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Use a Lead List to Boost Virtual Summit Registrations and Sales in the DMs with Victoria Boyd

Victoria Boyd shares how she created a lead list and used Instagram DMs to build buzz, increase registrations, boost sales, and connect with her attendees.

Ready to go beyond the basics when it comes to summit promotion? I’ve shared strategies for promoting virtual summits on the podcast many times before, and this week I’ve got a more advanced strategy to share with you that can take your summit promotion to a whole new level.

I’m so excited to have my client in the Launch with a Summit Accelerator, Victoria Boyd on the...

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The Journey of Summit in a Box

For our 200th episode, I wanted to do something special to celebrate! So in this episode, I'm taking you behind the scenes of the journey of Summit in a Box.

This week marks the 200th episode of the Summit Host Hangout Podcast, and I honestly never dreamed I’d hit this milestone of 200 weekly episodes of this podcast!

I’m having a little moment of pride as I look back and think about all that has happened in the nearly 4 years of podcasting and documenting the Summit in a Box journey through these episodes. And this week, to celebrate,...

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Sell with a Summit: Course Creator Edition is BACK!

Sell with a Summit: Course Creator Edition is back for intermediate to advanced course creators who want to use a high-converting summit to scale their course sales.

Unless you’ve been around here for years, you probably don’t know that back in 2020, I co-hosted Sell with a Summit: Course Creator Edition with the wonderful Jenn Zellers of Virtual Summit Search.

You can go back to Episode 83 of the podcast to hear more details about that first run of this event, but to sum it up, when we co-hosted Sell with a Summit in 2020, I went in with...

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The 3-Part Chatbot Marketing Strategy for Virtual Summits with Nadine Anderson

Join Nadine Anderson and I as we talk through her 3-part chatbot marketing strategy for virtual summits, how to not be spammy, and other ways to use bots!

With every new marketing strategy, there’s a window of opportunity to start early and see the best results before it becomes an industry wide practice. This was true about webinars, email marketing, Facebook ads, and even websites at one point!

My guest on the podcast today is here to share about a new emerging strategy that I’ve been super curious about and had the chance to test...

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"Free Summits Attract Low-Quality Leads and Freebie Seekers"

In this sass-filled episode, I'm breaking down why you'll hear some influencers make the claim that

Have you heard the claim that free virtual summits attract "low-quality leads" or "freebie seekers"? Or maybe you've even believed it yourself?

First of all, this is straight-up just a rude thing to say about people interested in what you’re doing. By saying this, it classifies anyone who signs up for something free as a “low quality” person to have in your audience and,...

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From Virtual Summit Skeptic to Crushing Every Single Goal with Dominique Falla

Despite Dominique's uncertainty around her summit's potential, she stayed the course, followed our summit-hosting system, and crushed every single goal she set.

Not convinced that a virtual summit will work for your business? My guest on the podcast this week wasn’t either when she decided to host her first summit.

After hosting several popular (but not exactly the most profitable) in-person conferences, she was skeptical that hosting a summit would pay off or work for her audience. She went in with low expectations, and even a little...

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What's the Difference Between a Free Summit and Paid Conference?

What's the difference between a free summit and paid conference? I'll break down the differences piece by piece and talk about where each strategy fits in!

As a virtual summit strategist who teaches FREE summits, I get asked often about the difference between running free vs paid virtual events. 

Until recently, I didn’t have a great answer to these questions. I was able to share guesses, but I wasn’t comfortable giving too many opinions on paid conferences since I didn’t have my own experience with them. 

Now, after...

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What Surprised Us Most About Hosting a Virtual Conference

Join Elli and me this week as we break this down and walk through each piece of what surprised us the most of putting on our first paid virtual event.

When I decided to host a paid conference, I knew it was going to be different than hosting a free summit, but I didn’t know how different it would be until getting into the weeds of the planning process.

Next week, I’m going to do a deep dive into all the differences between these two types of events, so keep an eye out for that in Episode 195. But this week, I wanted to talk...

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B2C Virtual Summits: A Values-Driven Summit for a Budget-Conscious Audience with Bryson Tarbet

My guest this week worked through questions around how his audience would receive a virtual summit and hosted a values-driven event that made a lasting impact.

No matter what audience your business serves, you've probably run into questions around whether or not a summit is a good idea or would work for your specific niche.

Will they like what I created? Will they be mad that I'm trying to make money while I help them? Will they buy my all-access pass?

For more budget-conscious audiences, these questions can be enough to make you wonder whether a...

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My Biggest Fears the First Time I Launched a Premium Course Through a Virtual Summit

I share the 5 biggest fears I had before launching a premium course through a summit for the first time, plus 1 fear that I should've paid more attention to!

Because I teach about summits, many people assume that none of the normal mindset issues that tend to come up with summits apply to me, but that is so not the case!

I’ve talked about some of my mindset challenges before, like my story of self-doubt leading up to my first summit and also when I shared fears I had throughout the process with my first summit. But the truth is, I...

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