Create an All-Access Pass that Gets Virtual Summit Attendees Hitting 'Buy Now'

Create an all-access pass that has your virtual summit attendees hitting “buy now” by learning what a high-converting all-access pass looks like (and what to avoid).

An all-access pass is a powerful way to make money through a virtual summit, but only if you do it the right way.

It’s totally possible to create an all-access pass that has your attendees jumping for the "buy now" button, but it's also possible to make one that totally flops.

No one wants ongoing access to presentations for $20. Your offer needs to be more appealing than that.

Let’s talk about where an all-access pass fits in your summit, the low-converting offer I see far too much, what a high-converting all-access pass looks like, and keys to ensure your attendees hit that "buy now" button.

Where an all-access pass fits into a virtual summit

Let's start with where the all-access pass fits into your summit.

With this model, it's free for someone to register and see your presentations for a limited amount of time. (Yes, you can do a paid virtual event, but that doesn't work well for most people, especially first-time hosts.)

Once an attendee registers for your event is your first chance to make money with an all-access pass. The registration Thank You page should be an all-access pass sales page with a limited-time offer.

From there, attendees will see your all-access pass offered consistently throughout the event.

What if I have another offer to sell through my summit?

Your all-access pass can either be the only thing you sell through your summit or you can sell both it and another offer at different times.

If you will be selling another offer, the all-access pass takes priority during the summit. That way, audience members who are new to you are presented with an easy-yes offer before being presented with your signature course, membership, or service. 

At the same time, you'll build interest for your signature offer and make sure attendees know that it exists. Then, you'll transition into a launch for your other offer either on the last day of the event or right after it's over. 

The popular low-converting all-access pass offer

The offer you craft for your all-access pass can be the difference between you saying that summits do or don't work as a way to bring in money. 

What doesn't work is an all-access pass that sells presentations for, like, $19. It doesn't work because no one only wants access to presentations. It's not high-value, and the $20 price shows that it's not high value.

With that, even if you make a ton of sales, you don’t bring in much revenue with an offer that small. 100 sales only brings in $1900. What if it was a $97 offer instead? Now we're talking! 

What a high-converting all-access pass offer looks like

The key to an all-access pass that converts is to give your audience what they want related to the goal of the summit. Determine what's going to help them take those next steps after the free portion of your summit is over.  

What do they need to actually implement what they're learning? It could be things like:

  • Replays to the presentations - Yes! You do want to include those in there, even though they won't convert well on their own.
  • Notes and worksheets - Offer these to help attendees reference the important parts, and write down what they're learning. (Note: It's a lot of work on your end, but it's a high-value add, depending on your audience.)
  • Live, interactive sessions - Things like co-working sessions, networking sessions, and live panels help attendees connect, engage, and take action. 
  • Hot seat or group coaching call - You can also offer a hot seat or a group coaching call to provide high-value, direct feedback to buyers.
  • Speaker bonuses - Once you add the pieces that will help buyers implement and take action, speaker bonuses are where it's at. Have your speakers contribute to your all-access pass as a way to spice up the offer.

You don't need to do all of these things, but these are examples of what can go into a good all-access pass that actually benefits your attendees.

Keys to make your attendees hit the "buy now" button

Now that you know what a high-converting offer can look like, here are 4 keys to getting your attendees to hit the "buy now" button:

  1. Make sure it’s an offer that your specific audience wants. No one will buy your all-access pass if it doesn’t line up with your summit topic, audience, and the goals of your event.
  2. Create a sales page that highlights the right things. So often with sales pages, we focus on listing pain points, benefits, and a transformation. That’s not exactly the case with an all-access pass! See all-access pass sales page tips here.
  3. This offer is all about the bonuses, so highlight them. Don’t just say, “We have over $3000 in speaker bonuses.” Say that but then list out what those bonuses are with a graphic, name of the bonus, description, and what the regular price of it is. Make each bonus stand out on the page. 
  4. Limited-time offers and special pricing will help your attendees make the decision to buy.

Time to Brainstorm Your Offer

The “all-access” part of the all-access pass isn’t what gets attendees to hit “buy now” on your sales page. What gets attendees to buy is a well-rounded offer with some awesome bonuses that encourage cold audience members to be ready to buy from you fast. 

Now that you know how to create your all-access pass, your action step for today is to brainstorm what your offer is going to look like. Have fun!


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