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all-access pass Jun 01, 2021

Selling an all-access pass is a little different than your typical digital product. Let’s clear up some confusion with a rapid-fire Q&A covering common questions.

Selling an all-access pass is a little different than selling your typical digital product. Along with those differences can come confusion, so let's clear it up today with a rapid-fire Q&A with the most common questions I hear about selling an all-access pass.

We’ll cover:

  • When to give buyer’s access to the all-access pass.
  • When to expect people to upgrade.
  • How to handle "lifetime" access.
  • What to do with your fast-action price when other prices increase.
  • Whether to give speakers an all-access pass for free.

When Should I Give Buyers Access to the All-Access Pass?

The good news is that there's not a correct way to do this. It’s up to you and what your workflow looks like for getting the content you need.

For example, if you’re not going to get presentations from your speakers until the week before the summit starts, you obviously can’t give early access to that.

But there are 4 options for what this could look like:

  1. Immediate access - As soon as someone buys, even if it's on Day 1 of registration, they get instant access to all the bonuses and presentations.
  2. Wait until the summit starts - The morning of Day 1 of the summit, they get access to everything.
  3. Wait until the summit is over - Wait until the last day of the summit or even a couple of days after if you need time to get everything ready. 
  4. Mix and match – Choose more than one option and deliver some content right as someone buys and some later.

Krista’s Example

There’s no right way to deliver access, but I like to give immediate access to whatever bonuses I can and wait until Day 1 of the summit to give access to presentations. 

So when someone buys, they get immediate access to any bonuses I have from my speakers and can dig in right away. From there, when new bonuses are turned in, I add and announce them.

No matter what, I deliver access to presentations on Day 1 of the summit. That way, excitement and momentum aren't lost due to attendees watching the presentations early. 

When should I expect the most people to upgrade to the all-access pass?

As far as the different price points for your all-access pass go, most people will grab the fast action offer as they register. That means that your all-access pass sales will flow the same way your registrations do.

Usually, with registrations, you'll see an influx when you start promoting, when your speakers start promoting, and right before the summit starts. You'd expect your all-access pass sales to follow along with that same pattern.

Krista’s Example

Here’s a breakdown of the different pricing tiers for one of my recent summits:

  • Fast-action: 65% - These were sales right when someone registered.
  • Early bird: 16% – These were sales from someone who didn’t take the fast-action offer but decided to purchase before the summit started.
  • Regular: 19% – These were sales from someone who had previously registered and waited until the summit began to buy the all-access pass.

Having 65% of all-access pass sales come from the fast-action offer tells you that you want to see sales come in as people register.

How Do You Handle "Lifetime" Access?

I don't recommend using the phrase “lifetime” when it comes to how long someone has access to anything because it’s too vague.

Who’s lifetime are we talking about? Yours? Theirs? The lifetime of your business?

Use “ongoing access” instead and cover what that means in your website Terms and Conditions.

Mine says for the lifetime of my business or the website. You can also say they have access on your site for the lifetime of the site, but that you’d make the content downloadable if you ever need to close the site down.

It's your decision to make around what this looks like for you, but if you say “lifetime” or “ongoing” access, define what it really means.

Limited-Time Access

You can also offer limited-time access if you don't want to do "lifetime" access. I've seen anywhere from 14-day to 1-year access. I do think this can affect conversion rates, but it's an option I've seen other hosts use.

Speaker Bonuses

As for speaker bonuses, you can't offer "lifetime" access to someone else's product in most cases. Instead, I ask my speakers to keep their coupon codes valid for 30 days after the summit so buyers can access their offers for free. I make it clear to buyers, in multiple places in the member’s area, that they need to grab the bonuses before the coupon codes expire and send a reminder email.

Should the Fast-Action Price Be Available Once the Summit Starts?

With the way I teach pricing, there's an early bird offer before the summit and then a price increase once the summit starts.

With that price increase, my fast-action price stays the same. It's always available when someone registers. 

So in short, yes, your fast-action offer should stay be available once the summit starts.

Can I Sell My All-Access Pass on Evergreen After the Summit is Over?

The answer here is yes, as long as it's covered in your speaker agreement and clear to your speakers upfront.

In addition to including it in your contract, include it in an email saying the summit or all-access pass will be on evergreen and their presentation will be included, just so there’s no confusion.

Generally, you'll take speaker bonuses out of the offer and adjust the price accordingly.

Do you give speakers an all-access pass?

YES!  You wouldn’t host the summit or have an all-access pass without your speaker’s presentations. The least you can do is give them free access. You lose nothing and your speakers appreciate it. :)


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