work? If so, it’s likely that they just missed important and profitable parts of the process. Here’s why.

Have you heard someone say that virtual summits don't work? I have and, as you'd probably guess, I have some pretty strong feelings about it.

In this episode, you'll hear all about those strong feelings and what I think you can do to make your summit not only profitable for you but impactful for your attendees.

Do Virtual Summits Work?

The idea for this episode came to me earlier in 2018 when...

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Increase Summit Signups Through Your Registration Page + Email Sequences with Elli Runkles

Learn how to turn your existing email subscribers into attendees to increase virtual summit signups and which emails to send once someone registers.

 In this episode, we have launch and conversion copywriter Elli Runkles to talk about the most important pieces of copy for your summit's registration process.

We'll cover:

  • what to include on your registration page and mistakes to avoid
  • emails to turn your existing list into summit attendees
  • the sequence that should go out once someone registers for your event

I’ll let Elli take...

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What To Include On Your Virtual Summit Registration Page

Want a virtual summit registration page that converts? Of course, you do! Here are 19 pieces to include on a high-converting summit registration page.

Want a virtual summit registration page that converts? Of course, you do!

What most summit hosts don't know is that it's not as easy as creating a page that says you're hosting an awesome event. Instead, you need to put just as much thought and strategy into it as you would into a sales page for a paid product.

After all, people are paying you with their time, even if the ticket is free.


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How To Host A Successful Virtual Summit With No Email List

Many marketing strategies depend on a large email list to succeed. Not a virtual summit! Let’s cover how to host a profitable virtual summit with no email list.

I get all kinds of doubt-filled questions from those thinking of hosting a virtual summit for the first time. One of the most popular is something like, “Can I host a virtual summit if I don't have an email list?” or "Can I host a virtual summit with a tiny email list?"

If you're wondering the same thing, you're in luck. The short answer is: no email list, no problem! 


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Strategies Behind Two Successful Summits with Eden Fried

Check out the powerful results this 2nd-time virtual summit host saw, her pricing structure, use of order bumps, and her experience with having a sponsor.

A lot can be learned from taking a look at the experiences of other business owners. In this episode, I’m so excited to go behind the scenes with Eden Fried to talk about the two successful virtual summits she’s hosted this year.

We’ll cover things like:

  • the results she’s seen
  • the strategies that work best for her
  • and the differences between her two summits like...
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