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all-access pass tech Nov 10, 2020

You've got an incredible all-access pass offer and now it's time to see sales rolling in. Here are 5 all-access pass sales page tips you can’t afford to miss.

You've created an incredible all-access pass offer for your virtual summit and now it's time to show it off and get those sales rolling in. 

While the industry standard all-access pass conversion rate is about 5%, my students and I see closer to 15%, and what you’re going to hear today are a few of the things that help us do that.

Let's cover my 5 best all-access pass sales page tips.

All-Access Pass Sales Page Tips

You need to have a solid all-access pass offer and one that actually makes you money. No attendees want ongoing access to presentations for $20 - you can create a better offer than that!

Instead, put together a well-rounded offer with live sessions (if you're up for it), fun bonuses, and anything else your people will need to create that transformation that your summit promises. 

Tip #1: Ditch the Clutter

I see so many all-access pass sales pages that just have extra junk on it.  Things that aren’t needed!  Get rid of anything that’s a direct repeat from your registration page. 

For example, you don't need to include a full list of speakers and presentations or the full summit schedule.

Instead, keep the page focused on the extras that people are getting from purchasing. 

Tip #2: Give your bonuses the space they deserve

It's safe to assume that everyone understands what it means to get extended presentation access, so mention it once and then move on to the more exciting and unique pieces of your offer. 

One of the key ways to get the high conversion rates that I do is by including an awesome package of bonuses. However, you have to be strategic in the way you show off those bonuses. 

Instead of listing them out in a bulleted list...

  • Display each bonus one-by-one
  • Include a mockup or graphic (even a stock photo is better than nothing)
  • List the name of the contributor
  • Add 2-3 sentence description that hits on the value and outcome of the bonus
  • Include the monetary value or regular price

If you have exciting extra live sessions, give those space and attention, too. For our September 2020 summit, we had live speaker panels as a part of the all-access pass, which I’d never offered before. To show off the panels, we had a section on the sales page listing the topics, schedule, and which speakers were included in each. 

Tip #3: Crystal Clear All-Access Pass Value

Make the value of your all-access pass crystal clear, and show how low the price is that you’re actually charging. Pointing out that they're getting a $4000 value for $147 is much more attention-grabbing than just saying "here is what you get for $147." 

Show the real value every step of the way.

Tip #4: Limited Time Offers + Clear Discounts

Special offers, price increases, cart closing…these things have a big part to play in encouraging attendees to make the decision to buy the all-access pass, rather than thinking that they might do it later.

If there’s a special offer going on, make it crystal clear on the sales page!

Include a countdown timer on the page.  I use Deadline Funnel (affiliate), but you can use whatever tool you want for price increases or bonuses going away.

If you are giving a discount during a certain time period, make that really clear!

Your "buy now" button should have text with the higher price crossed out and the discounted price listed next to it. For example, "Get the all-access pass for $197 $97".

You can also include a line of text at the top of the page that reads something like, "Watch the video below to see what’s next and how you can get $4000 in bonuses for 50% off for the next 20 minutes" to grab attention when someone lands on the sales page.

Learn how to increase all-access pass sales with limited-time offers!

Tip #5: Pricing your All-Access Pass

I would consider this optional and advanced, but if you create a powerful offer, it should have a higher price point.  You shouldn’t be selling $6000 worth of stuff for $47.

If you're comfortable with tech and want to go the extra mile with your all-access pass offer, it can be helpful to have two price points available.

Have a lower price point with just the extended presentation access and maybe resources that complement presentations like workbooks or transcripts.

Then, have a higher-priced package that includes all of your awesome bonuses. 

In addition to increasing conversion rates, when you have two tiers, your pricing is more inclusive!  

Action Steps

Revisit your all-access pass sales page if you already have it created, and make sure the value of what you’re offering is clearly communicated.

These are simple tweaks that truly go a long way when it comes to increasing conversion rates on your All-Access Pass sales page.



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You've got an incredible all-access pass offer and now it's time to see sales rolling in. Here are 5 all-access pass sales page tips you can’t afford to miss.You've got an incredible all-access pass offer and now it's time to see sales rolling in. Here are 5 all-access pass sales page tips you can’t afford to miss.

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