005: Choose A Profitable Topic For Your Virtual Summit

Aug 22, 2019


Now that you know your summit's audience thanks to our last episode, we're going to take that one step further to identify your summit's profitable topic.


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Hey there. Welcome to the Summit Host Hangout podcast where you'll learn how to plan, strategize, and launch your profitable online summit, no influencer status necessary. I'm your host Krista from Summit In A Box, and we are currently in a series about branding and positioning your summit to get off to a strong start.

In the last episode we identified your summit audience or niche, and today we're taking it one step further and using that audience to choose your summit's topic. A topic that will end up being profitable for you. We're going to dive right into this episode and really quickly cover or review the importance of making this choice and then dive right into actually determining your summit's topic.

Before we dive in, I again want to invite you to join the Summit Host Hangout Facebook group. This is a great place while you are trying to figure out your summit audience and topic to run it by other summit hosts, people who have been there before, or people who have already made the decision and just get some feedback from them. You can join the group by going to summithosthangout.com/community.

Why your summit’s audience and topic are so important

A quick review of why your topic and this choice is so important and why I have an episode dedicated just on your topic. It's because the topic you choose for your summit will decide if someone lands on your registration page and closes it right away versus taking the time to scroll through and see what you're all about and eventually sign up. Obviously, we want your topic to catch their attention enough that they're interested right? Let's just call it good there and dive right into choosing your summit's topic. You've already figured out your audience. If you have not, if you do not have a very specific audience, please go back to episode four and figure that out.

Choose your summit’s topic

First I want you to start this step by brainstorming the most prominent problems the audience you have chosen has. I would recommend setting a 10, maybe even 20-minute timer to just sit and write down and brainstorm the kinds of problems your audience is having. From there you can identify which problem you can kind of help with and connect to the most.

However, the caveat there is that you also want to make sure that your services and offers or products relate to this issue. You know, kind of look for the happy medium there. One that relates closely to what you do. That is the biggest problem that your audience is having and your summit's topic will be solving that problem. Boom, nice and easy. Right? This is what will really get people in your audience excited. Because who wouldn't be excited to tune in to a bunch of free presentations that can solve a real pressing issue they're having?

Some examples I've seen that do this well are self-publishing your first book. You know, a lot of up and coming authors don't know how to do that. I've seen summits that cover that specifically, and I've seen things like scaling a wedding photography business. My summit is making a web design business more efficient and profitable. Things that are really specific and solve a big problem that your audience is having is what you want to go with. Do not just do like 100 level general information to help any online business owner out there. Get really specific with the audience and with the problem your summit will solve.

I will warn you here that if you're guessing it's really worth it to get on a few short calls with your audience members. Doing that completely transformed the direction I was going with my summit because I had it all wrong. I would have hosted the totally wrong summit if I wouldn't have gotten on a few short calls. 10 minutes is really all you need to find out the thing that's really holding them back the most in their life and business. I think I got on about five 10 minute calls. In return, I just answered a question for them at the end they were having, and their answers totally shaped my summit. It is worth doing that. Please do it if you're at all unsure of your topic. Maybe even you identify the topic you think you're going to go with but hop on maybe even just one or two calls to make sure it's going to resonate with people. Go from there.

The Recap

Taking the time to get this right is so worth it. If you are successfully selling products or services, this will probably come pretty easy for you, just like the audience. But make sure your summit is solving a problem.

Action Steps

Take your audience, identify their biggest pain points, and use that to craft your summit topic.

In the next episode, we're going to chat about positioning your summit to stand out. So be sure to tune in for that. And remember, if you want support in this process or some feedback while you're identifying your audience and topic, I would love for you to join us in the Summit Host Hangout Facebook group. As you are going through the process of deciding your audience and topic, this community is a really great place to get feedback and ideas that you kind of might be too close in your own business to see by yourself. Join the group by going to summithosthangout.com/community



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