Build Brand Authority with an Incredible Attendee Experience with Tyaisha Robinson

A virtual summit can skyrocket your email list, revenue, and connections, but it’s also a way to build brand authority. Here are 5 keys to making it happen!

We know a virtual summit can build your email list, skyrocket your revenue, and connect you with industry experts, but have you thought about how powerful it can be if you want to build your brand authority?

I brought in a special guest, Tyaisha Robinson, to talk to us all about how to build brand authority through a virtual summit and how that ties into creating an incredible attendee experience.

Tyaisha shared why a virtual summit is so powerful when it comes to building brand authority, 5 keys to making it happen, and how all the pieces tie together.

Using Virtual Summits to Build Brand Authority

Virtual summits are great at building brand authority because of their unique ability to create exposure.

Most obviously, it's hosted online. The number of people that you can potentially get in front of can be endless, which you can't say for an in-person event.

Another powerful piece that provides exposure is the amount of connections you're going to make while hosting the event.

Think about your lineup of speakers and their network. Now you're going to get in front of their audience that you may have never otherwise had an opportunity to get in front of to speak to your value and the transformation you take them through.

People will think, “I have that problem that she's talking about, she's the only person I keep seeing talking about it. I know where to get my problem solved!"

Those speakers also lend some of their authority juice to you. In a way, they're telling their people that you're worth their time and attention, meaning you're worth their trust. 

Another thing I love about the online aspect is that there are far fewer barriers. So many people try to host in-person events to do this, but there are so many barriers like travel, work schedule, and money. None of that exists when it comes to a virtual summit.

5 Keys to Boost Brand Authority

There are 5 keys involved in hosting a summit that boosts brand authority:

Key #1: Verify your idea

The first key is simply to verify your idea: the mission, of your summit.

Why should your attendees and speakers care? What problem are you addressing and going to solve? Are you being very clear about your target audience? Do you know the outcome for it? Having a clear virtual summit topic is key.

Key #2: Define your purpose

The second key is to define your purpose. As the host, what is your purpose for hosting this virtual summit?

It could be different things like:

  • the desire to get your name out there
  • a way to grow your community
  • an opportunity to grow your email list
  • or maybe you're trying to boost your revenue.

It’s better when you have one clear purpose to hone in and put your focus on.

Key #3: Pitch aligned speakers

The third key is to pitch aligned speakers. This is a big piece because you have to make sure your speakers will work with your actual summit: the mission and the message.

You don't want to blindly pitch speakers. Sure, you could pitch a speaker just because they have over 100k followers, but that is not going to translate well in your summit and it doesn't guarantee anything.

Key #4: The management process

The fourth key is your systems or the management process. You have to have systems in place.

For example:

  • How are you onboarding attendees?
  • How are you doing the same for speakers?
  • What tasks do you need your team to complete and how should they do it?

A summit has a lot of moving pieces, and if you don't have systems in place you’ll be pulling your hair out and your speakers will too!

Key #5: Promoting the summit

The fifth key is promoting the summit. What's your strategy? It should be more than just posting a line and saying, “Hey, I'm hosting this thing. Sign up.”

Be intentional about it. How are you going to promote? Where are you going to promote?

That's going to help boost engagement and get your attendees excited about your event. 

Tyaisha’s Takeaway

Don't dismiss virtual summits as just a thing everybody is doing. It definitely is a marketing strategy that can boost your influence, your credibility, and your income. 

If it's done right, trust me, you'll be a repeat offender of hosting virtual summits all the time.

About Tyaisha

My name is Tyaisha Robinson - Femalepreneur, SystemsGirl, and Business Coach!

I am passionate about family, girl time, fitness, and creating dope memories. I'm a BIG CITY girl. I live in Chicago where I was burned and raised. I help burned-out course creators launch virtual summits to become authority figures in their industry.

I love that I answer the call to help my clients elevate their influence + profits through virtual events.    

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A virtual summit can skyrocket your email list, revenue, and connections, but it’s also a way to build brand authority. Here are 5 keys to making it happen!A virtual summit can skyrocket your email list, revenue, and connections, but it’s also a way to build brand authority. Here are 5 keys to making it happen!

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