004: Discover The Ideal Audience For Your Online Summit

The correct audience for your summit is one of the largest determining factors of your success.

In this episode, we'll cover why your audience plays such a big role and how to choose your summit's audience.


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As you know, I've planned a summit or two in my lifetime, and I'm starting a brand new, action-packed series to help you plan yours the right way! While this first topic may seem simple, that's the point! Once you find a way to get things right the simple way, you can multiply the process over and over again to continue your success. No need to work harder, but smarter, my friends!

Where a lot of people go wrong with summits is making the topic too broad. The more specific you get, the more receptive people will be to your event. You don't have to cast a vast net to see results! In this first part of the series, we'll dive into how to choose your summit's niche, topic, and offer.

Choose Your Summit's Niche

To choose your summit’s niche, start by taking a look at the target audience of your business as a whole. Think about how you’re already connecting with through your services, products, etc. If you don't have a huge audience to start with, you can't get away with being general here. You have to get super specific!

That way when someone comes across your summit, it grabs their attention right away because it was made just for them.

If you haven't been successful just yet with selling your products or services to your selected niche, it may not be the right time for a summit. Focus on tapping into your audience first!

When working on connecting with your niche, consider the problems they’re currently facing. Try to develop a relationship with the struggles that apply to most of the people in your target audience. The key is to stay in line with your niche.

If it's possible, consider breaking your target audience down into smaller groups. Determine if one of those smaller groups is more engaged with your business than the rest. Or, see if you can help one of the groups more than the others. This will help you narrow down things as much as possible - leading to your summit niche.

Time to Brainstorm

I want to encourage you to schedule some time to brainstorm your target audience options. This early work is what will increase the impact of every other action you take in preparing for your summit!


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