Launch with a Summit Accelerator®

Say goodbye to slow-growth marketing strategies, fill your funnel with high-quality leads, and finally hit your next-level launch goal with a virtual summit.

The Accelerator is a high-touch group program that will help you host a virtual summit and tie in a record-breaking launch of your signature offer. In this program, you'll...

  1. Host a virtual summit that blows industry averages out of the water
  2. Use that momentum to launch your signature course, membership, or group program on the back end, and then...
  3. Continue reaping the benefits of your summit for months (and even years) after the event wraps up.

Fill out your application now to join us in the Launch with a Summit Accelerator.


*Best if you have a proven course, membership, group program, or other scalable offer or if you’ve hosted a summit before.

Summit in a Box®

Grow your email list, visibility, and impact with a virtual summit.

You see others in your industry doing big things while, your email list is growing at a snail’s pace, you haven’t seen a jump in your revenue in months (maybe even years?), and you’re questioning whether you’ll ever be able to break out of your little corner of the internet and make the impact you want to make.

Summit in a Box has everything you need (literally!) to plan, strategize, and launch your first profitable virtual summit.


*Best if you’re just starting, a service-provider, or a coach.

Challenges That Make Bank

The simple, repeatable framework to fill the frustrating post-summit vacuum with genuine buzz, excitement, and SALES of your signature offer... in as little as 30 days.

Looking for a way to keep the momentum (and sales!) up between summits? Challenges are your answer!

They're the perfect way to re-engage your summit audience and bring an influx of sales without constantly having to host summit after summit. 

Get our 6-Phase Challenge Cycle along with every template you need inside of Challenges That Make Bank!


*Best if you've already hosted a summit and have an existing audience to launch to or if you're looking for a way to test a new offer before launching through a summit.

6-Figure Summits Workshop Collection

Just looking to dip your toes into the idea of hosting a summit?

We're experiencing a shift in the online business industry where once-reliable strategies are no longer working to generate the volume of leads necessary to sustain an online business.

This collection of workshops will give you the mindset shifts and major pieces behind a life-and-business changing virtual summit so you can ride the wave and successfully scale your signature offer sales.


*Best if you're not quite sure if virtual summits are for you and want to learn more.

Beyond One and Done
A workshop series for repeat summit hosts

This workshop will teach you to make simple data-driven tweaks to double (or more) your results in a fraction of the time with every event you host.

In this workshop, I'll walk you through how to identify the top 3 three areas where you have the most opportunity for improvement based on insights from your previous summit(s). You’ll walk away with total clarity and confidence that you’re on the right track to not just match your last summit's results, but far surpass them.


*Best if you've hosted a summit before

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