Choosing Speakers That Will Get You (And Them) The Best Results

Not every speaker is a good fit. Here are the keys to choosing speakers for your virtual summit who will provide value and bring extra attendees themselves.

Have you ever heard someone on a soapbox about how virtual summits don't work? Yeah me too.

And hosting a summit with the wrong speaker lineup is a big reason why many people come to that conclusion.

Let's talk about choosing speakers that will get both you and them results. And don't worry, it's simple!

Choosing the right virtual summit speakers 

It's tempting to pitch whoever comes to mind first; friends, someone who's a pretty big name in the industry, people who you know do a lot of summit presentations. Those are the people you are going to be drawn to. 

The problem with that is you aren't doing yourself or them any favors.

When you choose the right speakers, you'll see them bring in crazy amounts of attendees, sales, and value. And they'll see big results in return.

You'll be able to get them more warm leads and affiliate income through your event when you've made your speaker selections carefully. When you skip this step, and you don't do that, they might promote harder than anyone else, but not make a single sale.

If you choose the right speakers, it's worth it for everybody.

When you hear the summit haters out there saying that summits don't work, don't host a summit, don't speak at a summit, it is because they, or whoever they talked to about it, didn't get this right.

How to choose the right speakers

The key to finding virtual summit speakers who will give and get results is choosing speakers who have the same ideal audience as your summit

They don't necessarily need to be your competition, although they definitely can be. They need to be selling something to your summit's ideal audience.

When you pitch those types of speakers, the struggles of their audience are relevant to the solution your summit offers. This will mean that your summit's messaging lines up with the speaker's message, and everything after that just comes naturally.

To give you an example:
The target for my virtual summit audience is brand and web designers. The speakers who brought in the most signups and sales to the summit and who have seen the biggest results themselves from participating, also target brand and web designers. Some of them sell digital products for designers, some offer mentorships or coaching. But a similar audience is what really matters.

While it's tempting to choose the first speaker that pops into your head, it is really worth it to look a little harder to find people with the perfect audience fit.

Action Steps

If you have a list of potential speakers already made, go through it and sort out the ones who don't have the same audience as your summit.

When someone isn't a great match, look for someone you can replace them with.

It is so worth it!



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