Why No One Bought the All-Access Pass for your Virtual Summit

Let's cover whether you can turn your summit around if you're currently seeing low all-access pass sales and the 5 most common reasons that no one is buying.

Your speakers are promoting, people are signing up for your summit, but when it comes to your all-access pass... are your attendees converting into buyers? 

We’re currently in part three of a four-episode series breaking down the most common points in the summit-hosting process where things go wrong. Each episode focuses on a different part of the process, and so far, we've covered why you're struggling to land speakers, and why no one signed up. Next, we'll cover why you didn't make any course sales.

Today, we'll take it a step further and talk about why no one bought your summit's all-access pass. If you’re currently hosting a summit and not seeing the results you hoped for, my heart goes out to you. Know that you are not alone and that it's okay to be upset, disappointed, and frustrated.

You may have heard me talk about conversion rates and compare industry standards with the conversion rates our clients see. There's quite a big difference in these conversion rates, but regardless of what numbers you're basing your goals on, we all go in with certain ideas in mind. It's normal to get excited and hype yourself up when thinking about your summit goals. If it doesn't go well, I know that's not fun.

If you are currently promoting a summit where no one is upgrading to your all-access pass, there are still things you can do to turn it around. In this post, we're going to get into all the options you have to improve your All-Access Pass conversion rate and start making more sales. 

Some of these things will be a little bit harder to apply to a live summit and may make more sense to consider for your next one, but some you’ll be able to implement right away.

If you've already hosted a summit and want to improve on your results for next time, (whether it's your all-access pass conversion rate or something else) I want to encourage you to grab our Beyond One and Done workshop bundle. In this bundle, we go through exactly how to look at your previous summit results, whether they were disappointing or really great, and identify the top three biggest areas and opportunities for improvement for your next summit. 

Now let's get into why no one bought your all-access pass, and what you can do about it! 

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Why no one bought your all-access pass

The most common thing people think when they see that their all-access pass sales aren't looking great is that “Summits are overdone. There are too many summits in my niche. No one wants this kind of offer anymore.”

I've talked about why this isn't the case on the podcast before, and you can hear my thoughts about that, along with a little sass, in these two episodes:

So, if that's not the reason your all-access pass isn't converting well, what are the actual reasons?

#1: No one is signed up

The number one reason your all-access pass isn't selling could be that no one is signed up for your summit in the first place. If no one is signed up for your summit, no one can buy your all-access pass. Look at your registration numbers first to see if it's really an issue with your all-access pass, or whether the real issue is with your summit registration.

Start by gathering a few pieces of data so you can look at the numbers:

  • The unique number of viewers for your registration page
  • The number of people who have registered
  • The number of all-access pass sales
  • Your registration and all-access pass conversion rates

If your all-access pass conversion rate is between 10-15%, that means the issue is NOT with your all-access pass. Instead, it's just an issue that not enough people are signing up to get you the sales you want. In that case, you need to focus on increasing registrations, and your all-access pass sales will follow. Estimate, Analyze, + Improve Your Virtual Summit Conversion Rates to find what the actual issue is and fix it.

What if people are signing up for your summit, but you have low all-access pass conversion rates? This points to other issues, so let’s go over the other four reasons that could be causing your all-access pass not to sell. 

#2: Vague summit positioning

If you've been around here long, you won't be surprised to hear me say that one of the biggest issues that impacts your summit results is having vague summit positioning. If you have a really wide audience for your summit or you have a really broad or vague topic, this is going to impact your all-access pass sales.

When your summit audience is vague, you can't get specific with who your all-access pass offer is for, or target it to a clear group of people, because it has to serve a big wide audience. If you have a broader topic, the things included in the all-access pass either feel unrelated or not specific enough for people to actually want to buy it.

Your summit positioning is a really big deal when it comes to making all-access pass sales.  

#3: Ineffective all-access pass package

The third reason why you might not have made any all-access pass sales is that you just have an ineffective all-access pass package. It's not grabbing people's attention, and it's not something your attendees want. 

A lot of people go in and host a summit thinking that their all-access pass packages should include ongoing access to presentations and that's about it. But there's a lot more that goes into making an all-access pass offer that people want.

Do some people buy for ongoing presentation access? Yes, but that's not what's going to get you the 10-15% conversion rates that I talk about. 

You need to craft your all-access pass in a way that gets your attendees hitting the ‘buy now’ button. If you have our programs, you have our exact recommendations for how to create your all-access pass package, how to present it on a sales page, and all the things, so make sure you're referencing that and following along with what we teach.

You might be tempted to lower the price if you're thinking there could be an issue with your all-access pass package, but in most cases, pricing is not the issue here. If your pricing is in the $47-$200 range, focus on building out your offer in a way that makes your attendees want it rather than lowering the price. 

#4: Bad sales page

The fourth reason that could be contributing to low all-access pass sales is a bad sales page. That feels harsh to say, but that's just the truth of it. A "bad" sales page could be in terms of the contents of the page, the copy, the design, or any combination of the three.

  • Content: An all-access past sales page isn't like your traditional sales page where you have sections talking about the transformation or list out all the pain points. If they just signed up for your summit, you already have their buy-in that they're interested in the transformation, so including all of that can actually hurt your sales.
  • Copy: If the copy on the page isn’t clear, specific, and compelling, if you’re not a copywriter, or if you didn’t use our templates, and you’re just winging it, your copy could be the issue.
  • Design: If your all-access pass sales page isn't professional-looking, that lowers trust, and people aren’t going to feel comfortable making a purchase.

If you think your sales page could be an issue, and you're wanting to go deeper in looking for ways to improve it, get my all-access pass sales page tips here!

#5: No reason to buy

The fifth and last reason why no one bought your all-access pass could be that you didn't give them a reason to buy. If you're not following our strategies, maybe you made a great all-access pass offer, but you're presenting it in a way that doesn't give people a reason to buy right now.

We teach our strategic pricing tiers offering a fast action offer after someone registers, early bird offers, and cart close pricing changes that give people a reason to buy now. Each of these price increases pushes sales. We typically see 70% of all the all-access pass purchases come from that first fast action offer, and if you skip this, you’re missing out on up to 50% of your sales.

Every time we do a price increase during summit promotion, we get enough sales to see our conversion rates go up by several percentage points using this strategy. 

You still need to have a great package, and your positioning still needs to be spot on, but if you have those things and you're still not making sales, it's probably that people don't feel like they have to buy right now. There's no reason for them to buy, they can just “do it later”, and they never will. So that is something else to consider.

There’s No Easy Fix

I know a lot of these things aren't easy things to fix, and that's why we have our programs to help. We want to make it easy for you to get it right the first time, rather than having to learn the hard way through trial and error. For more strategies to help you improve your all-access pass sales (and a whole lot more!) with your next summit, be sure to check out the Beyond One and Done Workshop.

Next time, we'll talk about why no one bought your course, membership, group program, or whatever you launched afterward, so if you didn't see the launch results you wanted from your summit, stay tuned for that next week!



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Let's cover whether you can turn your summit around if you're currently seeing low all-access pass sales and the 5 most common reasons that no one is buying.Let's cover whether you can turn your summit around if you're currently seeing low all-access pass sales and the 5 most common reasons that no one is buying.

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