Boosting All-Access Pass Sales After The Live Event

Your summit presentations are over, but that doesn't mean sales have to stop! Here’s how to increase all-access pass sales once your virtual summit is over.Your summit presentations are over, but that doesn't mean that sales have to stop! In fact, you can get another good boost in all-access pass sales once your virtual summit is over.

Today, we'll talk about how to continue to make sales once your summit is over with specific emails and posts as well as what to do when it is time to close the cart.

How long your All-Access Pass should be available

A lot of first-time hosts stress about how long to keep their all-access pass available once their summit is over.

Overall, this is up to you, but there should be some kind of deadline to give one final sales push.

There are hosts who take their all-access pass down at midnight on the final day of the summit and I'm sure there are some hosts who never take it down.

If you have bonuses from speakers and affiliates that you're including, you'll definitely need to take it down at some point. They may not be okay with you basically giving away one of their products on an ongoing basis.

If you're looking for my recommendation, I usually end my summits on a Friday and sell my all-access pass through the following Monday. I went until the following Wednesday in the past and it felt a bit drawn out.

Regardless of what you choose, if you're including bonuses from speakers, affiliates, and/or sponsors, be sure to make it clear how long the offer will be available.

What emails to send to boost sales

Once your summit is over, send a few emails to get those extra sales to come in. Keep in mind that some of these will only go to attendees who haven't purchased. You don't want to keep pitching to people who already purchased the all-access pass.

If you're launching a product or service after the event, you should also make sure that attendees aren't being pitched for both offers. I like to segment my list so that people who have shown interest in my offer get pitched that and, if not, they hear more about the all-access pass.

With these emails, just like anything else, we don't want it to be constant pitching. Include value mixed in with presenting a great offer.

This is the time after your summit to show your attendees that you really appreciate them. Give them some value and steps to take moving forward and present them with your solution to help (aka the all-access pass) one last time.

On the last day of your summit, after the presentations are over, send a wrap-up and celebration email. In that email:

  • Wrap everything up
  • Thank your attendees
  • Link to your feedback form
  • Announce any remaining prize winners
  • Share the biggest takeaway you want them to walk away with
  • Mention a few days are left to get the all-access pass and remind them of the value of the offer
  • Let them know what email to expect next and when to expect it

About two days after the summit ends, send the next value-add email to help attendees take action. In this email:

  • Include your feedback form again.
  • Help attendees put what they learned into action.
  • Remind them of the importance of taking action (the summit isn't worth anything to them if they don't put what they learned into action).
  • Encourage them to follow through on what they learned.
  • Give specific steps of how to break down the presentations into bite-sized action steps.
  • At the end of the email, briefly mention the all-access pass and how it will make that continued progress easier because they can refer back to the presentations whenever they want.
  • Mention when the cart is closing.

The next two emails will come on cart close day. I recommend sending one email in the morning and one later in the afternoon.

The morning email is a bit longer and is purely a pitch email. In it, include: 

  • The benefits of the all-access pass
  • Paint a picture of what it can do for them or their business
  • A list of what's included
  • Your best testimonials
  • A strong call to action

Then, the final afternoon email is a shorter last-chance reminder. In it, include:

  • A reminder that it’s their last chance to get the all-access pass and any bonuses

If you don't see many sales coming in until that final day, don't worry. A lot of people wait until the very last minute before they decide to buy.

Posts for your attendee community to boost sales

Along with sending an email sequence to your attendees, you should also post a couple of reminders in your attendee community (which is usually a Facebook group). A nice bonus here is that many times, people who purchased will chime in and comment on how much they love what's inside of the offer, which definitely helps.

You can choose to repurpose your emails as posts for your group, but I like to keep people warm for a couple of days with some connection and wrap-up posts. These tend to feel more natural in a group than longer celebration emails or information on how to take action. Although, those could both make great live videos.

But on cart close day, definitely post twice reminding community members that the all-access pass is going away. 

In at least one post, end with a question asking people who purchased what their favorite resource was. The comments will keep bumping the post up to the top of peoples' feeds while building awesome social proof. 

Facebook Ads to boost sales

As for Facebook ads, if you're familiar with ads and have a big enough audience for Facebook to target, it's definitely worth running some last chance ads.

We talked about Facebook ads with Tony Rulli. Your audience for these ads would be people who signed up for the summit, who have not hit the purchase thank you page. So, they registered but they haven't purchased.

Since this is a retargeting audience, you can likely get by for about $5/day and you may choose to optimize for reach, rather than conversions to make sure as many attendees see it as possible.

Keep an eye on the cost per conversion so you're making money instead of losing it. And keep your frequency at 3 or less so people aren't seeing your ad constantly.

What to do when your cart closes

Once your cart closes, of course, take a little time to celebrate! (If you don't, totally okay...I'm terrible at that.)

From there, you can call it done, or you can repurpose your presentations and continue making sales on your event.   Decide what you're going to do with your summit website.

While you can't continue selling the full all-access pass offer with bonuses contributed by others, you can still repackage and sell the presentations on evergreen as long as it was in your speaker agreement.

For example, I sell my latest summit presentations when someone opts into a related freebie on my website. From there, they have 20 minutes to get the bundle for $47.  Once the timer runs out, they can get it for $97.  I don’t promote the bundle or freebie anywhere other than a couple of blog posts and it still brings in sales here and there.

Action Steps

After reading this, take a few minutes to map out your post-summit sales strategy. 

  • Consider what emails you'll send
  • Decide what to post in your community
  • You can even consider whether you want to promote the bundle to your main email list who didn't sign up for the summit
  • Decide when you'll officially close the cart
  • Make a plan if you'll continue to sell presentations once the summit is over 



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