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guest expert making money Feb 09, 2021

Hosting a virtual summit is an incredible way to build interest in your offers. Learn how to sell better after your summit with truly-targeted offers.

Hosting a virtual summit is an incredible way to build interest in the products and services you offer. But, what if I told you there was a way to use truly-targeted offers to sell better after your summit?

There is! Today, we have Allea Grummert to teach us all about:

  1. How to use your summit to gather data from your attendees.
  2. How to use that data to send subscribers targeted pitches post-summit to improve your conversion rates and increase sales.
  3. How to use that data to your advantage moving forward.

We'll let Allea (pronounced "Allie") take it from here!

What is a targeted offer?

With a targeted offer, you're only sharing that offer with the people who it's best for versus a one-for-all pitch to your entire list.

Don’t stop reading! I promise it's easy.

It's the idea of personalizing your marketing efforts for each individual's stage of life or business and the role and responsibilities that they have on their plate.

With this, we're talking to the individual on your list so that you can really speak to their specific pain points and their desired outcomes and how your offer can solve that for them.

Many pitches made online have a major lack of personalization. They don't usually speak to what makes each subscriber unique.

These types of pitches are made more with the offer in mind, rather than with the subscriber in mind. 

Don't get me wrong, it's fantastic that you created a course, service, book, etc. But it's not about you. It's what that resource will do in your subscriber’s life.

Segmenting based on your offers

Before we talk about the technical stuff, let's zoom out and talk about your offer. In order to target your offers, you first need to decide how to best segment your list.

There are a few easy steps to take for that.

1. Identify your offer(s)

First, identify what your post-summit offers are.

This could be:

  • One offer that is only targeted to specific audiences.
  • One offer that you tweak the messaging for based on each audience segment.
  • Multiple offers pitched differently based on what you know about your subscribers.

2. Identify who is best for each offer

Once you know what you'll be pitching, consider how you can identify who will be best for each option.

Will specific segments of your list (ex: maybe someone tagged as having a specific interest) respond better to certain messaging about your offer, based on their understanding of it?

If you have multiple offers, is one a better fit for someone who is a beginner, rather than someone super-advanced?

Do some brainstorming and keep that information handy for the next step.

Gathering data from your subscribers

Once you know how you'll segment your audience, it's time to do that segmenting.

Ideally, you'll gather this data for each subscriber before or during the summit. That way, you can easily shuffle them into the best-fit sales sequence for them after the event.

So, how do we do that?

1. Create tags for each data point

First, you'll need to set up tags for each piece of information you want to collect.

Tags are these special little identifiers that get added to your subscriber profile in your email marketing provider. They allow you to distinguish your subscribers from one another or create segments based on these smaller factors.

Segments = Recipes    Tags = Ingredients

For example, if you have 3 offers that are best for people at certain stages of business, you could have tags for:

  • In business less than 2 years
  • In business 2-4 years
  • In business 5+ years

Determine what those tags need to be, based on how you want to separate your offers and get them created in your email marketing platform.

2. Use link triggers to let subscribers self-segment

There are longer-term things you can do to have subscribers self-segment. For example, if someone downloads a specific opt-in, you might be able to tell which of your offers they're the best fit for.

But if you're gathering this data as a part of your summit, you'll build simple self-segmenting into your email sequence that goes out once someone registers for the event.

In your first email, ask them to click a link based on the tags you need to be able to use.

Going off of our previous example, you could ask them to indicate how long they've been in business by clicking a link.

Based on the link they click, use a link trigger in your email marketing platform to apply the associated tag.

Then, after the summit, launch your offers based on who has which tags.

The tech - email marketing platforms

Most intermediate or advanced email marketing platforms have this capability built-in and easy to use.

For example, I use ConvertKit and you can easily set up link triggers in there. Same with ActiveCampaign.

More beginner-level platforms, like MailChimp, may not have that built-in, but it's worth checking to see. If it's not an option for you, it's probably time for you to upgrade to a more robust platform!

Worried about hosting a virtual summit with no email list? It's no problem!

Is this a good option for you?

This is definitely a more advanced summit and launch strategy, but you are ready for it if:

  • you're on an email marketing platform that can handle it (or are willing to switch)
  • the thought of it isn't overwhelming to you
  • you have a good understanding of how you can segment your offer(s) for various parts of your audience

Krista’s Example

Krista here! Popping in to share about how I did a version of this for my September 2020 summit.

I had a $2000 offer and I did not want it to just pitch it to everyone in the summit. Having someone find me through the summit and immediately pitch them that higher-priced offer felt like trying to take it way too far on the first date.

To create a launch that felt better, I used this targeted offer idea that we talked about today!

If they went to the webinar I hosted on the final day of the summit (which talked about the offer) or they had been on my email list for at least 60 days prior, then they were added into my launch sequence.

Otherwise, all they got was the all-access pass offer since it was likely that they weren't ready for something more.

In my case, it was super simple, but you can make it as complex as you want!

Using the Data Beyond Pitches

In addition to using this data to pitch your offers, it's a great way to do some simple audience research.

You'll be able to see who makes up your audience, which segments are more popular, and which are most profitable.

That kind of information can tell you a great deal about what to focus on moving forward!

Allea’s Takeaway

Personalization is what will set you and your offers apart from others. You'll be positioned to speak more personally to your email subscribers versus just relying on a blanket pitch to all summit attendees. You can really speak to each person's needs and exactly how your offer will serve them. 

Thinking about the person and not just the email address makes all of this marketing stuff so much easier, and it feels so much better.

Action steps

  1. The first step I want you to take is to brainstorm your post-summit offers.
  2. The next step is to figure out what you need to know about your subscribers to be able to send them the right offer.

About Allea

Allea Grummert is an email marketing strategist & conversion copywriter who helps bloggers make a killer first impression through automated welcome & nurture sequences.

She helps her clients create strategic email sequences that engage email subscribers, build brand loyalty and optimize conversions for sales and site traffic.

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Hosting a virtual summit is an incredible way to build interest in your offers. Learn how to sell better after your summit with truly-targeted offers.Hosting a virtual summit is an incredible way to build interest in your offers. Learn how to sell better after your summit with truly-targeted offers.

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