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Summit Promotion Q&A

Let’s talk virtual summit promotion! Including when to start, what resources to provide speakers, unique ways to promote, and when to expect the most signups.

When thinking about promoting your summit, a lot of questions might come to mind.

In this episode, let’s cover a few of the most common questions, such as:

  • When do I start promoting?
  • What promo resources do I give speakers?
  • What are some unique ways to promote?
  • When should I expect the most sign-ups?

When to Begin Summit Promotion

The most common question is “How long before the...

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How to Promote a Virtual Summit on Pinterest with Meagan Williamson

Wondering how to promote a virtual summit on Pinterest? We'll cover how much time you need to allow, a strategy to use, and a look at promoted pins.Not sure how to promote your virtual summit on Pinterest? You're not alone!

We're used to promoting blog posts, podcast episodes, and other evergreen content on Pinterest, but promoting a virtual summit feels totally different.

I'm no Pinterest expert, so I've brought in Meagan Williamson to break down the amount of time you need to promote a summit on Pinterest, what the strategy should look...

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How to Run Virtual Summit Facebook Ads with Tony Rulli

Looking to get more registrations and sales for your event? Let's cover how to run virtual summit Facebook ads to drive registrations and sales.Facebook ads for your summit don't have to be expensive or complicated, even if you're newer to running ads! However, it can totally seem like a big and intimidating step.

I've spent anywhere from $50 to $2500 on ads in any of my summits, but I can tell you that once you get the hang of it, it's totally worth it.

However, I'm no Facebook ads expert, so I've brought in special guest Tony Rulli...

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3 Best Ways to Promote a Virtual Summit

You've done the work of preparing your virtual event and now it's time to promote. Let's cover the 3 best ways to promote a virtual summit.You've done the work of preparing your online summit and now it's time to promote. 

Especially if you're starting with a smaller audience, this can feel intimidating. You want to deliver for your speakers and hit the big goals you set. Where do you even start?

I'm happy to say that the success of a virtual summit does not rely on the size of your audience. To help, today we'll cover...

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The Basics of Virtual Summit Sponsorships with Quiana Murray

Let's cover the basics of virtual summit sponsorships including whether you should have them, how to pitch, and how much to charge.If you're like me, you have no idea where to begin with sponsorships for your virtual summit. You know they can be beneficial and help bring in money to make your summit thrive and reach more attendees, but how do you approach sponsorships?

This week we're chatting with Quiana Murray about all things sponsorships.

We cover everything from:

  • how to decide if you should have sponsors,
  • how to...
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Evolving Your Summit Over Time with Liz Wilcox

Let’s talk about evolving your summit and offer over the years, plus how to help an audience not familiar with virtual summits understand how it all works.

 In this episode, Liz Wilcox is taking us behind the scenes of what it has been like to host 3 summits alongside 3 co-hosts.

We're talking about everything from how the event and offer have evolved over the years to how to help an audience not familiar with online summits understand how it all works.

I'll let Liz take it from here!

Liz’s First Virtual Summit

I started my website...

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Increase Summit Signups Through Your Registration Page + Email Sequences with Elli Runkles

Learn how to turn your existing email subscribers into attendees to increase virtual summit signups and which emails to send once someone registers.

 In this episode, we have launch and conversion copywriter Elli Runkles to talk about the most important pieces of copy for your summit's registration process.

We'll cover:

  • what to include on your registration page and mistakes to avoid
  • emails to turn your existing list into summit attendees
  • the sequence that should go out once someone registers for your event

I’ll let Elli take...

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What To Include On Your Virtual Summit Registration Page

Want a virtual summit registration page that converts? Of course, you do! Here are 19 pieces to include on a high-converting summit registration page.

Want a virtual summit registration page that converts? Of course, you do!

What most summit hosts don't know is that it's not as easy as creating a page that says you're hosting an awesome event. Instead, you need to put just as much thought and strategy into it as you would into a sales page for a paid product.

After all, people are paying you with their time, even if the ticket is free.


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What Should Happen After Someone Registers For Your Online Summit?

What should happen after someone registers for your virtual summit? Here are 5 steps of the registration process and mistakes to avoid for the best results.

The moving pieces that kick in once an attendee registers for your summit play a huge part in your success.

Should you pitch them your all-access pass on the registration page? Should they be directed to a simple thank you page? What are the most important pieces to include on the registration page?

In this episode, we'll cover:

  • the 5 pieces in your summit's registration process
  • what it...
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Virtual Summit Tech Platforms with Jaime Slutzky

Overwhelmed by all the tech choices available for hosting your summit? Here’s how to choose the best virtual summit tech platform for you.

Stuck trying to figure out which tech platform to use for your virtual summit? We have guest tech expert, Jaime Slutzky here to make it simple!

In this post, Jaime will cover:

  • The biggest virtual summit tech mistake she sees
  • Steps to choose the right platform for you
  • The tech stack she recommends using for a successful virtual summit.

One thing I love about Jaime's approach...

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