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How to Bring Your In-Person Conference Online

Things have gotten crazy fast, right? Within the last few days, I've received emails from several in-person event hosts saying that they are unsure of whether their event will happen or making the decision to cancel.

That's a hard decision to make, and I know a lot of you are in that position. So in this post we'll talk about what you can do to take your in-person conference...

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056: Fears I Had Before, During, & After My First Summit

Having some fears about hosting your summit? Trust me, I get it.

In this episode, I'll break down the 4 biggest fears I ran into with my first summit and one that I still deal with today.

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055: Increase Attendee Engagement Through Email with Sarah Anderson

There are a LOT of emails that go into a summit and it can get to be a lot for our attendees...unless we make them engaging!

In this episode we're chatting with Sarah Anderson about how to increase attendee engagement through out emails, rather than driving them away. We'll cover things like the part emails have to play in creating an engaged audience, how to write engaging emails, and moving...

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054: Building Interest And Excitement For Your Summit with Abby Herman

Building interest and excitement around your summit doesn't need to wait until a couple weeks before it starts.

In this episode with Abby Herman we're breaking down when to start talking about your summit, what to talk about, and how to encourage your speakers to join in on the fun.


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How to Craft an Engaging Virtual Summit

The more engaging your virtual summit is, the more you, your speakers, and your attendees will get out of it.

Your speakers will have more fun, be more willing to share, and get more leads. Your attendees will leave with a bigger transformation and feeling more connected to you. And, as a result, you'll wind up with bigger profit margins and a great feeling about the incredible event you...

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052: Summit Timing, Length, and Size Q&A

Not sure when to host your summit or how many speakers to have?

In this episode I'm answering all your schedule and timing questions including when the best time is to host a summit, what day of the week it should start, how many speakers you should have, and more!


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051: Using A Summit In Your Sales Funnel with Aleia Walker

A summit can be a powerful part of your sales funnel, but only if you have the pieces in place.

In this episode with Aleia Walker we'll break down how not having a funnel is leaving money on the table, how to use a summit as a part of your funnel both as a host and as a speaker, what to do if you don't have an offer to sell, and what your funnel should look like.


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How to Launch a Membership Through a Virtual Summit with Lee Chaix McDonough

Hosting a virtual summit is a great way to grow your email list and make some extra income, but it becomes even more impactful when you can use it to set you up for additional growth as well.

Launching a membership or growing an existing membership as a part of your summit strategy is an incredibly powerful approach. 

Lee Chaix McDonough is a prime example of this, as she used her...

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049: Booking Out Your Services With A Virtual Summit

Did you know a summit is a great way to book out your services? My custom development services have gotten booked out 6-months in advance after each of my summits and it's possible for you too.

In this episode we'll cover how promoting services after a summit is different than products, the main thing to focus on in your early summit planning, and my simple strategy for booking out my services...

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048: Boosting All-Access Pass Sales After The Live Event

Your summit presentations are over, but that doesn't mean that sales have to stop!

In this episode we'll talk about how to boost your All-Access Pass sales once your summit is over with specific emails and posts as well as what to do when it is time to close the cart.

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