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How to Make it EASY for Speakers to Promote Your Virtual Summit

Here’s the #1 reason virtual summit speakers don't promote, how to make promotion easy, and examples of the 3 summits I've gone hard with promotion for and why.

"I gave my speakers swipe copy and graphics to use, but they're still not sharing and I'm so frustrated with them. What else can I possibly do?"

I see a version of this question often and, unfortunately, by the time you're's too late to do a whole lot.

Even though swipe copy and graphics make the *act* of promoting easy, it doesn't make *wanting* to promote easy.


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How to Follow-Up with Virtual Summit Speakers After Pitching

We'll cover whether you should follow-up with virtual summit speakers after pitching, when to do it, and I'll share my no-pressure follow-up strategies.

Odds are, when you start pitching virtual summit speakers there's going to be a handful that you don't hear back from right away.

You're dying to hear back, but just keep waiting...and waiting...and waiting. What should you do in that case? Follow-up? Assume they're not interested?

As uncomfortable as following up can be, it is 100% something you should do. You never know why someone...

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Keys to Engaging Summit Speaker Interviews

Say goodbye to boring summit speaker interviews. Let’s cover top interview mistakes to avoid, how to conduct actionable interviews, and my interview outline.

Summit interviews don’t have to be boring!

Interviews can be an incredibly beneficial part of your event. They allow for more connection between you and your speakers, they allow attendees to get to know you as the host, and they're easy for speakers to participate in.

But if your interviews aren't energized, focused, and actionable, the attendees will mentally checkout and miss...

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How Virtual Summits are Actually Full Funnels in Disguise with Dama Jue

Many summit hosts only think as far as the list growth and all-access pass revenue summits bring. But virtual summits are actually full funnels in disguise.

Want to get hundreds or thousands of leads for your offer without spending a ton on ads or waiting years for organic traffic? A summit is an incredible option.

It's common to decide to host a virtual summit and only think as far as the immediate list growth and all-access pass revenue. But what a lot of hosts miss is the opportunity to treat their summit as a full funnel.

To help, Dama Jue is...

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3 Mistakes to Avoid When Launching a Course with a Virtual Summit

Let’s cover the 3 biggest mistakes I see when using a virtual summit to launch your course and how to avoid them to have a successful, feel-good launch.

Summits are an incredible way to funnel your ideal audience into an offer you have, but there's definitely a wrong way to do it.

The first time I launched my course after my summit I brought in $63,000 from 1500 attendees. Imagine what we could do with bigger summits, bigger numbers. We can dream big with this. However, since I’ve been paying more attention to post-summit course...

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Pivoting from In-Person to Virtual Events with Natasha Wright

Ready to make your in-person event virtual? There can be a learning curve. Learn the difference, how to engage attendees, how to reach your goals, and more!

If you've run in-person events and are ready to go virtual, there can be a bit of a learning curve.

You might have a lot of questions: What's different between the two? How do I keep attendees engaged? Can I still reach my goals?

Today, Natasha Wright is breaking down how to:

  • hit your in-person event goals with a virtual event.
  • understand the key steps in switching from in-person to virtual.
  • ...
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Leverage the Media to Grow Your Virtual Summit Organically with Liz Fleming

Learn to leverage the media to organically gain traction for your virtual summit whether you already have media connections or PR has been on your to-do list.

You know you can grow your virtual summit by running ads, promoting to your audience, and getting speakers to promote, but what other options are there?

Think outside the box when it comes to your summit promotion. Something I’d never considered is leveraging media connections for promoting a summit. So, when Liz Fleming told me about how she did it, my mind was blown.

Today, Liz is...

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How to Create Feel-Good Virtual Summit Sponsorships with Chelsea Clarke

Learn the secret behind creating feel-good brand sponsorships for your virtual summit and how Chelsea Clarke landed $15k with them in her very first summit.

Landing sponsors for your virtual summit doesn't have to be complicated or feel slimy. It can be an experience that feels great for you and your sponsors while presenting incredible resources to your attendees.

Chelsea Clark is here this week to share her experience and how, in her very first summit, she landed $15k in summit sponsorships without uncomfortable sales calls or slimy...

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Virtual Summit Community Q&A

A Facebook group for your summit is a great tool to increase engagement. Let’s cover the most frequently asked questions I see around having a summit community.

A community is a great way to build engagement for your virtual summit. The goal of a summit community is to get your attendees engaged, excited, and taking action together.

But if this is your first time, you might run into some questions. Things like:

  • When should I open my summit community?
  • When should I close it? Or does it stay open?
  • What questions do I ask new members?
  • Can it...
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How to Use a Facebook Group to Increase Virtual Summit Engagement

Let’s cover why you need a Facebook group for your summit, how to create a thriving community, getting attendees to join, and tips for managing it all.

Engagement is a major key to hosting a profitable and community-building virtual summit. One of the best ways to boost engagement is with a Facebook group (or other community) just for the summit.

A summit community means having a place to come together, learn, implement, ask questions, and have a good time.

It's totally worth the “extra” work to have a community for your...

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