Choose A Profitable Virtual Summit Topic


Choose the right virtual summit topic to increase your profitability and strengthen the results you get your attendees. Here’s how!

We already talked about determining the right virtual summit audience to create a virtual summit for. Now, it's time to take that audience and craft a profitable summit topic just for them.

Your virtual summit topic is just as important as the audience. For example, if you're a wedding planner, would you rather attend a summit about "growing your business" or "booking out your client schedule for 6 months using Instagram". I know which one I'd sign up for!

Let's walk through how to choose a profitable topic for your virtual summit.

Why your virtual summit’s topic is so important

The topic you choose for your summit will decide if someone lands on your registration page and closes it right away versus taking the time to scroll through and eventually sign up.

Obviously, we want your topic to catch their attention enough that they're interested right?

A general topic with no specific outcome isn't going to catch anyone's attention. Instead, your summit needs to be based around something your audience NEEDS in their life or business. When you can help them visualize being able to rid themselves of current pain points, you're in for more success and a bigger impact!

Choose your summit’s topic

Start by brainstorming the most prominent problems the audience you have chosen has.

I recommend setting a 10-minute timer to just sit and brainstorm the kinds of problems your audience is having. Bonus points if you get on a few 20-minute calls with people in your target audience instead!

From there you can identify which problem you can help with and connect to the most. Solving that problem will be your summit's topic!

Keep in mind that you want your topic to connect to your business offerings as well. You might need to do a little tweaking for them to work well together.

This is what will really get people in your audience excited and grab their attention. Because who wouldn't be excited to tune in to a bunch of free presentations that can solve a real pressing issue they're having? 

Some examples I've seen that do this well are:

  • self-publishing your first book
  • booking out a wedding photography business on Instagram
  • offering day-rate intensives to ditch retainer work
  • making a web design business more efficient and profitable

Overall, don't host a summit with a bunch of 101-level general information to help any online business owner out there. Get really specific with the audience and with the problem your summit will solve. You want a summit with transformational summit presentations.

The power of talking to your audience

If you feel like you're guessing with identifying your audience's biggest pain point, it is totally worth it to get on a few short calls.

Doing that completely transformed the direction I was going with my summit. I would have hosted the completely wrong summit if I wouldn't have gotten on those four 20-minute calls.

And 10-20 minutes really is all you need to find out the thing that's really holding them back the most in their life and business.

This work is worth it!

Taking the time to get your summit topic right is so worth it. If you are successfully selling products or services, this will probably come pretty easy for you, just like the audience. But make sure your summit is solving a problem.


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