Create Raving Fans & Dream Customers Through a Virtual Summit with Desola Davis

Virtual summits are powerful, but you can skyrocket their effectiveness by building in ways to create raving fans and dream customers throughout the process.

Virtual summits are powerful on their own, but you can skyrocket their effectiveness by building in ways to create raving fans and dream customers throughout the process.

Desola Davis breaks down exactly how to host a virtual summit that will bring people from not knowing who you are to being your dream customers and best brand ambassadors.

We'll let Desola take it from here!

Creating a solid customer journey

A lot of people start their business because they have a solution to a problem. They know that they have something that can help others, but the only way you can sustain your business is by making sales. 

The problem is,  many people forget the fact that sales is a relationship at the very core of it. If you think about relationships, it has stages, and so does the customer journey.

Think about the customer journey as a clear pathway; the people that you're looking for realize that they've been looking for you all along.

From stranger to customer

When you first meet an ideal customer, they're a stranger. They happen to come across your summit or Facebook group and join your audience.  Then they become your prospect and then they become your customer.

Many business owners think that the customer journey ends there, but there's another stage, even after they become your customer, which is the part that's actually going to grow your business. That's the role of an ambassador or a fan!

You can identify those people in your summit from day one. From there, start nurturing that relationship. In doing this, your goal is to move from an option to the solution!

Now that they've decided not only are you an option, but you are their choice for solving their problem, this is where they buy your all-access pass.  But you don’t want them JUST as customers!  You want them to be ambassadors.

You want to be both the solution to their problem now and a thought leader for later.  They will think of you as their “go-to” for whatever it is that you fix in your industry.  Ambassadors are ambassadors for their thought leaders, not just anybody.

These ambassadors show up to every summit, they tell their friends to buy the all-access pass, they recommend people to come work with you, and more. 

Now, a lot of times people think that they need to listen to all of their customers and that's a complete lie. 20% of the people that are in your customer base make up 80% of your income. Whether they're giving you the money themselves or bringing their friends to you. Those are the people that you should listen to!

Cultivating ambassadors through a summit

A virtual summit is a powerful opportunity to create brand ambassadors. The customer journey is like steps.

Step Zero: They join your free summit - It's low risk, no cost, and you are strangers. You're able to have them connect with what success looks like, which makes them more likely to move on to the next step.

Step One: They show up - Who is chatty in your summit’s Facebook group? Validate that person! Not everyone will respond this way, but those exchanges can turn into success! Come back the next day and engage again! Commit to their transformation before they do because you know what’s possible. If they see you’re committed to their transformation, they are going to show up!

Step Two: They buy the all-access pass -  For some people, you have said the magic words, and they are ready to jump all-in to your VIP all-access pass option!  Congratulate them. Validate them. Find out what they're after. How can you help them in the next week or 30 days?

Putting together a wonderful summit is hard.  If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it.  You might think it’s been done, or you don’t have a big enough audience, or aren’t sure of their topic, but there is room for everyone. 

When your business becomes the right thing to do, the financial ramifications are endless.

Selling a product after your summit

Some people are ready to launch a product right after their summit. If that's you, position your all-access pass as a baby step to your end product that you want to sell them.

Encourage those who purchase the all-access pass to continue their transformation with your product. Make the product cost relevant to their all-access pass.  If you are asking them to spend thousands of dollars on your product, but your all-access pass was under $100, you are going to lose them.

They know they need and want to make this transformation, but they can no longer do it with you.  Make your pricing make sense.

Sales is a relationship

Remember that sales is a relationship, and the deeper your relationships with your target market, the richer your business will be because of them.

Your job is to satisfy all of your customers, but it’s also to delight your fans.  If you can delight your fans, they will reward you with more people, more income, and more impact than you’re able to do on your own.

Do the work!  It takes only a few extra minutes and just an additional couple drops of humanity, but it reaps benefits over and over again.  You can totally do it!

About Desola Davis

Desola Davis is a Business Growth Strategist who helps digital entrepreneurs use their secret sauce to serve their favorite customers and generate revenue. She has a knack for turning big project ideas into small, actionable steps--a talent that helped her company save over $1M in her corporate experience. She's worked with 7-figure entrepreneurs on strategies to boost client attraction, conversion and satisfaction. After working with Desola, clients have clarity, focus, and confidence in attracting the right customers to their business and being seen as the right choice for solving their clients' problems. 

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Virtual summits are powerful, but you can skyrocket their effectiveness by building in ways to create raving fans and dream customers throughout the process.Virtual summits are powerful, but you can skyrocket their effectiveness by building in ways to create raving fans and dream customers throughout the process.

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