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Getting as Many Registrations as Possible Isn't What Matters

In this episode, I'll highlight what you probably think about when you're reflecting on the success of your event and uncover what is truly important.

This week, instead of giving you a strategy, I've got a bit of a different topic for you to encourage you to shift the way you think about hosting your summit and the goals you have around it. 

It's so easy to go into planning your summit with the mindset of how many registrations you can get or how much money you can make. 

But that's not where I want your focus to...

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Introducing Challenges That Make Bank

Hear a little about what it is, get a behind-the-scenes look at what creating this program looked like, and what my launch strategies and goals are.

I've got a special announcement for you today to round out this series we've had going about challenges!

Over the last few episodes, I shared that challenges (alongside summits) are one of the top ways I've grown and sustained my business over the years. I talked about how virtual summits and challenges compare and why I won’t stop doing either anytime soon. And last week you heard...

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Why I Don't Rely on One Marketing Strategy

Summits aren't my only strategy! Today, I'll break down why I don't rely only on summits, how I found my perfect mix of strategies, and how you can too.

Today's episode originally started as a comment on a Facebook Ad, and turned into a perfect segue into something fun we’ve got coming up next week!

So, let’s start with the backstory... I run a lot of Facebook ads, and I get a lot of angry comments from people who are mad that I'm running ads when I teach that summits work so well. It drives them nuts!

I finally started...

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Virtual Summits vs. Challenges: Why I won't stop doing either anytime soon

Ready for another marketing strategy showdown? 

In previous podcast episodes, we've compared bundles with summits and free summits with paid conferences. Today we’ll compare virtual summits to challenges! I ran one of each, just a few months apart, so the timing was perfect for doing a true head-to-head comparison.

On the surface, these strategies might look similar, but...

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9 Strategies and Investments that Grow & Sustain My Business

I'm pulling back the curtain this week to share 4 things that sustain me as a business owner & the top 5 strategies that grow and sustain our business revenue.

We're kicking off the new year with another behind-the-scenes episode after sharing my highlights and lessons learned in 2023 in the last episode -  a lot of you seem to enjoy them and they’re fun for me to make!

This time, I want to share the strategies, actions, and decisions that stand out as things that have helped to grow and sustain me or my business over the...

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2023 Highlights, Lessons Learned, and What's Next

Time for our 2023 recap episode! You'll get a behind-the-scenes look at my biggest highlights, lessons learned, strategy shifts made, and what's coming next.

Can you believe it? This is our last episode of 2023! 

So, what else would I do other than reflect on how the year went and look ahead to next year?

I'm always a little hesitant to do episodes like this because some of my listeners don't care at all about these behind-the-scenes or reflection episodes. But I know some of you love it, and since it's the time of year when people are...

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Luxurious and Burnout-Free Launches with Chelsea Wallace

This week, our guest Chelsea walks us through what a luxurious launch looks like, the mistakes we make, and how to create your own version of a dreamy launch.

Have you ever noticed that it seems totally normal in the online business space for launches to leave you tired and on the brink of burnout?

I'll be honest, it's not rare for me to end up sick in the middle of my launches... and I know there's a reason for that!

But I also know that launches don't have to be like this. The truth is, launches can be luxurious and totally free from...

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How a Virtual Summit Raised $25k for a Meaningful Cause with Hunter Donia

Many of you out there want to use a summit to not only to grow your business, but to make an impact. Our guest this week shares how he did just that and more!

I know there are so many of you who want to use a summit not only to grow your business but to make an impact. 

A summit on its own, when done well, will naturally have a positive impact on those involved, but sometimes you want to take that impact even further.

I have a beautiful example of how the impact of a summit can expand beyond the event itself on the podcast this week. Hunter...

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So You Think You Should Host a Summit On Your Own?

You know you need Summit In A Box, but you want to try it on your own first. Here's why I want you to reconsider, and not for the reasons you might think!

I’ve thought about doing an episode on this topic many times, but I've always shied away from it because I want to come across as helpful and as someone who delivers a ton of value. I know I have incredible programs, but I never want to go over the top to sell them, and I want you to trust me to have your best interest in mind. 

So I’m guessing you can already see why an...

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How to Make Your Podcast Work for Your Business with Caroline Hull

Podcast Strategist, Caroline Hull, chats about using your podcast as a business tool that leads people to your offers and promotes your virtual summits.

Last week, I shared a behind-the-scenes of how I use this podcast for my virtual summits, and it got me thinking about how beneficial my podcast has been, both for my summits and my business as a whole. It also helped me realize that I could do better with it from a strategy standpoint.

Since I figured this topic would get the wheels turning for a lot of you who have or want to...

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