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Starting from Scratch: Hosting a Summit without an Existing Brand or Audience with Maggie Klaassens

Let's explore the world of hosting a virtual summit from the ground up. Our guest organized her first event without a brand, business, audience, or email list.

We're continuing our series on hosting a virtual summit as a newer online business owner with a special guest interview that is a must-listen if you're having any doubts about whether you're ready to host a virtual summit. 

Right now, you might be asking yourself...


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Truly Get to Know Your Audience to Easily Sell Your Summit with Nadine Nethery

Nadine Nethery is here this week to share how you can get to know your audience to easily sell your summit. The good news: it's automated, easy, and high-impact!

This is part 2 of a two-part mini-series on how to position your virtual summit for high conversion rates and for profit. In the last episode, Our Messaging and Positioning Coach in the Accelerator Elli joined me to talk about how to choose your summit positioning and today, we're taking that further with my guest Nadine Nethery. Nadine is an audience-driven...

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A 4 Step Process for Positioning Your Summit for Success with Elli Runkles

Elli Runkles, our Client Success Coach in the Launch with a Summit Accelerator covers the 4-step process she uses with our clients. You won't want to miss this!

This week, I’ve got a very special guest with me today, Elli Runkles, who happens to be our marketing co-lead and Client Success Coach here at Summit in a Box! Elli is an overall genius when it comes to all things related to summit positioning, messaging, and copy. She also helps with the process of turning our podcast episodes into blog posts and noticed just how often I...

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Standing Out in a Crowded Niche + the Dynamics of Co-hosting with Amy Romeu + Jen Swift

Amy Romeu + Jen Swift share how they created a unique experience through their event positioning and took us behind the scenes of their co-hosting experience.

Summits in the crafting industry have been on the rise, and it's becoming harder to host an event that stands out. This week I'm excited to have two special guests on the podcast to talk about how they were able to make their event grab attention and create an incredibly unique experience through their event positioning that also worked to overcome a pain point their audience tends to...

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Build Excitement and Anticipation for Your Next Launch with Brenna McGowan

Learn a more strategic pre-launch strategy that builds excitement for your launch, increases natural interest, and allows for more space in buying decisions.

We’re rounding out our three-part series where I've been bringing in special guests who are experts on the course launch side of launching with a summit. We've heard about what's working in courses, we've learned about live versus evergreen launches, and today we're going to learn about creating anticipation for your offers before your launch.

I have loved this series so much...

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Maximize Course Sales with a 3-Part Hybrid Marketing Method with Gemma Bohman-Carter

Learn how to maximize your course sales with a 3-part hybrid marketing method by Gemma Bohman-Carter that will catch people when they're ready to buy.

We're currently in a three-part series with special guests who are experts in all things course launches. I'm so excited to take a quick break from our normal summit talk for this series because truly, the better your course and program launches go on their own, the more a summit is going to enhance those results.

When you have both of those pieces working together, it just...

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Find What Works and Create Your Evergreen Ecosystem with Mariah Coz

Hear about creating offers that make sense for what you teach, making sure your offers work together, and giving yourself space to try different launch methods.

This week, we're taking a break from talking about summits all day, every day, and starting a three-part series where I'm bringing in special guests who are experts on the course launch side of launching with a summit.

Over the next three episodes, we'll cover topics such as:

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Neurodivergence and Virtual Summits with Megan Griffith

Megan Griffith, founder of Neurodivergent Magic, talks about neurodivergence in virtual summits and making summits more accessible for neurodivergent attendees.

We're wrapping up our series that started as virtual summits for high-volume business owners and totally morphed into a series about infusing your values, making a difference, and just being a good human when it comes to hosting summits. I love the transformation of this series, and I hope you've found it valuable too! 

In the last episode, I said we were going to round out this...

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Exploring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Virtual Summits with Erica Courdae

Join me in an eye-opening discussion as we talk about integrating your values into a summit, diversity, equity, inclusion, and how it affects your speakers.

We're currently in a series about virtual summits for high-volume business owners, that has kind of morphed into a sub-series about making an impact and infusing your values through your event.

We're going to continue that today with a special guest who is going to challenge all of us with the way we integrate our values into our summits and run equitable events. Some of the things...

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B2C Virtual Summits: Seeing Your Summit as More than a List-Builder with Shelby DeVore

When most people think of virtual summits, they think email list growth and some added revenue. But the power of virtual summits is so much bigger than that.

When most people think of virtual summits, they think email list growth and some added revenue. But the power of virtual summits is so much bigger than that.

This week, I’m so excited to introduce you to Shelby Devore, an experienced summit host, who has seen the results of her summits grow far beyond her wildest dreams, getting bigger and better with every summit she hosts. She went...

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